Retain and Gain: How career ownership is transforming nonprofits and charities

On April 30, join us for a free webinar to learn new ways of approaching career management, from an organization and an individual level.  Since CERIC published the *free* playbook Retain and Gain: Career Management for Non-profits and Charities, author Lisa Taylor has worked with nonprofit groups across the country. At every workshop, leadership team strategy […]

Fundraisers are Influencers with a Cause

On May 7, join us for a free webinar to learn about how influencer marketing intersects with your fundraising efforts.   Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years.  This form of engagement is more than prestige, advertising and brand endorsement.  It’s about storytelling, community building and connecting with people in a meaningful way.  In the nonprofit and […]

Equity and Inclusion through Volunteering

On May 14, join us for a free webinar to learn how to increase equity and inclusion through volunteering.   Many organizations and volunteers contribute to raising awareness, improving policies, and implementing strategies to embrace, celebrate and recognize diversity. Defining diversity in its broadest sense, this can include diversity of culture, race, language, gender expression, sexual orientation, […]