Summer Program Coordinator

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St.Paul's United Church
  • Community Outreach
  • Camp Staff / Seasonal
  • Social Work
  • Volunteer Management / Coordination
  • Ontario - Metro Toronto Area - Scarborough

2019 will be the fourth year that St. Paul’s United Church (SPUC) has hired a summer student through the Canada Summer Jobs Program that supports summer jobs for post-secondary and high-school students.  Candidates must be returning to full-time studies in the Fall.

St. Paul’s in the Cliffside neighbourhood on the Scarborough Bluffs is seeking a self-starting, initiative-taking, creative, and versatile individual as a summer placement for the position of “Summer Program Animator.” The summer program consists of worship, workshops / seminars for seniors, and programs for kids. Other summer objectives and tasks may include research and analysis of needs in the Cliffside area, assisting in identifying opportunities for mission and ministry, developing and organizing the community archives housed at SPUC, and social engagement with the neighbourhood. While that sounds like a lot, we can discuss how these tasks and priorities can be arranged to mesh with your learning goals, interests, and talents.

Overview of responsibilities:

  1. To develop and implement a short series of programs for youth and seniors in the neighbourhood. These will be focused on serving marginalized / disadvantaged / isolated individuals in order to build skills and relationship bridges amongst the participants, and open St. Paul’s to the community.
  2. To assist with and lead worship services over the summer.
  3. To help develop and organize the Cliffside / Scarborough Junction community archives located in St. Paul’s Church.
  4. Other duties as assigned, and as developed in consultation with the minister / supervisor to meet he candidates learning goals.

Candidate profile:

The ideal candidate would be a theological / ministry student who could use this time toward building skills, knowledge, and experience in his/her future vocation as a minister. This position is also suitable for someone interested in working in grass-roots social work, community development and mobilization, working with youth or seniors, or in areas of depressed economic circumstances.

Community ministry / social work in the local context requires the individual to work effectively in a broad range of situations and with individuals coming from diverse backgrounds. This job has therefore been designed with a wide range of tasks that will help the student broaden their experience as well as develop their skills in a variety of directions.  Based on the criteria for the Canada Summer Jobs program, these skills are:

  • communications in varying contexts with individuals and groups of different social / ethnic / cultural / linguistic / educational backgrounds.
  • leadership in groups, including children and youth, and seniors.
  • working with others, collaborating with others in community events / programming.
  • participation and development in projects and tasks
  • managing information in the collection of data from participants and from other sources in the neighbourhood (Statscan, Toronto City Hall, local councilors, MP, MPP, etc.).
  • problem solving in the coordination of events (worship, summer camp, seniors programs, etc.)
  • responsibility in the independence entrusted to work as a self-starter with both autonomy and supervision.
  • Worship development and leadership.

The successful candidate will take leadership in designing and implementing the program with creativity, and energy, and will be a self-starter who is able to work independently without immediate support and constant supervision.

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