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Request for Proposal for Email Marketing and Donor Engagement Services


RFP Document: RFP #011018

April 2019

Submission Deadline: April 24th, 2019


Mailing address:

39 Old Mill Road #1002

Toronto ON M8X 1G6



Isabel Pascoe, Board Director, Lead Marketing & Communications


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 3
  2. Organization Background 3
  3. Scope and Objectives 5
  4. Focus and Deliverables 5
  5. Timeline   6
  6. Requirements 7
  7. Submission process 7
  8. Confidentiality Agreement 8
  9. Selection Criteria 8
  10. Evaluation Committee 8


  1. Introduction

On behalf of the Breast Cancer Support Fund (“BCSF”) we would like to invite you to participate in a Request for Proposal (RFP) process in order to choose an individual consultant or firm that will provides us with an Email Marketing and Donor Engagement Strategy.

BCSF is looking to engage with individuals and/or teams experienced in working with small shops.

To facilitate the selection process, BCSF is distributing this RFP to a select group. This RFP provides a short overview of our selection process, our requirements / expectations and provides instructions on how to submit your proposal.

Proposals will be received by email at or to the following Mailing Address:

Breast Cancer Support Fund

39 Old Mill Rd #1002

Toronto, ON M8X 1G6


       Proposals are due no later than 4:00 pm on April 24th, 2019


Any questions regarding this Request for Proposal should be directed to Isabel Pascoe, Board Director, Lead Marketing & Communications 


  1. Organization Background

Our Mission

To support Canadian breast cancer patients on their journey to wellness by providing short-term financial support.

Our Vision

To be Canada’s leading voice in changing the conversation about breast cancer by raising awareness about the financial challenges that accompany a diagnosis. 


When people talk about breast cancer they talk about hope.   They talk about pain and suffering, treatments and medications.

They talk about the loss of hair, strength, and spirit. People talk about surgeries and scars. They talk about fear. But they don’t talk about money.

People don’t talk about the cost of breast cancer. About how your money will run out before your cancer is gone.

About how millions of dollars are raised in the name of breast cancer, yet those diagnosed struggle, not to survive, but to afford to survive.

People don’t talk about that. But we do. And it’s why we exist.


Breast Cancer Support Fund (BCSF) exists to bridge the gap between the financial reality faced by breast cancer patients and the limited financial assistance available. We have provided more than $250,000 in short-term financial assistance to 174 breast cancer patients in need while undergoing treatment.

We support a wide spectrum of women – young mothers, students, working women, widows, single women, and the self-employed; women living on social assistance and disability pensions, women in the earliest stages of breast cancer and women diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

Every year, millions of dollars are raised in the name of breast cancer and directed to research and education, while many patients struggle to pay expenses related to their diagnosis and treatment.

Despite all of the campaigns raising awareness, these efforts have not helped decrease the rate of breast cancer year over year, or even decade over decade.

The truth about breast cancer is that the financial burden can be just as devastating as the physical and emotional impact.

In Canada, more than 26,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and too many of those patients will face a financial crisis.

This is why we exist – to bridge the gap between the financial reality faced by breast cancer patients and the limited financial assistance available. Our goal, with the help of individuals and organizations, is to be a change maker among breast cancer organizations by raising funds to help breast cancer patients, as we build a community of support.


  1. Scope and Objectives

The BCSF is soliciting proposals from qualified fundraising, marketing and communications professionals interested in developing a Donor Engagement strategy for the BCSF

  • Increased Revenue from donors and stakeholders
  • Increased Donor engagement
  • Establish and update content of recurring appeals.  
  • Establish Newsletter program


  1. Focus and Deliverables

We are looking for person/firm who will work in partnership with the BCSF team, set up a framework and develop content that will provide flexibility throughout the year, adjust messaging and/or approach.

Specifically, understanding the Breast Cancer Support Fund brand and how BCSF differs from other charities in the breast cancer community, you will deliver the following services: 

1. Appeals

The selected contractor will be asked to create three (3) email appeals in consultation with the BCSF board

2. Email Fundraising Strategy

The selected contractor will be asked to develop and execute a monthly donor-centric fundraising strategy (messaging and creative) and report on results and ROI.

The monthly emails will serve to:

  • Keep donors and stakeholders informed of BCSF
  • Encourage repeat donations and monthly giving; drive on-line donations, move donors up the Giving Pyramid and support BCSF events.

Note: BCSF will be responsible for supporting these fundraising efforts through social media channels campaign.

3. Donation Acknowledgement Program 

The selected contractor will provide messaging to acknowledge first-time, repeat and monthly donors.   BCSF will execute the Donation Acknowledgment program.

4. Newsletter

Twice a year, the selected contractor will create a newsletter that will help to bring awareness of BCSF and its marketing efforts.   The spring issue will cover highlights of our annual fundraising event. The fall issue will be a Cancer Awareness issue and will highlight issues and activities carried out by BCSF during the year.


  1. Timeline

BCSF is planning to follow the following timeline in terms of vendor selection and work effort kickoff:

Major Activities

Proposed Deadlines

RFP distributed

March 29, 2019

Q&A deadline regarding RFP from vendors

April 15, 2019

Submission of Proposal

April 24, 2019

Review of submissions and references

April 30, 2019

Consultant is selected

May 15, 2019

Activities kick off

June 1, 2019


  1. Requirements
  • Proven experience with donor appeals, monthly email marketing campaigns, donation acknowledgement etc.
  • Experience with small grass-root charity.
  • Past client references for execution of similar services and relevant metrics e.g. ROI ($ spent vs. $ raised).


  1. Submission process

BCSF expects each contractor/firm to submit their RFP responses following the content/format outlined below:

  • Qualification letter – the letter should include a brief description of the contractor/ firm’s background, experience and understanding of the needs and objective of the required support
  • Proposed approach
  • Proposed team structure( if required) , roles and responsibilities, location
  • Fees
  • Proposed list of deliverables
  • (3) client references applicable to the scope of services, with contact names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Summary of 3 most relevant executions of similar services and relevant metrics including ROI

Firms are welcome to send any additional information, presentations, and materials – however they should be separate from the qualification letter and might not necessarily be taken into account for the down-selection purpose.


All documents mentioned above should be sent before the close of business on April 24th, 2019

Electronically to


Mailed to BCSF c/o 39 Old Mil Rd. #1002

Toronto, ON M8X 1G6


  1. Confidentiality Agreement

The selected bidder will be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement with the BCSF, which will be provided to the selected bidder at the conclusion of the selection process.


  1. Selection Criteria

The criteria used to evaluate each bidder’s proposal will include, but not be limited to the following evaluation criteria (not listed in order of significance):

  • Bidder’s fee proposal;
  • Bidder’s qualifications and experience;
  • Bidder’s knowledge of best practices in marketing and fundraising for non-profit organizations
  • Bidder’s understanding and detailed approach and plans to perform the services required by Scope and Objectives, as well as Deliverables sections of this RFP.
  • Overall quality of response to RFP
  • Quality of oral interview, if any.


  1. Evaluation Committee

The evaluation committee will be composed of BCSF Board members and Advisory Committee members.

The BCSF reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, or any part of any proposal received. The BCSF further reserves the right to make a decision based upon various selection criteria. Price alone will not be the sole determining factor in the selection process. Further, the BCSF reserves the right to negotiate the final details of the Contract with the successful Bidder.