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BCAA accepting funding nominations for revitalized play spaces in BC

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Now in its second year, BCAA Play Here, a multi-year community investment initiative will provide $300,000 to rejuvenate play spaces in BC communities to give kids better places to play and learn. This year, BCAA has increased the number of winners to three: each will receive a revitalized play space worth up to $100,000. Nonprofit community groups can nominate a play space in need at BC residents are encouraged to contact their local nonprofit community groups about a play area they'd like to nominate. You can nominate any play space in the province that needs rejuvenation. Examples include: an outdoor or indoor place space such as a playground, park, community garden, music room or after-school study area. A panel of judges shortlist nominations and present 10 finalists for online voting and the winners will be the top three with the most verified votes. Nominations must be received by April 13, 2017.

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