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UK research shows public somewhat confused about charity salaries

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The general public are still not completely sure who is paid in charities, new UK research shows. The poll of 1,000 people, carried out by consultancy nfpSynergy, also found that people are divided on who should be drawing a salary from nonprofits. People are quite well informed about who is paid towards the top of charities, with 80% saying they think chief executives are paid and 74% saying the same about directors and charity shop managers. Only half (51%) correctly identified street fundraisers as paid. The hot potato is the paying of trustees - a third think they are paid, but only 14% of people think they should be, with more than half (54%) against it. Only 2 in 5 (40%) think chief executives should be paid, with 33% against it, while 31% think directors should receive a salary. A quarter (25%) think street fundraisers should be paid, with 29% of people thinking charity shop helpers deserve a salary.

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