Margaret's Event Fundraising Committee - Multiple Volunteer Positions Available

Margaret's Event Fundraising Committee - Multiple Volunteer Positions Available
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Margaret's Housing and Community Support Services
  • Committee Member
  • Event Coordination
  • Fundraising / Giving
Long term (6 months to 1 year)
  • Ontario - Metro Toronto Area - Torono


Mad About Margaret’s – Margaret’s (MCHSS Inc.)
Date: May 2020
Location: Bram and Bluma Appel Salon, Toronto Reference Library

Committee Objective:

Overall execution of the Mad About Margaret’s Fundraising Initiative. This includes event logistics, team development, and fundraising.

Length of Involvement:

9 months

Time Commitment:

8-12 hours per month (possible additional hours in April/ May)

Mad About Margaret’s is an inspirational evening that celebrates the victories of women living with mental illness in Toronto. Margaret’s annual event brings together 200 industry professionals, philanthropists, and mental health advocates who are committed to supporting women with mental health challenges find dignified housing. Those who attend believe in recovery, wellness, and hope and understand that mental illness is a complex problem, one that can strike anyone.

Since opening our doors in 1984, Margaret’s has expanded its housing options, range of health care, and case management support with Mad About Margaret’s annual fundraising event playing a large role in our ability to do so.

General Purpose – The mandate of Margaret’s Event Fundraising Committee is to assist Margaret’s in the planning, coordination and implementation of all fundraising activities in support of the annual Mad About Margaret’s fundraising event.

Composition and Appointments – The Mad About Margaret’s Event Fundraising Committee will consist of:

  • The Volunteer and Event Specialist
  • Creative Director
  • Volunteer leaders

Key Duties and Responsibilities – Each of the eight volunteers will take on a leadership role as outlined below. As a leader, you will be requested to ensure the success of your area in accordance with the overall budget and fundraising goals. All committee members will be expected to assist each other to guarantee a successful event.

  1. The 8 volunteer members will fill the following roles:
    a. Chair
    b. Two Sponsorship Co-Leaders
    c. Two Ticket Sales Leaders
    d. Two Promotion & Communication Leaders
    e. One Auction Leader

The most important duties and responsibilities of all committee members are:

  1. Securing sponsorship & ticket sales
  2. Contacting businesses to ask for sponsorships or ticket sales
  3. Bringing forward new potential sponsors or ticket buyers
  4. Promoting & sharing the event via social
  5. Collection of live and/or silent auction items

Meetings – Bi-weekly meetings will begin in August 2019 and will take place in-person at one of Margaret’s various locations in Toronto. A wrap-up meeting and thank-you to the committee will be scheduled following the event.

Resources Required

  1. Administrative support – the Volunteer Chair will provide administrative support.
  2. Logistical support – the Volunteer and Event Specialist will provide logistical support for the event and event planning
  3. Financial – there should be no expenses incurred by committee members for attending committee meetings, however, members are expected to attend and support the event.

Specific Annual Objective

  1. To raise money to provide dignified housing for women with mental health challenges and drop-in and respite support for homeless men and women in Toronto
  2. Community development: to provide Margaret's donors and guests a memorable and engaging experience
  3. To raise awareness about mental health and the related homelessness crisis in Toronto

Leader Role Descriptions


  • Runs Event Fundraising Committee meetings
  • Oversees each Leader area

Sponsorship Co-Leaders

  • Work closely with Margaret's Corporate Partnership Manager on identifying and cultivating corporate sponsors, selling sponsorship and reporting on outcomes.
  • Assist in updating sponsor package by identifying updated sponsor opportunities at varying financial levels
  • Manage a database of contacts, requests, and outcomes
  • Record and report sponsorship status to the Event Chair
  • Maintain accurate list of supporters and ensure benefits and recognition commitments are fulfilled before, during and after the event
  • Write thank you letters to all supporters

Ticket Sales Leaders

  • Update invitation list, and pursues all avenues to create a broader audience
  • Assist the Creative Director with the design and printing of invitations and tickets
  • Manage the Eventbrite platform for the distribution of invitations and sale of tickets as well as offline ticket sales in the most cost-effective and efficient manner
  • Provide a reconciliation of ticket sales and manage outstanding payments

Promotion & Communication Leaders

  • Research all promotional opportunities and create a promotion schedule
  • Develop a comprehensive media contact list
  • Create and distribute media package, press releases and follow-up advertising
  • Assist the Creative Director with design of signage, including sponsor recognition
  • Oversee design and final copy of video presentations
  • Develop event programs and catalogues
  • Oversee layout and content of event website and social platforms
  • Establish Media VIP Invitation list
  • Coordinate post-event thank you communications

Live/Silent Auction Leader:

  • Research and make recommendations for a live auctioneer and coordinate and maintain this relation pre and post event
  • Ensure the success of the live auction by soliciting and collecting donations
  • Ensure donations are confirmed in a timely manner to ensure descriptions are available for print materials
  • Ensure the value of the live auction items fit within our budgeted goal

Please email with the specific volunteer position you are interested as well as your resume and a brief description as to why you are the right fit for the position. Title the email 'MAM Fundraising Committee' along with your first and last name. Thank you!