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We have recently updated our HelpDesk functionality to serve you better! Please access our new Help portal (opens in a new window.)

Our Help portal contains answers to many CharityVillage visitor questions and also allows visitors to submit questions that will be answered by our excellent Villagers in a timely fashion. Try it out!

Our National HelpDesk can also be reached by phone by calling 1-800-610-8134.

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How can I tell if a course is suitable for my skill level?

Our courses are best suited for the following individuals:

•    People who are new to the sector or to a specific discipline and who want to get up to speed on a particular topic.

 •    People who have been in the sector for some time, but are considering moving from one discipline to another (e.g. currently work in communications, but would like to make a career move into fundraising).

•    Board members, Executive Directors or other senior staff who are looking to sharpen or refresh their understanding of particular disciplines/topics in the sector in order to better contribute to and guide those activities in their respective organizations.

In the case of fundraisers or those involved in volunteer management, people who are relatively new in their career and are looking for courses that qualify as part of their professional development credits from organizations such as CFRE, CAVR or PAVR-O.

In general, our courses are designed to provide a broad overview of any given topic. By taking a course on a particular subject, you will come away with a much better understanding of the content, some tools and templates that you can start using immediately, and a much better understanding of specific issues or areas that you may wish to delve into in greater detail elsewhere.

When you're logged in to your account, you have options to try our courses, or test your knowledge on the subject matter to help you assess if the course is right for you.