The nonprofit community is a major economic force. In Canada, it is estimated that the sector spends about $86 billion each year. CharityVillage® offers several ways to reach that audience:

With our unique, targeted package of specialized news, jobs, information and resources, CharityVillage attracts thousands of regular visitors from all parts of Canada and the United States, and from around the world. CharityVillage® is the best place for you to tell your story, and we provide several great ways for you to do that. 

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Advertise for staff on Canada's favourite job board for changemakers. Find job ad rates here. Click here for testimonials, audience demographics and more. 

Banner Ads

Banner ads are available to suitable advertisers that include the most popular pages at CharityVillage®. We've designed a high-value, cost-effective program based on the current research on banner ad effectiveness. Download our CharityVillage Media Kit for more information. For assistance, please contact MultiView, (972) 402-7070 or

Village Vibes

This weekly eNewsletter is the roundup of what's new in the village. Vibes has developed a loyal audience of more than 70,000 of our most enthusiastic and engaged community members. You can focus your message on these movers and shakers with short ads in Vibes (view our media kit). For assistance, please contact MultiView, (972) 402-7070 or