National Day of Conversation on sexualized violence in the nonprofit and charitable sector

While for many people, awareness of the #MeToo movement came after the exposure of Harvey Weinstein in the fall of 2017, the hashtag was actually used as far back as 2006, coined by Black community organizer and activist Tarana Burke who encouraged other women of colour to speak about experiences of sexual harassment. Since 2017, […]

How nonprofit professionals can develop a strong personal brand on social media

When we think about social media in 2020, we likely think about cat videos and late-night presidential rants. On one hand, social media is perceived as a frivolous time waster, while on the other, it has a potentially dangerous quality to it. It’s no wonder that many nonprofit leaders and staff decide to let their […]

Burnout: How nonprofit leaders can better support their staff

Google burnout and you’ll find 110 million links. Self-care turns up even more – over three billion results. But, as every manager knows, an employee’s burnout isn’t only a self-care problem – it’s an organizational problem. The Mental Health Commission of Canada found that “psychological health problems and illnesses are the number one cause of […]

How to have a thriving nonprofit career while caregiving for a family member

More than eight million Canadians report having responsibility for the care and well-being of someone with a limiting health condition. 6.1 million of these—35% of employed Canadians—balance careers and caregiving responsibilities at the same time.  This means that many in the nonprofit sector are pulling down double duty: doing their work and also caring for […]

Catalyst for Change: Exploring the new report from the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector

Canadian nonprofit leaders weigh in on the new report from the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector.

A missed opportunity: How the nonprofit sector can do a better job of hiring people with disabilities

Highly talented people are being overlooked, simply because they have a disability.

Moving on: How to leave your organization in the best way possible

If you are moving on from your current nonprofit role, these tips can help ease the transition for everyone.

What it means to be an executive director: A frank discussion with three nonprofit leaders

Three nonprofit leaders in different stages of their careers weigh in on what it is like to be an executive director.