CharityVillage under a microscope

For more than 20 years, we've been courting your next great team members. Want to be introduced? Advertise your nonprofit organization's job openings on CharityVillage.

We have deep sector experience and exposure. We are here to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment efforts.

How many nonprofit jobs have we advertised?

Each month, we post more than 1,000 Canadian nonprofit jobs on CharityVillage. Canadian nonprofit organizations have trusted us to help them recruit for more than 160,000 nonprofit jobs! We are honoured to have helped these nonprofit organizations with their recruitment needs and we are grateful for their feedback.

What kind of jobs are posted on CharityVillage?

We post job openings across the sector - including health care, education, community services, professional associations, social justice, research, government, religion, aboriginal services, recreation and more! In fact, we've posted jobs for 42 different sub-sectors within the nonprofit community.

Jobs posted on CharityVillage appeal to candidates with a wide range of skills and experience levels - from entry level to Executive Director level.

Job seekers visiting CharityVillage are a dedicated, tenacious bunch

Each month, CharityVillage is visited an average of 850,000 times, by approximately 400,000 visitors. These visitors look at more than 5 million pages on our site each month. Approximately 70% of the visitors to CharityVillage are repeat visitors, with 50% returning 4 or more times!

Our site attracts active, dedicated job seekers with specific interests and experience in working in the nonprofit sector. Passive job seekers also make up a significant part of our audience. More than 40,000 people - both active and passive job seekers - subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Further, job postings are often shared among friends and across social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

CharityVillage has more than 150,000 registered website users. More than 18,000 job seekers have current search alerts set up, ensuring that they are notified via email as soon as an appropriate new job is posted on CharityVillage.

CharityVillage is the first stop for dedicated job seekers with specific interest and experience in the nonprofit sector. More than just a job board, we're also an information and community hub for sector professionals. That makes us your best spot for connecting with passive job seekers who might not be exposed to your opening through other channels.

CharityVillage also offers training for nonprofit staff, sector switchers and board members and special tools such as our annual Salary and Compensation Survey report, providing valuable information to both nonprofit organizations and those searching for work.


What do visitors to CharityVillage do on our website?

First and foremost, we are dedicated to posting available jobs in the nonprofit sector. It's no surprise, then, that the JOBS section of our website is the most visited area. 84% of all pageviews are within the JOBS section!

The most visited areas of CharityVillage include:

  1. Jobs (including jobs and career tools and resources)
  2. Directories (including event listings, volunteer opportunities organizations, funding sources, suppliers and special awareness days)
  3. Topics (including news, articles on communications, fundraising, giving, volunteer engagement, giving, human resources, management, special reports and quick guides)
  4. eLearning (CharityVillage offers nearly 20 online training courses for nonprofit candidates, staff and board members.)


CharityVillage is a Professional Tool

Job seekers visit CharityVillage as part of their work in finding organizations with positions matching their skills and interests. Our site traffic patterns match the patterns of professional B2B websites - visits to our site are highest during the traditional work day, Monday through Friday. We are in the business of serving organizations.




(Note that because our site is national, time differences make 'office hours' seem a little longer than is 'normal'. Then again, there is nothing 'normal' about our job seekers - we believe that they are extraordinary, uniquely skilled folk, ready to go above and beyond for your organization!)

How do visitors get to our site?

CharityVillage is well known within the Canadian nonprofit community. We have been the leading career resource centre for the nonprofit sector for more than 20 years. That said, we are always actively marketing CharityVillage, both online and in our offline networks. 

Our site visitors come from a wide variety of sources including search engines, referrals from other websites. Of course, many of our website visitors come to CharityVillage directly - either by entering the address in their browser or via bookmarks.


We'd love to help you find your next great employee. If you have any questions about placing a job ad for your nonprofit organization, please contact us. Our territory managers are located across Canada and would be happy to help you.