Our Advertising Policy

Here is a breakdown of who can post job ads at CharityVillage. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your local account manager.

Kind   Who?    What jobs can they post?    Price    
Nonprofits and Government

Registered charities

Nonprofit organizations

Government departments and agencies

Any role  $287  
Cooperatives and Credit Unions Organizations structured as cooperatives or credit unions Any role  $287  
Recruiters Recruitment agencies or executive search firms Any role for an eligible client  $287 /  $387  
Sector Suppliers For-profit companies whose clients are primarily charities or nonprofits Any role  $387  
Social Enterprise For-profit subsidiaries of nonprofit organizations Any role  $387  
Certified B Corporations Companies certified by B Labs: www.bcorporation.net Any role  $287  
Sector Connectors Companies where the role to be advertised is primarily focused on interacting with nonprofit sector organizations Only roles whose primary function is to engage with the nonprofit sector  $387  


We do not accept recruitment ads from:

  • Organizations or companies that charge fees to applicants to be considered for services.
  • For-profit companies that do not meet the criteria listed above, or that are hiring staff for their own government service contracts.
  • Individuals (e.g. for caregivers, tutors etc.).

CharityVillage reserves the right to decline any application or listing as it deems appropriate, and to revoke approved advertiser status at any time. If you have questions about your eligiblility to advertise with us, please contact us.

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