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New study reveals six types of social change agents around the world

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Positive social change occurs when individuals strongly believe they have the power to make a difference — and they take action. On average, 92% of adults say they have done something to engage in positive social change at some point in their lives. But who are these people creating and contributing to positive social change? As revealed in Walden University’s 2013 Social Change Impact Report, released today, there are six distinct types of social change agents around the world: Ultracommitted Change-Makers, Faith-Inspired Givers, Socially Conscious Consumers, Purposeful Participants, Casual Contributors and Social Change Spectators. Each type of social change agent is unique in terms of engagement levels, motivating factors and issues of importance.

Which type of change-maker are you? Take the quiz and tell us about your results on Twitter, @CharityVillage.

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