Better Board Kit

Do you feel that your board of directors is good but not great? That you could be moving your organization forward more effectively? That, somehow, there's got to be a better way of getting things done? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then The Better Board Kit is here to help your board become more cohesive and more effective.

The Better Board Kit is a 3-step process to help your organization's board members ensure that they know their responsibilities, are prepared to act on them, and that your board works as a team to help accomplish the organization's goals.

Step 1: Course

Each member of your board of directors takes the Boards That Work course online at their own pace.

Step 2: Board Self-Evaluation Survey

Each board member completes an anonymous, online Board Self-Evaluation Survey about their experience on the board to date. Surface issues and ideas for improvement in a way that allows for frank and open feedback about a range of key board issues. The survey covers detailed questions about board effectiveness in numerous areas: policy, fiduciary responsibilities, the board's relationship with the executive director, fundraising, board self-management, board members, board meetings, and committee and task force work.

Step 3: Survey Report and Board Planning Session

Using the self-evaluation survey results, guide your board through a planning session that highlights the areas where you are already successful as a team, and discuss the areas of opportunity for improvement.

The Better Board Kit includes a step-by-step facilitation guide to walk you through the whole process, including sample letters to send your board, sample survey results and a planning guide to facilitate your individual board planning session.


$895 + Tax

This price includes:

  • Up to 10 copies of the Boards That Work course
  • Board self-evaluation survey and survey results
  • Facilitator's guide for your board planning session

Please Note: If you need more or less than 10 copies of the Boards That Work course, the price of the Better Board Kit will be adjusted accordingly.

Boards That Work

The Boards That Work course covers the following key learning objectives:

  • Explain what a board is and why we have them.
  • List the 3 duties, 4 roles and 10 responsibilities of boards.
  • Clarify the relationship between the board and the chief executive.
  • Distinguish when to create a committee and when to use a task force.
  • Describe the board’s role in fund development.
  • Communicate leading effective board practices.

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