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Ontario Nonprofit Network needs your participation in Changing Workplaces survey

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In May, the final report of Ontario's Changing Workplaces Review was released with 173 recommendations aimed at creating better, safer and more decent workplaces in Ontario. Following the release of the report, Bill 148, Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Act was proposed by the Ontario Government and public consultations have taken place over the summer. As part of the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s ongoing labour force strategy and their work to build a decent work movement in the nonprofit sector, they are eager to hear your thoughts and insights. As nonprofit employers and workers, help them identify the potential impact of these legislative developments on our 55,000 nonprofits and charities. What could be the impact on your organizational budget and challenges implementing the legislative requirements, if passed? Have your say in this survey. Please note: this survey is for Ontario nonprofits and charities with paid staff. The deadline is August 31, 2017, but review of the bill starts August 21, so the earlier, the better!

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