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Meet Geoff Earle

Geoff Earle is the Chief Operating Officer for CharityVillage®. He oversees the entire team and all processes of the company.

Geoff has been involved in the computer market since back in the day that manufacturers were trying to decide whether to use CPM or a new operating software called MS-DOS. He has been using computers since 1975 and actually owned a Commodore PET a Vic 20 and c64. He was joint owner of a development company that supplied unique products for Apple II and Atari ST personal computer products. He even spent years as Managing Director for Atari Canada.

Geoff was involved in introducing computer direct to plate technology to the print industry and was with a company that was the first to install, at the time, this new technology in Canada. Recently, he has been involved with assisting companies realizing their potential by introducing intuitive interactive web based products for the non-profit sector.

Prior to joining CharityVillage®, Geoff was COO for Content Management Corp, a leading North American supplier of online e-learning products and conference planning tools for nonprofits in North America.

When he's not motivating the team and delivering expert service to our clients, you can find Geoff enjoying his family, fishing, golfing or hibernating against the cold winds that blow off Lake Simcoe in the winter.

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