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St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee
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The St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee is currently recruiting new members. The Advisory Committee supports and advocates the St. Lawrence Market Precinct and provides advice to the City on Market related matters.

In order to recruit the best Advisory Committee members with expertise in areas of interest that most closely relate to the business of the Market, we'd like to ask if you know of any contacts in your network who may be a good fit for this Committee. Below and attached is information on the qualifications and requirements of St. Lawrence Market Advisory Committee members.

The City of Toronto is currently looking for engaged and enthusiastic residents to join the St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee.

The St. Lawrence Market is a renowned international food market featuring over 120 merchants, vendors and farmers, offering the freshest produce, meats and specialty items. The Market is a community and cultural hub in the heart of Toronto and a major historic site for the City. Serving residents of Toronto and international visitors since 1803, the Market is regularly recognized as one of Toronto's most popular destinations and was ranked the number one food market in the world by National Geographic. The St. Lawrence Market Complex is comprised of St. Lawrence Hall, the South Market and North Market – now in its temporary home at 125 The Esplanade.

Members of the St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee support and advocate the St. Lawrence Market, providing advice and recommendations to the City to enhance the Market and Precinct for the benefit of the community and all Toronto residents.

*** What does the St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee do?

The role of the St Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee is to advise City staff on the following elements as they relate to the St Lawrence Market Precinct:

(a) the long term strategic direction for the St. Lawrence Market Precinct;

(b) operational improvements to the Market Precinct;

(c) marketing and events planning and promotion;

(d) tenant activities and relations

(e) heritage conservation within the Market Precinct;

(f) capital projects, including the North Market Revitalization;

(g) public outreach and consultation;

(h) partnering opportunities;

(i) setting of performance goals and benchmarks; and

(j) other matters regarding the St. Lawrence Market Precinct that the Manager wishes advice on.

*** What qualifications do I need?

Public members of the St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee should collectively have:

  1. a) Expertise within the food & beverage industry in one or more of the following areas: food retail, policy, services, operations, sciences, nutrition, manufacturing, farming or agriculture.
  2. b) Expertise in one or more of the following areas: real estate, leasing, site and tenant management
  3. c) Expertise in arts administration including arts and culture, community engagement, partnership development and fundraising.
  4. d) Expertise in business development, financial administration/accounting, project management or environmental sustainability/stewardship considered an asset
  5. e) Expertise in advertising, marketing and managing/measuring customer experience considered an asset

*** I'm interested. How do I apply?

For more information and to apply, visit be considered for the vacancies, you must apply by Friday, March 29, 2019.