Building resiliency with Monica Bodurka

During this global pandemic, I know you are holding down the fort for your organization, your community, and your family. So, how can we make sure you have all the tools you need to get through these tough times. Part of that answer is resiliency. What is resilience and how can you build resilience in […]

The burnout is real with Sam Laprade

These are scary times. The world is in crisis as we work hard to contain the COVID 19 outbreak and minimize its impact. Our organizations are being challenged in ways we could never imagine. For some of us, our clients are at high risk and we are working around the clock to support them. For […]

Leading for impact with Nouman Ashraf

In our conversation today with Nouman Ashraf, we’ll debunk some myths around what a leader is and how to be a good one. In short – leadership is not a position or title, it’s a way of being and enabling those around you. Anyone can be a good leader. Everyone SHOULD become a good leader. […]

Unlocking the power of design to raise more money with John Lepp

What causes you to open that envelope from a charity? What is going through your mind as you decide to read on? Or make a donation? Wouldn’t it be great if you could unlock some of the secrets that influence your donors behaviours as they think about giving to your organization? Today’s podcast guest is […]

The case for support with Leah Eustace

I know you have a long list of “to-dos” that never seems to end. I can also guess that on that list, somewhere towards the end (and seemingly never moving) is to create a Case for Support for your organization. Well, today you’re in luck because our podcast guest Leah Eustice is a pro when […]

The new workforce with Tamara Balan and Bareera Sial

Guess what – the next generation of workers are not millennials! We’re so past the conversation of millennials in the workplace and now is the time to think about how you’re hiring and engaging the next generation. This new generation values diversity and inclusion, as well as the ability to have an impact. This is […]

The introvert’s survival guide with Trina Isakson

Are you introverted or extroverted? It can sometimes look like the modern work environment is created for extroverts and if you’re introverted, it can feel draining or even exclusionary. Today’s podcast guest, Trina Isakson, spent years working in our sector as an introvert and created the Quiet Changemaker Project – a place for introverted nonprofit […]

Supporting parents in the workplace with Lacey Kempinski

How do you create a thriving nonprofit career while parenting young children at home? And what can nonprofit organizations and employers do to help support parents, as well as others who are caregiving in different capacities? In today’s episode, we’re going to explore these questions. Lacey Kempinski is a certified fundraising executive and a fundraising […]

Working with students with Peter and Catherine from Seneca360

Is it really worth having interns and students? Sometimes it can feel hit or miss making it feel like you’re adding to your workload instead of having a great mentorship experience. In this episode, we’re speaking with Peter and Catherine from Seneca360, a program that matches yourself with a skilled student who can support very […]

Aligning your board with Dr. Pat Bradshaw

We know most small organizations have some struggles with their boards. Or their boards have struggled with their organizations. Or both simultaneously. Today’s podcast features Dr. Patricia Bradshaw, who studies nonprofit boards and shares with you some tools to identify the type of board you have (there are many types) and how you can optimize effectiveness […]