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Do a Barrel Roll
  • Board Member / Leadership
  • Committee Member
  • Fundraising / Giving
On-going (More than 1 year)
  • Home-Office Based

Are you an industry leader?

Are you passionate about non-profit work?

Are you a gamer or are interested in becoming one?

Then consider joining Do a Barrel Roll's Advisory Board!


Who are we?

We're Do a Barrel Roll (, a Canadian registered non-profit using the power of gaming of all types, from video to tabletop, to drive positive change in the lives of individuals and communities. We focus on the nexus of how gaming can drive inclusion, acceptance, belonging, friendship, community, and healthy living.

What are we doing?

Do a Barrel Roll is working to challenge endemic narratives about gaming by highlighting how it can be a vehicle for positive change, pro-social behaviour, community development, inclusion, acceptance, belonging, and healthy living.

We are looking for personal stories, thought pieces, and contributions by gamers all over the world. We think of gaming in the broadest possible sense: video; arcade; table top; mobile; AR/VR; LARPing; escape rooms; and, plenty of other categories. In particular, we are interested in stories that showcase how gaming has been a means by which gamers have found a sense of belonging, acceptance, inclusion, friendship or developed a community. Stories are the most powerful means of communicating this message.

To help guide us into 2019 and beyond, we are looking for strong candidates to work with us on our new Advisory Board. 

What are you going to do with us?

The Do a Barrel Roll Advisory Board is a body of committed volunteers who are leading experts, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, and relevant professionals with the “gaming” industry - esports, video games, LARP, table top, DnD, mobile, arcade and so on. Each must share Do a Barrel Roll’s vision that gaming of all types can be a powerful tool to drive positive change, incite curiosity and learning, create community and belonging, facilitate friendship, and promote acceptance and healthy living.

Broadly, as a member of the Advisory Board, you would be responsible for the following:

  1. Attending bi-annual teleconferencing meetings, and engaging with Do a Barrel Roll’s senior staff on an ad-hoc basis;
  2. Providing advice and guidance on existing programming and expansion thereof (scope, location, impact areas, and target constituencies);
  3. Working with Do a Barrel Roll’s team to identify new opportunities for projects, events, and activities;
  4. Assisting in the identification and development of core, and project-specific, funding opportunities;
  5. Joining ad-hoc working groups from time to time that focus on particular issues, activities, or questions; and,
  6. Members offering their resignation may support the identification of a replacement.

As an advice-only body, the Advisory Board does not have authority over budget or activities at Do a Barrel Roll. We value the years of experience and knowledge, as well as your enthusiasm for this sector. As such, we hope to deeply embed your guidance to grow our impact and
changemaking ability

Who you are:

You should have a strong, industry specific (gaming, technology, etc) network from which to draw on for partnership, funding and other matters.

You should be willing and able to build Barrel Roll's reputation. You should be keen to drive our message to a wide audience.

You should be eager and exciting to impart your own knowledge, ideas, and expertise to help grow, improve and widen Barrel Roll's activities. 

You should bring relevant experience in at least one of the following areas: board governance and experience in an executive role on a board, human resources, business development; fundraising and fund development; marketing and communications; government relations; experience in the non-profit sector.

You should be have excellent team work and interpersonal skills. 

How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV, a short bio and the name of your favourite game to Do a Barrel Roll's Executive Director at

Please note that this position is remote/at home and does not include remuneration.