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Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries
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Request for Proposal

The Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL)  is seeking part-time bookkeeping services on a contract basis from a qualified firm or individual, with an expected start date of approximately March 1, 2019.  Proposals are invited until February 1, 2019 and may be sent to the attention of the Executive Director as outlined below. For additional information on our organization and a sample contract, please see the full RFP here

Duration and Location

  • Duration of contract: 3 years (plus a 1 month initial transition period if required), with option to renew.
  • Location is flexible; while the office of our Executive Director is currently in Vancouver, staff/contractors are geographically distributed and work remotely from their own offices.


General Information

  • GL accounts: approx. 200
  • GL entries: approx. 2,000
  • Bank accounts: 1 Canadian chequing account, 1 US chequing account and various investment term deposits
  • Current bookkeeping software: Sage 50 Accounting

Invoicing and Payments

  • Cheques issued per year: approx. 200
  • Vendor invoices & expense claims: approx. 180
  • Advance member invoices and reconciliations per year: approx. 40
  • Member and affiliate entries for 35 e-resources renewing April and May: 180
  • Member and affiliate entries for 35 e-resources renewing June to August: 150
  • Member and affiliate entries for 35 e-resources renewing Sept to Dec: 265
  • Member and affiliate entries for 95 e-resources renewing Jan to March: 487

Financial Statements

  • Financial statements prepared on a quarterly basis for review by ED/Board, or as needed (typically prior to biannual meetings of members).
  • Year-end statements prepared in consultation with ED for submission to Accountant.

GST preparation

  • GST reported to CRA as appropriate throughout the year, with foreign exchange factored in as required.  



  • Minimum certified bookkeeper qualification or equivalent experience.
  • Thorough understanding of the various complexities & treatment of GST.
  • Familiarity and skill with relevant software programs.
  • Experience with online commercial banking.
  • Experience with fund accounting is an asset.
  • Experience with non-profit organizations is an asset.


  • Excellent attention to detail to ensure timely payment of invoices, complete and correct records and timely identification of banking and bookkeeping-related issues or concerns.
  • Commitment to providing reasonable annual continuity of experienced and qualified personnel; appropriate notice of any upcoming absence (due to vacation, etc.) that will affect agreed service levels.
  • Adherence to mutually agreed deadlines.
  • Consistent and regular approach to all tasks, documented as appropriate to ensure long-term stability.
  • Conscientious and thorough communication, copying appropriate COPPUL staff at all times.
  • Sufficient capacity and expertise to address the scope and timing of bookkeeping services, particularly during these key periods:
    • May: Draft year end statements to Executive Director
    • April/May: E-resource advance invoicing
    • June: Year end figures to accountant
    • June: Membership fee billing
    • February: E-resource reconciliations (US and CAD)
    • March 31: Fiscal Year End

Key Deliverables

  • Generate and send by email invoices for membership fees, special projects, e-resource purchases (in accordance with information provided by the Licensing Coordinator), etc. within 10 business days of receiving instructions.
  • Generate cheques for e-resource purchases (in accordance with information provided by the Licensing Coordinator) and send by email to the Executive Director within 10 business days of receipt of invoice.  
  • Generate advance billing invoices (USD and CAD) based on each member’s e-resource purchases in the previous year (in accordance with information provided by the Licensing Coordinator), making adjustments if requested by a member.
  • Generate year-end reconciliation statement for each member (USD and CAD), showing the year’s purchases in relation to the advance payment, and generating an invoice or a refund cheque, as required.  
  • Email correspondence with COPPUL staff as needed, referring any concerns to the Executive Director; standard for response is within 3 business days.  
  • Report GST to CRA as appropriate throughout the year, with foreign exchange factored in as required.  
  • Generate quarterly financial statements, as well as reports in August and February, prior to the biannual general member meetings.  
  • Monitor bank accounts, notifying the Executive Director if funds need to be shifted from term deposits to current accounts, or if funds are available to purchase term deposits.
  • Receive and deposit cheques as required.
  • Report nonpayment on invoices or cheques not cashed after 90 days.
  • Prepare and submit GST filings as required by CRA.
  • Prepare year-end files for review and submission to accountant.
  • Maintain appropriate records, including accurate and consistent member/vendor information.
  • Provide COPPUL office with a complete set of electronic and print records at the end of each fiscal year or at any other time if requested.  
  • Ensure that current data is securely backed up on a regular basis.

Desirable Attributes

  • Ability to suggest best practice models.
  • Ability to advise in establishment of fund accounting for special programs/projects.
  • Ability to contribute to development of finance-related policies.


Proponents should provide a minimum of 2 references (names and contact information) of individuals who can verify the quality of work provided specific to the relevant experience of the Proponent named in the proposal.  References from the Proponent’s own organization are not acceptable.


Proponents should provide a quote for an hourly rate, estimated number of hours needed to perform this work (monthly or annually), as well as an estimate of transition costs, if applicable. If multiple individuals would be assigned to this contract, please briefly outline their qualifications and include rate for each.  


Proposals will be assessed in accordance with the evaluation criteria.  Evaluation of proposals will be by a committee formed by one or more members of the COPPUL Board and the Executive Director and may include employees and contractors of COPPUL. COPPUL’s intent is to enter into a contract with the Proponent who has met all mandatory criteria and and who has the highest overall ranking. Proposals will be assessed in accordance with the entire requirement of the RFP, including mandatory and weighted criteria. Evaluation will include how the proponent intends to take over the services from the incumbent (if applicable).

Mandatory Criteria

Proposals not clearly demonstrating that they meet the following mandatory criteria will be excluded from further consideration during the evaluation process.

  1. The proposal must be received before the stated deadline.
  2. The proposal must address all requirements.
  3. The proposal must include pricing and must address transition costs (if applicable).

Weighted Criteria

Proposals meeting all of the mandatory criteria will be further assessed against the following weighted criteria.







Key Deliverables


Desirable Attributes








Proposal Format & Delivery

Proponents should ensure that they fully respond to all items listed in the Requirements section (Qualifications, Approach, Key Deliverables, Desirable Attributes, References, Price) in order to receive full consideration during evaluation. Proponents should briefly describe how they would approach this work and ensure that requirements are met.  For example, please address your staffing complement and approach, software preferences, communication style, processes for ensuring accuracy, etc.

If applicable, Proponents should indicate how how quickly they can assume the contract and how they would approach the transition.

The following format, sequence, and instructions should be followed in order to provide consistency in Proponent responses and ensure each proposal receives full consideration.  All pages should be consecutively numbered.

  1. A short (one or two page) summary of the key features of the proposal.
  2. The body of the proposal, including pricing.
  3. Identification of Proponent, including contact information

Interested individuals or firms are invited to send a proposal by 5 p.m. PDT February 1, 2019 to:

Kristina McDavid
Executive Director, COPPUL
Rm. 219, Koerner Library
University of British Columbia
1958 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z2

p: 604-827-0578
f: 778-508-9758

For additional information on our organization and a sample contract, please see the full RFP here