Boost your DEI by embracing community

This article is the fifth in a series. Read the first, second, third and fourth articles. One of the most memorable lessons I learned about engagement was during my time in business school when my professor shared with us the concept of Exchange Theory in marketing.  The basic idea here is that a consumer will […]

Empathy: A key ingredient in effective diversity, equity and inclusion

It’s no surprise that resistance and lack of buy-in can be major obstacles to successful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) implementation.  I commonly work with organizations that are struggling with this very issue.  A typical case has staff outwardly supporting DEI efforts, while inwardly seeming to oppose change:  new policies and procedures are not being […]

Bringing everyone along: An organizational approach to DEI

This article is the fourth in a series. Read the first, second and third articles. One time I had a gym teacher who, with the very best of intentions, decided to test out a new approach to foster greater inclusion. The class would be split into two teams, and each team divided into two subgroups. […]

It all starts with inclusion

This article is the third in a series. Read the first, second, and fourth articles. One question I am often asked by organizations is “how much diversity should we be aiming for?” When I hear this, I know that people are grasping for a number or ratio to target their efforts. Although it’s reasonable to want […]