Moving Process Workshop Development Specialist

Moving Process Workshop Development Specialist
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Shelter Movers Toronto
  • Advocacy / Campaigning
  • Mediation / Facilitation
  • Teaching / Tutoring
Short term (Less than 6 months)
  • Ontario - Metro Toronto Area - Toronto

Shelter Movers Summary

Shelter Movers provides moving and storage services at no cost to women and children fleeing abuse. We are the only organization of our kind in Canada, and our volunteers are no less exceptional. Every year, in collaboration with community partners, our volunteer teams contribute over 15,000 hours to support people transitioning to lives free of violence and abuse.

Position Summary

We are currently seeking a Moving Process Workshop Development Specialist for a 3 month Training Series Project. This position starts the middle of July and ends on August 30, 2019. Piloting of the Training Series Project will be held towards the end of September beginning October at our head office located in downtown Toronto. Interviews will be conducted throughout July. 

The Training Series Project consists of 5 training workshops which are 1) Violence against Women 2) Anti-Oppressive Practice 3) Rethinking Masculinity, 4) Shelter Movers Moving Process and 5) Trauma-Informed Practice. The training workshops are meant to provide our 300+ volunteers with knowledge on topics that affect our clients.


The ideal candidate will have experience designing workshops, and professional, educational, or volunteer experience related to moving and storage services.

Core Responsibilities

The candidate will be responsible for designing a half day, 5-hour workshop with a focus on writing workshop content on Shelter Movers' moving process. Along with designing the workshop there must be notes written for each slide to guide facilitators and allow them to become familiar with the experiential learning activities in the workshops.

The workshop will include a 30 minute lunch break and two 15 minutes coffee breaks. Minus the lunch and coffee breaks, in total the actual workshop will be 4 hours and 30 minutes.

This is a work-from-home position with frequent check-ins from the Training Development and Facilitation Project Manager, who will provide guidance and support as needed. There will be 3 check-in team meetings held in our head office downtown Toronto, with the first meeting at the end of July, and the remaining two meetings in August. 

The first draft of the workshop content will be due on August 19, 2019 followed by the final draft on August 30, 2019.

To guide you in designing the workshop, the learning outcomes of the workshop should be as follows:

  1. Volunteers should understand the types of services offered by Shelter Movers.
  2. Volunteers should understand the process of delivering our services in detail, including what a typical moving day looks like, risk assessment, client transportation, working with police, private security, shelters, and other community partners.
  3. Volunteers should understand how to work safely, including safe lifting techniques, driving moving vehicles, and other safety-related concerns.
  4. Volunteers should know how to react in unexpected situations, such as changes to the move itinerary, to whom they can contact for assistance, and how to function effectively as a team.

Please note: the workshop developer will be provided with the relevant information to be presented in the workshop, and support from Shelter Movers staff.)


  • Network with other professionals in the social services field for professional opportunities. 
  • Experience designing a workshop as part of a Training Series Project.
  • Supporting women fleeing abuse and violence by increasing Shelter Movers’ capacity to provide moving and storage services safely and effectively.
  • An honorarium will be provided.
  • References will be provided once the project has been completed. 

How To Apply

To express your interest in this role, please email Nada Johnson, Training Development and Facilitation Project Manager with your cover letter and resume at