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We have recently updated our HelpDesk functionality to serve you better! Please access our new Help portal (opens in a new window.)

Our Help portal contains answers to many CharityVillage visitor questions and also allows visitors to submit questions that will be answered by our excellent Villagers in a timely fashion. Try it out!

Our National HelpDesk can also be reached by phone by calling 1-800-610-8134.

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What kinds of postings are acceptable?

CharityVillage will accept:

1. Recruitment Ads from any eligible organization for any full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary, or contract position, located anywhere in the world. Limit of one position title per ad, but an ad may include several positions that share the same title (e.g. Outreach Workers in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto).

2. Requests For Proposals (RFPs) related to the nonprofit sector from any eligible organization.

Ads are subject to the following conditions:

1. Each ad may advertise only 1 position title. However, a single ad may include several positions that share the same title and job description (e.g. Outreach Workers in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto). You MAY NOT place one ad at the CharityVillage Career Centre that links to multiple positions on another website.

2. Ads for Replacement Workers in any bargaining unit involved in a strike or lockout must carry a notation advising that: "This position is part of a bargaining unit at [Name of Employer], which is currently involved in a labour dispute with [Name of Union and Number of Local]."

3. Accounts in Arrears may find that their service has been paused. We will terminate account privileges and require pre-payment for accounts that are chronically in arrears. Payment of all outstanding charges will be required before new ads may be posted by accounts that are seriously in default.

4. does not accept ads for paid or volunteer positions that require a fee by applicants to be considered for any position.

5. Recruitment agencies may post listings on behalf of nonprofit and eligible for-profit clients for specific, open positions. Agencies may not post generic or misleading ads for which the main purpose is to build their own internal database of temporary workers.

For clarification, please contact your local account or territory manager.