Building the culture you want

Your organizational culture is the sum total of your shared beliefs, values, and practices – in short, the unique environment of your organization, or what makes your organization stand out! Culture is a hot topic in people management and building a positive culture is top of mind for leaders everywhere. Nonprofit organizations in particular are […]

Revamp your performance management

Find out how to implement a more modern and more effective performance management system.

Eight tips to help you retain your top talent

Use these 8 tips to keep your star employees engaged at your nonprofit.

The lieu time/overtime dilemma

If you offer lieu time to your staff, be sure you are following all the legal requirements.

Accommodating caregivers: What’s an employer’s responsibility?

These 5 steps can help you better understand your duties to accommodate caregivers on your staff.

Building the culture you want at your nonprofit

Use these tips to create a more positive culture at your nonprofit organization.

The painful days of discipline are over: Creating a culture of positive discipline

Does the thought of holding a discipline or dismissal meeting with an employee or volunteer make you break out into a cold sweat? Check out these tips on how to proactively create a culture of positive discipline at your organization.