Committee Volunteer

Committee Volunteer
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Camp Jumoke
  • Advocacy / Campaigning
  • Committee Member
  • Marketing / Communications / PR
On-going (More than 1 year)
  • Youth (over 18)
  • Families (adults with children)
  • Seniors
  • Groups
  • Ontario - Metro Toronto Area - Toronto

Volunteers assume every role in the Camp Jumoke organization, from planning and decision making to marketing and event hosting.

Our Vision: “Through education and recreation, Camp Jumoke strives to create a path by which children living with Sickle Cell Disease can lead healthy, productive lives.”

Our Mission: “To enrich the lives of children living with Sickle Cell Disease by providing them with access to a medically supervised summer camp and educational support.”

The key volunteer categories and their specific opportunities are listed below:



  • To effectively promote events
  • To promote Camp Jumoke to communities, individuals and organizations
  • Work with strategic planning and other committees to implement processes
  • Implement and run social media campaigns aimed at raising Camp Jumoke’s profile
  • Implement and run an annual membership drive to educate potential constituents and increase membership
  • Ensure proper marketing tools are prepared and available at every event (e.g. media packages, flyers for upcoming events, etc.)
  • Provide reporting on various initiatives that can be used by the board to facilitate continuous improvement


  • To review Camp Jumoke’s strategic goals and direction
  • To implement new and effective goals and initiatives to ensure continuous progression of the organization
  • Monitor goals, initiatives and processes to ensure their success
  • Review the work of sub-committees to ensure they are running effectively and provide benefit to the organization as a whole
  • Work with other committees to achievement of goals
  • Annual review and update of the strategic plan to ensure that it continues to reflect changes that may be needed to adapt to our current situation


  • To review all material that will be provided external to the Board for grammar, spelling, CJ messaging and logo where appropriate
  • Develop templates where it is deemed advisable (e.g. letter template)
  • Establish turnaround time for comments (including urgent requests)
  • Create a rotation within the committee to provide review and feedback; 2 will review and consult with each other and one of those reviews will provide feedback to the requestor (thus incorporating the feedback from both into one concise communication


  • Impress upon the families that we support, the need for them to return that support to the organization
  • To get families involved in fundraising so that they are able to connect fundraising to the camp experience
  • Ensure that families are meeting their volunteer commitments as outlined in the camp application
  • Organize and run the CJ gift wrapping fundraiser with the assistance of the board
  • To help families who are struggling with SCD related issues by connecting them to the proper resources within the community (e.g. SCAGO, SCAO, SCDAC, Taibu)


  • To review and update the scholarship application on an annual basis
  • Screen applicants and select an eligible recipient
  • Prepare award package for BMSA winner (including: plaque, letter, certificate)
  • Engage past recipients to ensure their continued support at various events
  • Maintain recipient history which includes current contact information and other demographics
  • Explore ways to increase the appeal of the BMSA (e.g. would opening up eligibility criteria attract more applicants? If so, what would that look like?)


We would like to encourage you to visit to learn more about what we do.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities listed above, please send an email requesting a volunteer application to:

For questions regarding the volunteer positions and/or the volunteer application process please call 416-410-2995 or email