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Casual dress codes can cause confusion, survey finds

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Casual dress codes may cause clothing confusion for many professionals, new research from staffing firm OfficeTeam shows. Although 63% of Canadian workers surveyed said they prefer to wear more relaxed work attire, more than a quarter (28%) admitted they're at least sometimes unsure about whether clothing is office-appropriate. Nearly four in ten (39%) would choose to eliminate uncertainty altogether by donning a uniform.

Additional findings include:

  • Those ages 18 to 34 (45%) have the greatest preference for formal dress codes. They’re also most commonly unsure if their clothing is appropriate (36%) and the age group with the largest number of respondents interested in wearing a uniform (33%).
  • More men (49%) prefer formal attire than women (25%).
  • Most employees (77%) reported they like casual dress codes because they can wear more comfortable clothing.
  • About two in five respondents (39%) said their company policy isn’t always clear about what attire is acceptable.

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