Looking for funding from Canadian philanthropic or community foundations? We’ve curated this list to help. If you see a program that is missing or needs to be updated, please email editor@charityvillage.com.

4Cs Foundation (Halifax, NS)

The 4Cs Foundation provides grants, education and other opportunities arts-based community development projects that inspire, empower, and connect children and their communities in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They believe that creating art together fosters the development of relationships, builds connections and strengthens communities.

Abbotsford Community Foundation (Abbotsford, BC)

This community foundation supports a wide range of programs and activities in the Abbotsford, B.C. area.

Aboriginal Healing Foundation (National, Ottawa, ON)

Our mission is to encourage and support Aboriginal people in building and reinforcing sustainable healing processes that address the legacy of physical abuse and sexual abuse in the residential school system, including intergenerational impacts.

Abundance Canada (National)

Abundance Canada operates as a donor advised foundation. Abundance Canada works with any donor who can support our mission and values. As one of Canada’s larger public foundations, we offer donors a full range of gifting planning and fund management options.

Actuarial Foundation of Canada(National)

The Actuarial Foundation of Canada supports youth education, consumer education, and research initiatives that utilize actuarial science and skills in the public interest. They work to promote youth education in mathematics and financial matters and to advance the public’s understanding of financial and risk-related matters.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada(International)

A private, non-denominational development agency that promotes sustainable and equitable social development in Asia and Africa, without regard to race, religion or political persuasion. AKFC also acts as a catalyst for the discussion and understanding of critical global issues in Canada, links Canadian institutions and expertise with counterparts in the developing world, and runs a variety of management training workshops and programs aimed at improving the quality of development assistance.

Alberni Valley Community Foundation(Regional: Port Alberni, BC)

This community foundation provides grants to local charities to help fund local projects. Grants are usually in the $500 – $5,000 range, and often in areas such as arts and culture, education, health and physical activity, social services, and the environment. The foundation considers both program and capital funding.

Alberta Community HIV Fund (Alberta: Edmonton, AB)

The Alberta Community HIV Fund is a joint community/provincial/federal fund disbursement model developed through consultation with representatives from Alberta community-based HIV organizations, persons living with HIV/AIDS, the regional health authorities, and provincial and federal health departments.

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation (Alberta: Calgary, AB)

The Alberta Ecotrust is an environmental grantmaking foundation created through the cooperative efforts of a number of founding corporations and environmental, non-governmental organizations. The Alberta Ecotrust provides financial support to non-profit community and environmental groups for practical and educational projects that involve public participation and benefit the natural environment.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts (Edmonton, AB)

The mission of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts is to assist all Albertans to fully participate in the cultural life of the province. A beneficiary of Lottery Fund proceeds, the AFA reports to the Minister of Community Development. The Board is responsible for the disbursement of grants, prizes, competitions, and program contacts; and acquiring, exhibiting, and preserving art. Administrative, consultative and technical support is provided by the Arts, Recreation and Libraries Branch.

Alberta Historical Resources Foundation (AHRF) (Edmonton, AB)

The goal of the AHRF is to support community-based heritage initiatives including historical building restoration, research and publications, educational projects, historical markers, and area conservation. The foundation also provides operational funding to several major provincial heritage organizations dealing with museums, archives, history and genealogy.

Alberta Law Foundation (Regional: Calgary, AB)

This foundation is the recipient of the interest which banks, credit unions, trust companies, and treasury branches must pay on clients’ funds held in lawyers’ general trust accounts. The foundation funds various legal initiatives, including law libraries, Aboriginal legal programs, and legal aid programs.

Alberta Real Estate Foundation (Alberta)

The foundation supports real estate initiatives which benefit the industry and the people of Alberta. It is funded by interest earned on real estate brokers’ pooled trust accounts. It uses these funds to: promote and undertake the education of related professionals and the public in respect of the real estate industry; law reform and research in respect of the real estate industry other projects and activities to advance and improve the real estate industry.

Alberta Sport Connection (Alberta)

The Alberta Sport Connection believes that all people should have opportunities to enjoy and participate in sport events. They fund grants that support sporting events, coaches & officials and Alberta’s athletes.

Altona Community Foundation (Local: Altona, MB)

The mission of the Altona Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in Altona, Gretna, Rosenfeld, and Rhineland. This is done by soliciting funds for their capital reserve and distributing the interest earned each year to worthy community projects.

Alva Foundation (Regional: Toronto, ON)

The Alva Foundation Foundation funds research into risk factors in early childhood development. Refer to the web site for the most up-to-date information about their application process.

Animal Aid Foundation (National: Mississauga, ON)

Animal Aid’s mission is to reduce the number of homeless pets and to reduce euthanasia rates of companion animals. The Foundation achieves its mission by accepting donations and legacy gifts and directing funds exclusively to spay/neuter programs and projects and TNR. Animal Aid is committed to funding programs that deliver high impact, that are in urgent need of funding from a priority basis, not a financial need and that have a high potential for success. Their policy is to seek out organizations and programs with a well-defined sense of purpose, demonstrated commitment to making the best use of available resources and a reputation for accomplishing their objectives. Priority funding consideration given to charities who are 100% volunteer run. Animal Aid is committed to investing money back into the communities where the money is being raised.

Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (National: Burlington, ON)

Incorporated as a federal non-profit foundation in 1965, the principal function of the Foundation is to accept donations and legacies and to apply such monies exclusively to the benefit of animals. The foundation is interested in supporting, financially, projects and activities which will further the cause of animal welfare in Canada.

Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan (Regional: Regina, SK)

The Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan provides matching grant funding for community-based heritage groups across the province to help with the cost of restoration projects, arranging and holding special meetings, printing publications, and other communications.

Atkinson Foundation (Toronto, ON)

Provides grants for innovative, Ontario-based projects that focus on either early childhood education and development and/or economic justice.

Banting Research Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

The Banting Research Foundation supports young, promising Canadian researchers at the outset of their careers, doing a broad range of basic medical research. Since 1925, our grants have been instrumental in launching the careers of many scientists who have gone on to make medical discoveries that have impacted global health. These include the purification of the anti-blood clotting agent, heparin, and the creation of the heart pacemaker.

Beautiful Plains Community Foundation (Manitoba)

An community foundation that makes grants in the Town of Neepawa, the Rural Municipalities of Rosedale, Langford, and Lansdowne, and the Village of Brookdale, Manitoba. Interests include culture, health care, education, recreation, heritage, environment and other charitable purposes including those involving the disabled.

Max Bell Foundation (Calgary, AB)

Max Bell Foundation encourages the development of innovative ideas that impact public policies and practices with an emphasis on health and wellness, education, and the environment.

Better Day Alliance Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON)

The BDAF supports charitable organizations in the Greater Toronto Area by providing funds for special events or activities such as holiday parties, craft supplies, outings etc. The application for funds is easy and can be done online.

Birks Family Foundation (National: Montreal, QC)

This foundation works to contribute to a higher standard of living and quality of life for all Canadians, primarily through the support of Canadian universities, bursaries to students attending university in Canada, hospitals and health and welfare charities, and arts and cultural organizations.

Boissevain and Morton Foundation Inc. (Local: Boissevain, MB)

The foundation awards grants once a year to nonprofit organizations whose programs and services match the foundation’s mission, values, and grant-making priorities. They support health, human services, arts and culture, environment, community development and service, education and training, and recreation.

Bowen Island Community Foundation (Local: Bowen Island, BC)

Our mission is to enrich the quality of life on Bowen Island by providing a way for individuals and organizations with varied interests and levels of giving to contribute back to their community, both during and after their lifetime.

Bradford West Gwillimbury & District Community Foundation (Local: Bradford, ON)

The foundation assists philanthropic citizens in establishing endowment funds and then invests charitable gifts into a pooled income-earning fund. The foundation identifies areas of need in the community and provides support to donors to help ensure that grants from fund earnings will have a significant impact on the community and its residents.

Brainerd Foundation (Regional: Seattle, WA)

The Brainerd Foundation’s mission is to protect the environmental quality of the Pacific Northwest and to build broad citizen support for environmental protection. Its geographic funding region includes British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. To be considered for grant funds, applicants must be involved in direct efforts to defend endangered ecosystems or in programs that augment regional conservation efforts within this geographic funding region.

Brandon Area Community Foundation (Local: Brandon, MB)

Incorporated in 1965, the foundation invests the contributions it receives in a perpetual endowment fund and uses the income earned to make grants to a wide range of charitable groups that benefit local communities in Southwestern Manitoba.

Branscombe Family Foundation (Regional: Niagara Falls, ON)

Founded in 1977 by Frank and Mildred Branscombe, the foundation’s current objectives are to promote higher education for students graduating from secondary schools and to assist in the improvement of the quality of health care and selected social programs in the Regional Municipality of Niagara.

Brant Community Foundation (Local: Brantford, ON)

A non profit, charitable organization that exists to oversee endowment funds set up by members of the community and to make charitable grants to local organizations and charities.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada(National: Boucherville, QC)

A national foundation dedicated to supporting community-based nutrition programs for schoolchildren by raising awareness and funding on their behalf. It is Breakfast Clubs of Canada’s dream that all children will have an equal chance to start their school day with a nutritious breakfast in an environment that promotes self-esteem.

Breakfast for Learning, Canadian Living Foundation (National: North York, ON)

The mission of Breakfast for Learning is to ensure that every child goes to school well nourished and ready to learn. As the only national nonprofit organization whose sole mandate is to support child nutrition programs, Breakfast for Learning fosters parental involvement and community ownership in all of the programs we support.

Brian Bronfman Family Foundation (International: Montreal, QC)

This foundation believes in using its resources to support creative endeavours that have a concrete impact in bettering the lives of individuals and communities, both in reaction to specific situations and by prevention of potential problems. The foundation is focused on the creation of a peaceful, non-violent, and just society and funds programs dealing with peace, human rights, and conflict resolution.

BC Rehab Foundation (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

This foundation’s project grants are intended to support initiatives designed to benefit people with disabilities. They encourage and support universally designed places and activities that can be utilized by everyone, regardless of physical ability.

Bulkley Valley Community Foundation (Local: Smithers, BC)

The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation strives to improve quality of life in the surrounding communities by awarding grants generated through responsibly managed donations and legacies to local organizations.

Bullitt Foundation (Regional: Seattle, WA)

The mission of the Bullitt Foundation is to protect, restore, and maintain the natural physical environment of the Pacific Northwest for present and future generations. The foundation invites proposals from nonprofit organizations that serve Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, western Montana, and coastal Alaska from Cook Inlet to the Canadian border.

Burlington Community Foundation (Local: Burlington, ON)

Since 1999, the Burlington Community Foundation has been distributing grants in the community in the areas of social service, arts and culture, recreation, education, health, and the environment.

Burns Memorial Fund (Local: Calgary, AB)

The Burns Memorial Fund is comprised of three funds that serve families of police officers, families of firefighters, and low-income children. It provides grants to individuals and community organizations, contributing to the education, health and wellness of young Calgarians.

Calgary Arts Development (Local: Calgary, AB)

Calgary Arts Development invests municipal arts funding from the City of Calgary to support operating costs and special projects for arts organizations in Calgary. They invest in 119 organizations of all artistic disciplines through annual operating grants. In addition, they invest in 25-50 special projects in a given year.

Calgary Foundation (Calgary, AB)

Exists to encourage the increased flow of resources to community needs, to create and manage permanent endowment funds to meet those needs and to respond to emerging needs that come with changing times.

Calgary Learns (Calgary, AB)

Calgary Learns is a granting agency that supports foundational learning for adult Calgarians. They make community-based learning accessible, and promote the value of lifelong learning through both initiative and program grants.

Canada Council for the Arts (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Canada Council for the Arts is a national arm’s length agency which provides grants and services to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations in dance, media arts, music, theatre, writing and publishing, interdisciplinary work and performance art, and visual arts.

Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation(National: London, ON)

A non-profit organization established by Canada Trust that provides funding support for initiatives that make a positive impact on the Canadian environment.

Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR) (National: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research is the pre-eminent funder of applied nutrition and dietetic research in Canada. CFDR contributes to the health of Canadians by generating funds for applied nutrition and dietetic research.

Canada Foundation for Innovation (National: Ottawa, ON)

An independent corporation established by the federal government in 1997 to strengthen Canadian capability for research. The CFI will achieve this objective by committing funds over the next five years in the development of research infrastructure in Canada.

Canada Geological Foundation (National: Halifax, NS)

The foundation was established in 1968 as a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to assist in the development of geological sciences in Canada. In principle, grants are made only in support of activities of national interest and broad significance, with emphasis on those of long-term importance.

Canadian Kennel Club Foundation (National: Etobicoke, ON)

The Canadian Kennel Club Foundation is a federal charitable corporation dedicated to the enhancement of the health and welfare of dogs to the mutual benefit of both the dogs and Canadian society. The Foundation fulfils the objects by undertaking and funding activities related to Research and Promotion of the Human-Animal Bond and Its Benefits.

Canadian Million Dollar Round Table Charitable Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Million Dollar Round Table Charitable Foundation is a public charity that receives gifts mainly, but not exclusively, from the members of the Million Dollar Round Table in Canada and from some foreign countries. Grants must be sponsored by a current Knight of the Canadian MDRT Charitable Foundation.

Canadian Nurses Foundation (National: Ottawa, ON)

The only national charitable organization promoting health and patient care in Canada by fostering excellence in nursing through: nursing research grants, study awards for higher education and specialty certification, and financial support for other educational purposes.

Canadian Race Relations Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

Advances its mission, goals and objectives through its sponsorship program for Initiatives Against Racism. The Foundation’s sponsorships are normally in the range of $500 to $5,000 per project.

Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) (National: Toronto, ON)

As Canada’s first and only national public foundation for women and girls, CWF has earned a reputation as an organization that is accessible to grass-roots women’s groups. CWF supports results-oriented solutions to the problems faced by women and girls.

Carthy Foundation (National: Calgary, AB)

Established in 1965, the Carthy Foundation is a private foundation that works to enhance the future prosperity of Canada by creating opportunities with, and providing education for young people.

Catherine Donnelly Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

Inspired by the vision of Catherine Donnelly, the foundation seeks radical and creative ways of responding to the most urgent needs of society in the areas of housing initiatives, adult education initiatives and opportunities and environmental enhancement initiatives.

Cause We Care Foundation (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Cause We Care Foundation supports resources and programs that assist marginalized single mothers and their children in the Lower Mainland. They believe in strengthening a single mother’s capacity for self-help and in creating opportunities for development and growth for herself and her children.

Central Okanagan Foundation (Regional: Kelowna, BC)

The Central Okanagan Foundation is a community based, volunteer organization which exists to preserve and foster philanthropy by providing a medium for all, regardless of their means, to put something back into the community in perpetuity.

Chatham Kent Community Foundation (Local: Chatham, ON)

A nonprofit, charitable organization that oversees permanent endowment funds set up by members of the Chatham-Kent community and makes charitable grants to local organizations and charities.

Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon (National: Montreal, QC)

The foundation’s mission is to contribute to the development and improvement of families’ health through poverty and disease prevention, focused primarily on children and their parents.

Central City Foundation (Local: Vancouver, BC)

Twice a year, the Central City Foundation entertains grant applications from a myriad of not-for-profit groups providing a vast array of services to Vancouver’s inner city. Its mission is to support safe affordable housing and programs that enhance the lives of people in need in the inner city.

Chez Cora Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

Established in the early part of 1998, the Chez Cora Foundation’s mission is to aid children in need. The foundation supports and works in collaboration with nonprofit organizations trying to improve the quality of life of Canadian children.

Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba Foundation (CFS Western Foundation) Inc. (Regional: Brandon, MB)

The CFS Western Foundation is a private, not-for-profit charitable organization that raises funds to support family strengthening programs offered through the Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba (CFS Western) Agency. The foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Children’s Aid Society of Halifax Foundation (Local: Halifax, NS)

The foundation provides grants to the Children’s Aid Society of Halifax, and to community based groups located in Halifax in partnership with the Children’s Aid Society. The foundation also makes grants available to children in care, or formerly in care, from other parts of the province.

The Children’s Prize Foundation (International: Florida, USA)

The Children’s Prize Foundation administers the annual Children’s Prize, an innovative competition funding the best plan advancing proven, measurable and science-based child health and survival work. As a novel approach, they are unlocking the full potential of philanthropy and democratizing what it means to give.

Columbia Basin Trust (Regional: Castlegar, BC)

CBT works closely with people who live in the Basin to develop and deliver programs and initiatives that respond to their needs and support communities.

Columbia Institute (National: Vancouver, BC)

The foundation is committed to investing in human and social capital for the benefit of all Canadians. It works to fund innovative social research with practical implications, to develop and fund new scholarships that promote re-training and life-long learning, and to promote the collaborative and inclusive involvement of citizens in decision-making and community building.

Commonwealth Foundation, The (International: London, UK)

An intergovernmental organization funded by Commonwealth governments. It provides travel grants and facilitates networking and training opportunities to encourage inter-country exchange and co-operation among non-governmental organizations, professional and cultural bodies of the 54 Commonwealth countries.

Community Foundations of Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

Works to enhance the quality of life and vitality in Canadian communities by supporting and promoting the fund development, grantmaking and leadership of community foundations.

Community Foundation of Greater Kingston (Kingston, ON)

The foundation is dedicated to enhancing and strengthening the quality of life in the Kingston, Ontario, area. It offers opportunities to concerned and caring citizens to give something back to the community which has nurtured them.

Community Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

The aim of the Community Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador is to promote the well-being of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador and to contribute to the development of healthy communities. Grants are awarded on a semi-annual basis in the spring and fall of each year.

Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta (Regional: Grande Prairie, AB)

The foundation inspires philanthropy by providing a way for anyone to leave a lasting legacy to the community through permanent endowment building, responsible grants, and leadership to meet community needs today, tomorrow and forever.

Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island

The foundation is a registered, non-profit body which provides a means for individuals, families, community groups, corporations, even private foundations, to support charitable activities and contribute to many diverse needs in Prince Edward Island communities.

Community Foundation of Whistler

The Community Foundation of Whistler is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Whistler and beyond by enabling, demonstrating and encouraging philanthropy. They manage more than $3.8 million in donor funds and distribute the income to registered charities for community projects in Whistler and Pemberton, British Columbia.

Community One Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON)

The foundation supports projects and organizations serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, intersexed, queer, questioning and two-spirited communities of the Greater Toronto Area (including Durham, York, Halton and Peel Regions) demonstrating a commitment to the mission of the Foundation.

Comox Valley Community Foundation (Courtenay, BC)

This BC community foundation supports a wide range of community projects and offers a lasting way for residents of the Comox Valley area to contribute to the betterment of their region.

Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec (Regional: Quebec)

Financial assistance for religious heritage restoration is granted under an agreement between the Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec and the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine. It provides financial support for initiatives aimed at restoring religious heritage buildings and the furnishings and works of art they house.

Cottonwood Foundation (International: White Bear Lake, MN)

Provides small grants to grassroots organizations worldwide that are working for a sustainable future by combining all of the following: protecting the environment, promoting cultural diversity, empowering people to meet their basic needs, and relying on volunteer efforts.

Counselling Foundation of Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

The Foundation was formed to create and enrich counselling programs and improve the technical skills of counsellors. The object of the Foundation is to engage in charitable and educational activities for the benefit of people; thus enabling them to improve their lifestyles and make a more effective contribution to their communities.

Cures for Kids (National: Richmond, BC)

Cures for Kids provides funding for research and clinical programs for children with life-threatening illnesses. Grants of between $500 and $2,500 are awarded to qualifying organizations for specific programs and projects. Grants are made Canada-wide with preference given to programs and projects delivered in British Columbia.

Davies Charitable Foundation (Local: Kingston, ON)

The Davies Charitable Foundation is a registered, nonprofit, charitable organization founded by Michael R.L. Davies, former owner and publisher of the Kingston Whig-Standard. The purpose of the foundation is to support individuals and organizations within the local district in the areas of the arts, education, health and sports. They also offer a yearly fellowship valued at $10,000.

Donner Canadian Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

Seeks to encourage individual responsibility and private initiative to help Canadians solve their social and economic problems. The founder, William Henry Donner (1864-1953), was an American industrialist and philanthropist, whose values are still reflected in the philosophy of the Foundation.

Drayton Valley Community Foundation (Regional: Drayton Valley, AB)

The mission of the foundation is to provide for the changing needs and enhance the quality of life of our community by securing and managing our community leadership and financial resources.

Dreamcatcher Fund (National: Ohsweken, ON)

The Dreamcatcher Fund enhances First Nations communities and its people through contributions that will be of benefit socially, culturally, healthfully, and economically in a wholistic manner. The foundation accepts grant applications in the areas of sports and recreation, educational support, arts and culture, and health support.

Drummond Foundation (National: Montreal, QC)

The foundation’s granting falls into three main areas: health care, community, and the socially disadvantaged. Grants to the community are particularly focused on the care of the elderly, while grants made to the socially disadvantaged are usually to organizations who deliver immediate relief to the poor, typically street missions. Grants are made annually in December.

Durham Community Foundation (Regional: Whitby, ON)

The foundation’s mission is to provide the citizens of Durham Region with the opportunity to make financial gifts that are invested, the returns of which support the unique needs of the community and their individual interests, while creating a lasting legacy that keeps on giving to charities in the region.

Eckhardt-Gramatté Foundation (Winnipeg, MB)

The Eckhardt-Gramatté Foundation is a charitable organization for the purpose of the advancement of public appreciation, understanding and knowledge of the music and artistic works of the composer S.C. Eckhardt-Gramatté and the expressionist Walter Gramatté. Over the years the Foundation has maintained an extensive archive, in addition to sponsoring exhibitions, concerts, recording projects and publications, facilitating academic research, and endowing several orchestras and universities.

Edmonton Community Foundation (Edmonton, AB)

Exists to help the people of Edmonton and area by encouraging philanthropy and funding charitable activities. Through contributions from donors, the Foundation assembles and administers permanent pools of capital so the returns can be perpetually reinvested in the community.

Education Matters (Local: Calgary, AB)

Formerly the Calgary Board of Education Foundation, this organization’s mission is to promote and facilitate public engagement with public education and to enhance and enrich the education offered to all students – enabling them to fully realize their potential and become valued and contributing citizens, locally and globally.

EJLB Foundation (National: Montréal, QC)

The EJLB Foundation has two main areas of interest: medical and scientific research in all areas of neuroscience that pertain directly or indirectly to schizophrenia and mental diseases; and protection of the environment principally through (i) the acquisition and preservation of natural areas of ecological significance or of importance to the urban fabric; and (ii) environmental scientific research. The Foundation also supports, on a case by case basis, a variety of other environmental endeavours.

The Erika Legacy Foundation (National: Edmonton, AB)

The Erika Legacy Foundation is dedicated to raising funds and providing financial support for the enhancement of suicide prevention programming and support within Canada.

Justin Eves Foundation (Ontario: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit organization dedicated to securing revenues for research into learning disabilities and to provide financial support for learning disabled youth to attend post-secondary education at institutions able to accommodate their needs.

Face The World Foundation (Vancouver, BC)

Formed in early 1991, this charitable foundation helps the less fortunate members of the Vancouver community through innovative and entertaining fundraising events.

FACTOR (National: Toronto, ON)

The Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent On Records (FACTOR) is a non profit foundation that provides funds for the Canadian recording industry. FACTOR is dedicated to providing assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian independent recording industry. The foundation administers the contributions of 12 sponsoring broadcasters and seven of the eight components of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Sound Recording Development Program.

Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation (National: Fredericton, NB)

The Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation is a charitable trust, the goals of which are to fund research into the causes, incidence, and forms of treatment of family violence, and to promote and sponsor effective public education programs to counter widespread ignorance of the problem.

Fig Tree Foundation (International: Calgary, AB)

A Calgary-based group dedicated to helping disadvantaged populations around the world by raising funds for international organizations delivering aid and development programs in the field. The FTF is committed to supporting projects that demonstrate the best potential return of every dollar raised, as measured by the net positive impact on the lives of our end users.

Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation (Regional: Toronto, ON)

The mandate of the Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation is to fund Ontario-based initiatives which intend to have positive social impact while subsequently supporting and providing an opportunity for decedents of the Flavelle family to celebrate the importance of giving back to the community.

Fondation Sibylla Hesse (Longueuil, PQ)

This private foundation works to improve the conditions of the elderly as well as children and young people, primarily in the area of health care and poverty, as well as the promotion of arts and culture. The website is only available in French.

Fondation Baxter & Alma Ricard (Sudbury, ON)

The foundation’s mission is to offer French Canadians living in a linguistic minority situation the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in the best schools in the world without having to go into debt.

Foord Family Foundation (Vernon, BC)

Based in Vernon, BC, the Foord Family Foundation is a private family foundation that supports Canadian registered charities whose initiatives improve the quality of life for children and youth.

Foundation Fighting Blindness (National: Toronto, ON)

A non-profit charitable organization who’s mission is to support and promote research directed to finding the causes, treatments and ultimately the cures for retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration and related diseases of the retina that lead to blindness and to communicate that information to our constituents.

Frontenac Heritage Foundation (FHF) (Local: Kingston, ON)

A nonprofit organization created to promote the preservation of buildings that contribute to the heritage of Kingston, Ontario, the County of Frontenac and the Islands, and Loyalist Township.

Gainey Foundation (National: Montreal, QC)

The Gainey Foundation carefully examines all funding requests submitted by registered charitable organizations that offer environmental and/or arts education programs for youth.

Gambling Awareness Nova Scotia (GANS) (Regional: Halifax, NS)

A not-for-profit organization that plays a vital role in the independent response to problem gambling in Nova Scotia. This is accomplished, in part, through funding to community groups and researchers to help address problem gambling. The foundation offers three funding streams: two levels of project funding for community groups across Nova Scotia, grants aimed specifically at Nova Scotia Community Health Boards, and research funding to individuals sponsored by institutions in the province.

Glassco Foundation (National: Calgary, AB)

This organization’s mandate is to seek out children’s issues in Canada and overseas, provide financial and organizational assistance as well as on site support.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (International: Seattle, WA)

Bill and Melinda Gates hope to make an enduring contribution toward increasing access to innovations in education, technology, and global health. More than seventeen billion dollars in endowments have been set aside for these causes.

Gairdner Foundation (International: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit corporation devoted to the recognition of outstanding achievement in biomedical research worldwide. The Foundation is not affiliated with any government or private enterprise and accepts direction only from its own independent medical advisory board.

Gencon Foundation (Regional: British Columbia)

The Gencon Foundation funds innovative educational and experiential projects that build environmental awareness and leadership, especially among youth, as well as urban greening initiatives, such as community gardens, and community-based ecological restoration projects.

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation (National: Mississauga, ON)

Established in Canada in 1989, the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Canadians. We are committed to finding creative ways to achieve community wellness. The foundation supports and works with many organizations, primarily in the areas of health care and health promotion, science education, hospice palliative care, and patient advocacy.

Gloriamundi (International)

Gloriamundi assists humanitarian/social/environmental NGOs with limited finances around the world by donating and designing promotional material (logo, website, brochures, etc). Gloriamundi aims to provide the communication material they need to successfully present their work and create lasting relationships with beneficiaries and partners.

Good Foundation (Regional: Waterloo, ON)

The object of the foundation is to make grants for charitable, religious, and educational purposes. It makes grants in the areas of arts, education, health, heritage, and social services.

Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

Dedicated to supporting programs that strengthen Canada and enhance the well-being of all Canadians. Within its areas of interest, the Foundation funds innovative ventures that seek to make a discernible impact on the future of Canada by encouraging social act ion and strengthening the development of public policy.

Grand Bend Community Foundation (Local: Grand Bend, ON)

The Grand Bend Community Foundation connects those who care with those in need. They make annual grants to eligible local organizations in the areas of children and youth, family and community, health and physical activity, education, social services, the environment, and arts and culture.

Greater Saint John Community Foundation (Local: Saint John, NB)

An independent community charity governed by a volunteer board of community leaders, this foundation administers funds, large and small, donated by public-spirited citizens for the benefit of the Greater Saint John area and its people. They support a wide range of causes – youth, seniors, health and medicine, education, the arts, environment, and social services.

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation (National: Montreal, QC)

The objective of the foundation is to promote an appreciation of traditional expression in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, by aiding worthy art students, artists, or sculptors who need further training or other assistance during their formative years.

Grocery Foundation (Regional: Toronto, ON)

The Grocery Foundation began when a handful of Ontario grocery leaders decided it was time for their industry to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Ontario children who needed a hand-up in life. Their primary mission is to get nutritious food to hungry kids.

Guelph Community Foundation (Local: Guelph, ON)

This foundation works to enhance the quality of life and vitality in Guelph and Wellington County by supporting and promoting endowments and donor service, grant making, and community leadership.

Halifax Foundation (Halifax, NS)

The Halifax Foundation serves the whole of the Halifax Regional Municipality, capital of the Province of Nova Scotia.

Lyle S. Hallman Foundation (Waterloo, ON)

The foundation focuses its giving in the Waterloo Region, supporting health, education and children’s initiatives that inspire and grow individual and community potential.

Hamilton Community Foundation (Hamilton, ON)

Dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the City of Hamilton and surrounding area, the Hamilton Community Foundation has a mission to serve as a leader, catalyst, and resource for philanthropy, and make strategic grants in such fields as the arts and heritage, education, environment, health and human services, and recreation.

Harbinger Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON )

Funds local organizations doing international relief work. The priority area is water, and more specifically, access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene in the developing world.

The Healing Cycle Foundation (Regional: Ontario)

All hospice palliative care organizations within Ontario are eligible to apply for grants starting in 2012. The funding for these grants will be generated from the foundation’s general donations as well as the funds raised by participants from the annual Healing Cycle Ride.

Heart and Stroke Foundation (National)

Provides funding opportunities for heart and stroke research.

Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation (Vancouver, BC)

The foundation provides funding to support alternative medicine, economic education, and organizations that help the needy.

Heritage BC (Regional: West Vancouver, BC)

Heritage BC is a not for profit, charity supporting heritage conservation across BC through advocacy, training and skills development, capacity building and funding through the Heritage Legacy Endowment Fund. They build links between heritage conservation, arts, culture tourism, economy and the environment.

Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (St. John’s, NF)

The sole organization in the province mandated to preserve one of the most visible dimensions of Newfoundland and Labrador culture – its architectural heritage. The Foundation, an invaluable source of information for historic restoration, supports and contributes to the preservation and restoration of buildings of architectural or historical significance.

The Hero’s Heart Foundation (Ottawa, ON)

The Hero’s Heart Foundation’s goals are to honour the courageous men and women who represent our country both domestically and internationally and those who respond daily to those in need or when tragedy strikes. We assist and fund outstanding non-profits to ensure that our Community’s First Responders and Military have the opportunity to lead healthy, productive and enhanced lives.

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (Menlo Park, CA)

This US foundation funds organizations working to protect land and rivers that are essential to healthy biodiversity, and also works to ensure continued protection of these spaces through broad-based funding. Western Canadian provinces are also eligible for funding.

HOPE (Volleyball) Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON)

A public foundation that raises funds and awareness for local charities that have a particular need and do not receive significant funding from government or other foundations.

Hospital For Sick Children Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

We invest our communities’ contributions in outstanding paediatric care, research, and education to help children at The Hospital for Sick Children, throughout Canada, and around the world.

Hunter Family Foundation (Local: Calgary, AB)

This foundation’s purpose is to enrich the community’s quality of life through grants to registered charities who meet a significant social, educational or health and wellness need and /or to those providing research in these areas. They favour an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to significant issues that require new approaches to old problems.

Huronia Communities Foundation

Serves the people of the Huronia, Ontario region by building permanently endowed charitable funds for the community and making philanthropic grants.

International Grenfell Association (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

The mission of the International Grenfell Association is to provide funds in support of initiatives that benefit the health, education, social and cultural well-being of the people of Northern Newfoundland and coastal Labrador, working in partnership with government and other agencies.

Ivey Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

This foundation works on forest conservation and sustainability issues. Ivey Foundation typically provides support to national or provincial charitable environmental organizations with a demonstrated capacity and capability to effect change.

Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal (Local: Montreal, QC)

The foundation awards grant for innovative projects within the Montreal Jewish Community. Recipients represent a wide spectrum, including social services, health, culture, and education.

Jewish Foundation of Manitoba (Provincial: Winnipeg, MB)

The foundation supports applications that are of interest and value to our community, as a Jewish Community, in Manitoba. Its primary granting focus is on the Winnipeg area.

The Joyce Family Foundation (Regional: Burlington, ON)

The Joyce Family Foundation is dedicated to supporting the social, economic and emotional well-being of children and youth by empowering them to develop into healthy, confident, independent contributors to Canadian society. The Foundation’s primary focus is to provide access to education for children and youth with significant financial need or facing other socio-economic barriers to success.

Junior League of Edmonton (Local: Edmonton, AB)

An organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Junior League of Toronto (Local: Toronto, ON)

A women’s organization that strives to be the organization of choice for voluntarism and community partnership by educating and training members to be effective leaders and volunteers, researching changing community needs and then developing or expanding direct service projects or programs to meet those needs, and providing trained volunteers, administrative guidance, and financial support to community services.

Kids Eat Smart Foundation & Newfoundland Labrador (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

This charitable organization supports the education, health, and well-being of school children throughout Newfoundland and Labrador through support of quality nutrition programs.

KidSport Newfoundland and Labrador (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

KidSport provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

Kinsmen Foundation (Provincial: Saskatoon, SK)

The foundation meets once a month to disperse the funds raised through its annual Telemiracle. The foundation acts as an avenue of last resort. All the monies raised through Telemiracle are spent in Saskatchewan to help Saskatchewan children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. Grants from the Kinsmen Foundation have been given for specialized transportation equipment, communication and visual aids, mobility units, therapeutic pools, and sheltered workshops/activity centres. The smallest grant has been for $88.00 and the largest for $1 million.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation (Local: Waterloo, ON)

The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation improves the quality of life in Kitchener-Waterloo and area, now and for generations to come, by building community endowment, addressing needs through grantmaking, and providing leadership on key community issues.

Krembil Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

Grants are focused on helping people through medical research, education and social services. Their primary focus is funding research projects in medicine; particularly those that have difficulty obtaining funding yet have the potential to produce life-altering results. They have also funded several social programs including addiction counseling/rehabilitation, financial advocacy and planning, mental health issues and social awareness, as well as children’s educational programs.

Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation (Regional: Lac du Bonnet, MB)

The Lac du Bonnet & District Charitable Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life of residents through the creation and management of funds gifted in perpetuity and the distribution of investment earnings for local charitable purposes. The foundation is a philanthropic organization focused on building permanent endowments to address long-term community challenges as well as meeting immediate needs in the community.

Laidlaw Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

This organization concentrates on a new youth organizing for change program; the strengthening of core capacity of youth led organizations; helping non-youth organizations become more inclusive to youth; building a youth social infrastructure through multi-year funding of intermediary support groups; helping in the convening of agents interested in exploring issues related, to youth engagement; and commissioning research, position papers and policy analysis.

Lambda Foundation (National: Ottawa, ON)

Lambda Foundation is a national registered Canadian charity creating scholarships in gay and lesbian studies. They work to advance research and education in human rights and build bridges of understanding among gay and lesbian people and other equality-seeking groups, as well as general society.

Edith Lando Charitable Foundation

The Edith Lando Charitable Foundation was begun by Edith Lando and is dedicated to fostering the self esteem of children. The foundation focuses on the regions around Vancouver and Montreal and awards grants twice per year.

Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology (International: Montreal, PQ)

A private nonprofit foundation whose purpose is to further artistic and scientific knowledge by fostering the meeting of art and science in the field of technologies.

Law Foundation of British Columbia (Provincal: Vancouver, BC)

The foundation uses its income for the benefit of the public of the Province of British Columbia, by supporting programs which advance and promote the rule of law and a just society.

Law Foundation of Ontario (National: Toronto, ON)

A variety of grants are made to Ontario nonprofits (not individuals or for-profit ventures) who help people understand the law and use the law to improve their lives, and ultimately, to advance access to justice. The special Access to Justice Fund is open to nonprofit organizations from across Canada.

Lawson Foundation (National: London, ON)

The Foundation focuses its granting making to enrich the development of very young children, their families and caregivers and to prevent diabetes and improve health care for those with diabetes.

Leonard Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

The foundation is a financial assistance program for students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in a Canadian university or affiliated college.

Lethbridge Community Foundation (Lethbridge, AB)

For 30 years, this foundation has been building and endowment fund and offering grants to community groups in the Lethbridge area.

Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF)

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the grantmaking arm of Lions Clubs International (LCI). The foundation’s mission is to support the efforts of Lions clubs around the world in serving their local and global communities by funding humanitarian service projects.

The Lobstick Foundation (Regional: British Columbia)

The Lobstick Foundation provides funding to assist girls and women who need a helping hand to reach their educational and career goals.

Local Investment Toward Employment (LITE) (Local: Winnipeg, MB)

Local Investment Toward Employment (LITE) is a nonprofit granting organization that supports community economic development (CED) initiatives that build capacity and provide jobs in Winnipeg’s inner city.

London (ON) Community Foundation (London, ON)

Makes grants to organizations in London, and Middlesex, Elgin and Oxford counties, to enhance the quality of life. It solicits and accepts charitable gifts for the purpose of establishing and building permanent endowment funds.

Lupina Foundation (Toronto, ON)

A private, charitable foundation established in April 2000 to support research and innovation related to health and society issues.

Lymphoma Foundation of Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

The foundation supports lymphoma research and promotes education and awareness about this disease.

Marigold Foundation (National: Calgary, AB)

The Marigold Foundation is a Canadian, private foundation that supports new and innovative approaches to solving problems at the root level, whether in public policy or biomedical research.

Masonic Foundation of Ontario (Hamilton, ON)

The Foundation is committed to funding bursaries, hearing research, drug and substance abuse education in the school systems, and other specific and community projects which fall within its guidelines.

Maytree Foundation

A Canadian charitable foundation established in 1982, Maytree is active in funding projects that address wealth disparity and migration.

MAZON Canada

MAZON Canada allocates funds twice a year to agencies across Canada that fight hunger on the front lines. Since 1986, MAZON has allocated about $7,000,000 dollars to hunger programs across the country.

J.W. McConnell Family Foundation (National: Montreal, QC)

The foundation is a private family foundation that funds initiatives of national significance which address challenges for Canadian society by engaging people, by building resilient communities, and by developing a strong knowledge base for the work that the foundation supports.

James S. McDonnell Foundation (International: Saint Louis , MO)

Founded in 1950 by aerospace pioneer James S. McDonnell, the foundation was established to “improve the quality of life,” and does so by contributing to the generation of new knowledge by supporting research and scholarship. The foundation awards grants via the foundation-initiated, peer-reviewed proposal processes described in the 21st Century Science Initiative.

F.A. McGrand Trust (Regional: Atlantic Canada)

The Frederic A. McGrand Trust is a capital fund established by the late Senator F. A. McGrand in support of animal welfare organizations in Atlantic Canada. Grants from this trust, which is administered by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, are awarded every year to animal welfare organizations in Atlantic Canada for humane education projects.

McLean Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

The foundation makes grants in a wide range of areas, including arts, conservation, education, health and welfare. It maintains a flexible policy, with particular emphasis on projects showing promise of general social benefit but which may initially lack broad public appeal.

T.R. Meighen Family Foundation (Regional)

The T.R. Meighen Family Foundation aims to encourage strategic and creative initiatives benefiting youth at risk in the province of New Brunswick, southern Ontario, and the Montreal area.

Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia (Regional: Dartmouth, NS)

The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia grants funds that enhance the services provided by the Capital District Mental Health Program (CDMHP). CDMHP Grants are for projects that typically would not receive funding from capital or operating budgets.The organization also administers a Provincial Grants Program to support individuals and organizations to undertake programs or services that will benefit the mental health of individuals throughout Nova Scotia.

Metcalf Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

The foundation focuses on three primary areas: the performing arts, the environment, and social services. However, it does occasionally support organizations with mandates outside of these focus areas.

Mike Weir Foundation (National: Sarnia, ON)

The Mike Weir Foundation is dedicated to advancing the physical, emotional and educational welfare of children in all communities across Canada.

Minor Foundation (International: Norway)

The “Minor Foundation for Major Challenges” is a nonprofit foundation that gives financial support to projects aimed at limiting human-created, global climate problems. Any project with an objective to influence public opinion and change attitudes towards these problems is eligible for support. The foundation welcomes innovative and untraditional projects.

Muttart Foundation (The) (Edmonton, AB)

The foundation considers applications from registered charitable organizations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Foundation’s funding guidelines are focused on two main areas: Early Childhood Development and Strengthening the Charitable Sector.

Nanaimo Community Foundation (Nanaimo, BC)

With hopes of assisting in the positive development of the local community, the Nanaimo Community Foundation has set the following goals: to develop awareness, respect and appreciation of the arts; to support initiatives within Nanaimo that promote full access to services for children and their families; to assist in making the lifelong learning experience positive, accessible, exciting and practical; to promote health enhancing attitudes and behaviours in young people.

Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

The council’s purpose is to foster the arts of the province by operating financial assistance programmes; providing services and resources; and by working with government and the community for development in the arts.

Niagara Community Foundation (Regional: St. Catharines, ON)

The foundation serves the people of the Niagara Peninsula by building permanently endowed charitable funds for the changing needs and opportunities of the community, making grants, and providing leadership that contributes to the health and vitality of the community.

Nickle Family Foundation (Calgary, AB)

The foundation’s goal is to strengthen the community by funding non-profit organizations in Alberta which excel at serving important community needs. Funding priorities change over time in response to the Directors’ perceptions of need within the community. The foundation funds broadly across the sectors of social services, culture, education and health. In recent years social services has been a strong focus.

Ontario Arts Council (Ontario: Toronto, ON)

OACF is a public charitable foundation established in 1991 to encourage and facilitate private giving to the arts. The OACF works closely with donors to establish endowments, to create awards, grants and scholarships, to develop selection criteria, and to set up qualified, respected selection panels.

Ontario Arts Foundation (Ontario: Toronto, ON)

The foundation holds over 270 endowments established by individuals, foundations, corporations and arts organizations. It has assets of more than $40 million and disburses over $2 million in support of the arts in Ontario each year.

Ontario HIV Treatment Network

Supports advances in treatment of HIV and AIDS by funding research, developing clinical software, and creating a world-leading observational database. It is funded by Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and serves people living with HIV, clinicians, AIDS service organizations, researchers, and government.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation funds Ontario-based grants in the fields of prevention, rehabilitation and biomedical research of spinal cord and brain injuries.

Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) (Ontario: Toronto, ON)

The OTF is an agency of the Government of Ontario. The foundation builds healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by strengthening the capacity of not-for-profit and charitable organizations through investments in community-based initiatives. OTF welcomes applications in four sectors – arts and culture, the environment, human and social services and sports and recreation.

Ottawa Community Foundation (Local: Ottawa, ON)

The Ottawa Community Foundation (OCF) is a public, non-profit organization created by and for the people of Ottawa. Connecting people who care with causes that matter since 1987, the Foundation works with the community as a trusted partner to fulfill impact philanthropy and bring about positive, systemic and sustainable change in our city, regionally, nationally and beyond.

OutCare Foundation (Ontario: Ottawa, ON)

The OutCare Foundation is the only organization in Ontario to focus exclusively on providing funding and awareness for out-of-hospital health care programs, with emphasis on hospice palliative care. We rely solely on private donations to support the crucial programs that we fund.

Palix Foundation (Regional: Calgary, AB)

The Palix Foundation is a private foundation in Alberta working in the areas of childhood development, addiction, and mental health.

Paloma Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON)

This private charitable foundation funds nonprofit work in Toronto addressing women’s and children’s health and education issues, as well as those assisting the homeless.

Parks Foundation Calgary (Local: Calgary, AB)

The mission of the Parks Foundation Calgary is to enhance the quality of life of all Calgarians through the development of parks, preservation of river valleys, and support of amateur sport.

Parksville-Qualicum Community Foundation (Regional: Qualicum Beach, BC)

A permanent collection of endowed funds for the long term benefit of the community. The foundation supports a broad range of charitable activities that address the emerging and changing community needs and opportunities, through local charitable organizations.

Paterson Foundation (Regional: Thunder Bay, ON)

Grants are made to charitable, nonprofit organizations with the major emphasis on projects and programs in the areas of education, health care, religion, social welfare, and the arts. The foundation’s prime areas of interest are Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwestern Ontario.

Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada (National)

The Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada (PFC) is Canada’s only registered charity dedicated to the funding of physiotherapy research. PFC-funded research creates knowledge that improves the practice of physiotherapy, helping physiotherapists better assess, treat, and educate their patients, which ultimately allows Canadians to experience a better quality of life.

Port Moody Foundation (Local: Port Moody, BC)

The Port Moody Foundation builds endowments in partnership with the community to preserve and enhance the quality of life today and in the future for residents of Port Moody. Through the growth of endowment funds, they award grants to local charitable organizations in support of cultural, environmental, ecological, and recreational activities within the Port Moody.

Prairieaction Foundation (Regional: Calgary, AB)

Under its CARE Grant Program, the Foundation funds community-based organizations in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan to do research into solutions to violence and abuse. An annual call for letters of intent is done each January.

Prince George Community Foundation (Regional: Prince George, BC)

The foundation administers a permanent fund built and continually increased by donations from individuals and corporations. It funds a wide range of community projects.

Project Change Foundation (National)

The Project Change Foundation is a Canadian charitable foundation that supports positive change in communities across our country. We do this by providing small grants and other support to new or emerging charities with a clear vision for improving their communities or the environment.

Quesnel Community Foundation (Regional: Quesnel, BC)

The Quesnel Community Foundation supports a wide range of projects that are of demonstrated benefit to area residents. Funded activities provide a direct service to the community, or take an innovative approach to addressing changing needs and concerns within the North Cariboo region.

Rare Disease Foundation (National: Vancouver, BC)

This organization is comprised of researchers, caregivers, and families, working together to find solutions for children and families affected by rare disease. The foundation also offers a micro-grant program.

Jesse and Julie Rasch Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

The foundation seeks to achieve enduring change that will improve the quality of life for future generations. Of particular interest are charitable opportunities that address needs in the following areas: education, health and life science, environment, animal welfare, social entrepreneurship, and Jewish programs.

Real Estate Foundation of BC (Provincial: Vancouver, BC)

The Foundation’s mission is to use its resources for the benefit of British Columbians by supporting efforts that improve all aspects of land use and real estate practices. The Real Estate Foundation provides both project funding and endowment grants to nonprofit organizations.

Registered Nurses Foundation of British Columbia (Regional: Vancouver, BC)

The Registered Nurses Foundation (RNF) is a registered, charitable organization that raises money for bursaries for students enrolled in basic, post-basic, refresher, specialty, and graduate education programs in nursing, or involved in nursing research in their education.

Richard Ivey Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

The Foundation supports projects and organizations in Ontario or national projects that include Ontario. It does not fund projects occurring in other regions of the country or outside Canada. Guidelines vary with each of the granting programs: biodiversity in forest- dominated ecosystems; information technology in health care; general program.

Rick Hansen Institute, The (Vancouver, BC)

Works to find a cure for paralysis and to improve the lives of people with disabilities. The Institute also awards millions of dollars in research and rehabilitation grants.

Roasters Foundation (National: Montreal, QC)

Works to fund projects that benefit children, particularly in the areas of healthcare, education, and social programs.

Rotary Club of Etobicoke (Local: Etobicoke, ON)

The Rotary Club of Etobicoke gives away $250,000 or more in grants each year. For local projects, organizations should visit the website and click the “Request a Donation from Our Club” link. This will take them to an online donation request form. Local projects should have an impact within the Etobicoke (west end of Toronto) area. For international projects, organizations can contact the Club President or the Director of International Service directly. Contact information is available on the club website.

Rotary Foundation (International: Evanston, IL)

A not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs.

RCMP Foundation (formerly knows as the Mounted Police Foundation) (National: Ottawa, ON)

By investing in community and youth development the MPF helps support RCMP community policing. It funds youth-based community groups in their efforts to support community policing and instilling national pride, ultimately creating safer communities.

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation (National)

This foundation annually awards $1000 scholarships to serving Royal Canadian Sea Cadets entering a university or community college course leading to a degree or diploma.

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

Dedicated to providing funding and support to shelters for abused women and their children. Operates local programs as well as national initiatives.

Rozsa Foundation (Local: Calgary, AB)

The foundation supports Calgary-based registered charitable arts organizations in the areas of performing arts, literary and visual arts, and festivals.

Ken and Debbie Rubin Public Interest Advocacy Fund (National: Ottawa, ON)

The Ken and Debbie Rubin Public Interest Advocacy Fund provides small grants to novel action projects within Canada that might not otherwise be funded. The Fund was set up in 1999 as an advised fund within the Ottawa Community Foundation. Applications will be considered, but are not limited to, the following areas: social justice projects; consumer and environmental health and safety issues; freedom of information and privacy rights; food safety and sustainable food production; civil liberties issues; public interest investigations; public interest research training; and innovative youth community projects.

Saint John Foundation (Saint John, NB)

The foundation was established to provide a way for people to make gifts to the community that will continue to be beneficial into the future, regardless of changing social conditions.

Salamander Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

The Salamander Foundation currently has two areas of interest: arts and culture, and environmental health. The foundation’s purpose is to recognize the forms, functions and interactions of natural systems and to promote continuity and discovery in the arts and in culture.

Salt Spring Island Foundation (Regional: Salt Spring Island, BC)

The Salt Spring Island Foundation is a community foundation whose purpose is to enhance the quality of life in our island community. It does this by providing grants to support a wide range of the island’s registered charitable organizations.

Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation (Regional: Regina, SK)

The foundation’s principal mandate is to provide financial support to heritage projects at the provincial and community level that seek to conserve, research, interpret, develop, and promote Saskatchewan’s diverse heritage resources.

S’Cool Life Fund (National)

The S’Cool Life Fund provides funding to Canadian nonprofit elementary schools to support DREAMS — drama, recreation, extra-curricular, arts, music, or sports. S’Cool does not look to fund core academic subjects, but instead those areas that fall outside of the core curriculum but are no less important for a child’s development.

Carolyn Sifton Foundation (Regional: Toronto, ON)

In keeping with Carolyn Sifton’s love of and concern for the welfare of children, the foundation’s main granting program focuses on youth at risk. The foundation will support projects in healthcare, education, social services, and art and culture designed to assist young people who do not have the same opportunities due to social or economic circumstances, as other youth, to develop to their fullest potential. Grants are awarded to organizations in Toronto and Brockville, ON, as well as Winnipeg, MB.

Thomas Sill Foundation (Regional: Winnipeg, MB)

The Thomas Sill Foundation exists to provide encouragement and financial assistance to qualifying organizations operating in Manitoba that are working to advance the quality of life in the province.

J.R. Smallwood Foundation for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (Regional: St. John’s, NL)

Promotes and supports research in the areas of the humanities and social sciences through projects that contribute substantively to the knowledge of Newfoundland and Labrador.

SOCAN Foundation (National: Don Mills, ON)

An independent organization guided by a board which consists of composers, songwriters and music publishers. The SOCAN Foundation is dedicated to fostering musical creativity and promoting a better understanding of the role of these creators in today’s society. It also administers for SOCAN its granting programs which are aimed at encouraging performance opportunities for Canadian music creators.

The Society for Canadian Studies & Youth Enrichment (Regional: Calgary, AB)

The Society for Canadian Studies and Youth Enrichment (SCSYE) is a nonprofit society that provides funding for programs promoting and supporting initiatives that encourage youth aged 12-21 to become more involved in discovering Canada. Funding is available primarily to groups within Alberta.

Spark Community Advocacy Fund (Regional: Ontario)

To support local community action, the Spark Community Advocacy Fund provides financial support to groups to advocate for and implement increased opportunities for physical activity and ensure better access to nutritious foods for children. The fund is a grants competition that awards up to $25,000 with the goal of igniting and empowering change within Ontario’s diverse communities.

Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation (Regional: Prince George, BC)

Our Mission is to nurture our trusted relationships with our generous donors, healthcare and community partners, and champion exceptional health outcomes for Northern BC.

Sprott Foundation (National: Oakville, ON)

The Sprott Foundation is dedicated to addressing urgent human need, homelessness and hunger in Canada and worldwide. The foundation concentrates on “focused giving”, offering support to well-defined projects in its specific area of interest and taking a pro-active approach in interacting closely with the grant recipients.

St. Albert Community Foundation (Regional: St. Albert, AB)

This foundation supports charitable organizations working in the St. Albert community. Their funding priorities include programs for youth, social services, arts and culture, recreation, and programs for seniors.

Belinda Stronach Foundation (International: Toronto, ON)

In partnership with individuals, other foundations, non-governmental organizations and businesses small and large, The Belinda Stronach Foundation works to confront challenges and create opportunities in three major areas: girls and young women, Aboriginal youth, and global initiatives.

Sunshine Coast Community Foundation (SCCF) (Local: Sechelt, BC)

SCCF provides support to charitable organizations from Port Mellon to Egmont by creating endowments started by individuals, families, businesses and groups and investing the pooled funds. The earnings generated are used for making strategic grants and inspiring community leadership.

Sussex Area Community Foundation (Local: Sussex, NB)

The Sussex and Area Community Foundation is a locally run public foundation governed by a board of volunteers. They work to build and manage endowment funds that support local charities and community priorities.

Terry Fox Foundation, The (National: Toronto, ON)

Since 1980, when Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope, The Terry Fox Run has raised over $250 million for cancer research. Terry Fox specifically requested that all monies raised in his name be used for innovative cancer research projects, ones that may not be regularly funded by the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC).

Thompson Community Foundation (Local: Thompson, MB)

The mission of the Thompson Community Foundation is to create a growing investment pool of capital resources and use revenue earned by the capital pool to benefit the community of Thompson. The mission is specifically focused upon long-term improvements and support for projects contributing in the areas of health, education, recreation, culture, art and the general well-being of the community of Thompson.

Tides Canada Foundation (National: Vancouver, BC/Toronto, ON)

Grantseekers should note that unlike most foundations, Tides Canada does not have an endowment. Rather, all foundation grants will be made on the recommendation of our donor clients, through their donor advised funds. Tides Canada Foundation is not in a position to receive letters of inquiry at this time.

Toronto Arts Council Foundation (Toronto, ON)

TACF was established in July, 1995, as a Toronto-based repository for legacies and other gifts from individuals, families, corporations and trusts that wish to support the arts in Toronto. It encourages partnerships between public and private sectors and supports artists and arts organizations seeking innovative arts initiatives across all disciplines.

Toskan Casale Foundation (Toronto, ON)

This organization is committed to supporting and strengthening community-based grassroots organizations that, through their social programs, reach out to at-risk people and provide them with immediate relief and long-term stability.

Tree Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

Tree Canada provides education, technical assistance, resources and financial support to encourage Canadians and Canadian municipalities to plant and care for trees in rural and urban areas. Programs include the Greening Canada’s Schools funding stream.

Trudeau Foundation (National: Montreal, QC)

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation invests in people and ideas. It offers a neutral meeting ground to contemplate and address the major issues affecting our society and our future through research, learning, scholarship and debate.

United Church of Canada Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

This foundation considers grants to projects that will benefit The United Church of Canada as a whole, or a broad constituency within The United Church of Canada (or a partner organization), will continue to have an impact after the grant is expended, and will strengthen the capacity of organizations that further the work of The United Church of Canada.

United Way of the Fraser Valley (Local: Abbotsford, BC)

United Way provides essential social service grants to agencies to ensure that there is a strong safety net of services available to individuals in need throughout the community. They also offer impact grants to programs that help children age 0 – 6 succeed, as well as those that work to reduce poverty, and those that address homelessness and affordable housing.

Vancouver Foundation (British Columbia: Vancouver, BC)

This is Canada’s largest community foundation. They work with donors to support a wide range of community projects in: arts, animal welfare, education, environment, homelessness, children, youth, health, social development, and disabilities. The foundation holds over 1200 endowment funds.

Vancouver Heritage Foundation (Local: Vancouver, BC)

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation is a registered charity supporting the conservation of heritage buildings and structures in recognition of their contribution to the city’s economy, sustainability and culture. The foundation provides economic incentive to heritage building owners for the maintenance and restoration of their buildings.

Victoria Foundation (Local: Victoria, BC)

The foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in southern Vancouver Island through the creation and management of funds gifted in perpetuity, and the distribution of their earnings for charitable purposes including social services, culture, health and education.

Vittoria & District Foundation (Vittoria, ON)

The foundation aims to provide assistance, support and encouragement to facilities and activities which benefit the community, foster a sense of community pride and civic satisfaction, promote the advancement of education, and assist with the continuation and expansion of a heritage program of research, compilation, cataloguing and archiving of local history resources.

West Vancouver Community Foundation (Local: West Vancouver, BC)

The West Vancouver Community Foundation is a reflection of the great value that individuals, families, and businesses place on West Vancouver, its heritage, its people and its communities. Since 1979, when the Foundation was established, donors have helped create a charitable endowment of over $10 million, the income from which supports non-profit organizations, community projects, and scholarships, today and into the future.

Hilary M. Weston Foundation for Youth (Ontario: Toronto, ON)

The Honourable Hilary M. Weston, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, donates her annual, federally paid salary as Lieutenant Governor to this foundation to support youth-related initiatives. The Foundation funds projects and organizations on a self-initiated basis. Some of these donations are directed towards street youth, the homeless and those organizations who serve young people most in need of help from others.

W. Garfield Weston Foundation (National: Toronto, ON)

A Canadian charitable foundation committed to making grants in Canada for the benefit of Canadians, the majority of this foundation’s funds are now directed to specific organizations which undertake innovative work in the areas of education and environment. In addition to its principal ongoing commitments, the foundation makes a number of trustee-initiated grants each year.

Wilburforce Foundation (International: Seattle, WA)

This organization is a private, philanthropic foundation that supports efforts to create a network of protected core reserves, corridors, and buffer zones across Western North America that will support ecologically effective landscapes and viable wildlife populations.

Wildlife Habitat Canada (National: Ottawa, ON)

Through a legislative arrangement with Environment Canada, revenues associated with the sale of the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp are forwarded to WHC, which provides funding for wildlife habitat conservation programs across Canada. Since the grant program’s inception in 1985, WHC has contributed more than $50 million in support of hundreds of habitat conservation projects.

WindsorEssex Community Foundation (Local: Windsor, ON)

The WindsorEssex Community Foundation is a perpetual community trust that manages legacy funds, makes grants to support community programs and develops partnerships among community organizations. The foundation is committed to supporting and strengthening the community by inspiring philanthropy.

Winnipeg Foundation (Regional: Winnipeg, MB)

The Winnipeg Foundation, Canada’s first community foundation, is a collection of permanent endowment funds, pooled and invested, with the income distributed as grants to local charitable organizations. The grants support a wide range of community projects-from arts, heritage and education to health, culture, and the environment.

Yellowknife Community Foundation (Local: Yellowknife, NT)

The Yellowknife Community Foundation was formed in 1993 to provide interested individuals and organizations with a means of supporting projects in the community for the enduring future.

Zukerman Family Foundation (Ontario: Toronto, ON)

The foundation was established in 1986 to honour the memory of Barry Zukerman, a successful member of the Canadian financial community. It provides support to a variety of registered charities across the country.