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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: CharityVillage launches new and improved job postings

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When hiring for an open position at your nonprofit organization, what are your biggest challenges? As Canada's recruitment partner to the nonprofit sector, we often hear about common recruitment challenges that our clients face, which include:

  • Large amounts of unqualified applicants
  • Overburdened staff have little time for the hiring process
  • Hard to deal with the large volumes of email from applicants
  • Difficult to set up systems for managing your list of applicants
  • No time or system for proper follow up with applicants
  • No good way to share applicant information with your hiring team

In addition, we often hear from hiring managers that their biggest fear is that they will either hire the wrong person for the job or that they will miss out on a great candidate, whose resume maybe didn't stand out during the initial screening process.

If this sounds like you, rest assured, you are not alone!

Did you know that most resumes are only skimmed by recruiters, due to lack of time? In fact, the average recruiter spends only six to nine seconds reviewing each resume. Six to nine seconds! It's impossible for you to spot either a problem or a superstar candidate in such a small amount of time.

Additionally, only 19% of hiring managers actually review all the resumes that come in for a posted job before making their shortlist. That means 81% are potentially missing out on a great candidate whose resume just didn't make it to the screening pile.

Further consider that resumes themselves aren't even the best screening tool available, especially since they are often missing key information about a candidate's performance, motivation, engagement and ideal work environment. To make matters worse, 78% of resumes are misleading in some way and 53% contain at least one outright falsification.

When you combine all of this, it's no wonder the hiring process probably keeps you awake at night!

That's where our Special Announcement comes into play

At CharityVillage, we understand how difficult it can be to hire a rockstar employee, all while dealing with both a limited budget and limited time for hiring.

That's why we're introducing a new and improved job posting service for the Canadian nonprofit sector. This is easily the biggest announcement we've had at CharityVillage in our almost 20 years of working with the Canadian nonprofit sector!

So let's get on with the details...

CV IQ: A smarter approach to hiring

The new CharityVillage job postings will offer you cutting-edge tools and technology that would revolutionize your hiring process, helping you to save both time and money while at the same time helping you to make better hiring decisions.

We like to think of them as tools to help make your hiring process even smarter, which is why we've called them CV IQ - we know that the combination of smart people and smart technology is sure to be unstoppable.

CV IQ consists of two main job posting services, Talent Manager and Talent Predictor. Both will provide the standard benefits of posting your job on CharityVillage, while also offering some powerful new tools to help remove the time burden and uncertainty of the hiring process.

CV IQ Talent Manager: An online applicant tracking system with every posting

One of the most common requests we've heard from our clients is that they could really benefit from the features of an applicant tracking system, allowing them to better organize and manage the hiring process.

Going forward, basic CharityVillage job postings will be referred to as CV IQ Talent Manager and will include the use of an online applicant tracking system. From now on, with your CharityVillage job posting, you'll have access to:

  • An online applicant tracking system to help you better manage and review your candidates.
  • Online storage for candidate applications, eliminating the need to have candidates email you directly.
  • Efficient communication with candidates from one central, online location.
  • Easily shareable candidate information, allowing for more effective collaboration within your hiring team.

With these new features, you'll be better equipped to manage your recruiting process efficiently and effectively. You'll no longer have to wade through dozens of messages in your email inbox or try to track candidates on a spreadsheet. CV IQ Talent Manager postings will allow you to easily manage your candidates in one place, make notes on specific candidates and share this information with your colleagues.

We’re also pleased to announce a second job posting service, called CV IQ Talent Predictor.

CV IQ Talent Predictor: An more efficient way to make better hiring decisions

Did you know that research studies have clearly shown the ineffectiveness of using a resume to screen for future job performance?

Psychometric tests have been shown to be moderately-to-largely predictive of future success in a given job (resumes were shown to be only small-to-moderately predictive of future job success), and when combined with other validated screening tools such as structured interviews or work sample tests, can increase your hiring success rate to large or very large.

Unfortunately, until now, there have been few alternatives for hiring managers looking to avoid the resume trap, especially cost-effective screening practices that could be applied equally to all candidates. That's why we're so excited to introduce you to our new CV IQ Talent Predictor job posting service.

Using psychometric personality testing and an online screening process to determine each candidate's fit for your posted job, CV IQ Talent Predictor provides you with amazing insights into your applicants – saving even more of your valuable time and leading to better hiring decisions.

The CV IQ Talent Predictor system includes the same advantages as Talent Manager, with the following additional benefits:

  • An online application process for candidates, meaning you no longer have to spend tedious hours on resume screening. Candidates will indicate their suitability and experience related to each of the posted position’s required skills and experience criteria, right in their application.
  • An individual score for each candidate indicating their suitability to your position based on their skills, experience and personality.
  • A ranked list of candidates, significantly reducing the time you need to spend on shortlisting.
  • A customized interview guide for each candidate.
  • The ability to collect applications from sources beyond CharityVillage, in one place, by using a unique Apply Now link.

When you post a job with CV IQ Talent Predictor, candidates will be asked to fill out a short online application process, which has been rated as a four or five-start experience by 89% of users. This application process is customized according to the job you have posted and the skills and experience you require.

When you view your candidates in the online applicant tracking system, they will be ranked in terms of suggested best fit for the job, allowing you to quickly and easily make your short list and resulting in significant time savings at this stage in the hiring process. You can then invest these time savings into the more human aspects of hiring, such as telephone screening and interviewing.

Would you like more information on the science behind the CV IQ Talent Predictor service? Check out the following resources:

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Looking for more information?

Have a question about our new CV IQ job posting services and how we can help you with your recruitment? Your local Territory Manager would be happy to hear from you and would be pleased to answer any of your questions.


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