Government Funding for Hiring and Training Staff


Original broadcast date: Thursday, February 7, 2019

Summary: Is your nonprofit organization leveraging government grants? Government funding programs can help support nonprofit projects and initiatives, including hiring and training team members, and completing community-based projects. In this webinar, Brenda Cane Blackwell, Business Development Executive at Mentor Works Ltd. explains the top factors to consider when developing a funding plan, including which programs to focus on, their eligibility criteria, and how timelines affect funding applications. This recorded webinar will help you better understand the government funding landscape and build a plan to use them effectively. Please note: This webinar recording is no longer available.

To be successful with funding, charities and nonprofits must be registered and financially stable, proficiently plan and manage projects, and meet other project-related criteria. Those who are a good fit for funding should contact Mentor Works to learn how to optimize the application process.

Additional Funding Resources

How to Recruit Top Talent: Where does your organization advertise job postings when it comes time to find a new team member? There are advantages to all leading job boards; this slide deck examines several top sites based on audience, cost, and employer branding features.

Navigating the Government Funding Cycle: Ready to apply for funding, but not sure the best option for researching, writing, and submitting your application? This slide deck looks at the top five methods of developing a successful application, from in-house application to receiving comprehensive support.

Weekly Government Funding Updates: Stay up-to-date with government funding news, including program launches, application deadlines, funding success stories, and government funding events. Mentor Works’ newsletter provides you a direct link to funding opportunities every Monday morning.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant: More information on eligibility, how to apply and applying for funding as a consortium. Additional information can be found here.

About Mentor Works

Mentor Works is a management consulting firm specializing in Canadian government funding. Supporting over 75 of the top Canadian government funding programs, they educate Canadian businesses on the available incentives while helping them build and execute funding plans. Mentor Works will match funding with their clients’ unique strategic initiatives and expenditures while walking them through the application process.

Brenda Cane Blackwell helps guide the strategic positioning of Canadian SMEs seeking market growth, enterprise digitization, and workforce development. With graduate degrees in Marketing and Business Communications, New Media Management, and Adult Education, she brings a wealth of academic and applied knowledge to the Mentor Works team. As a former member of the Team Canada Trade Mission, she has a critical understanding of how Canadian companies can develop brands for international audiences. Brenda is respected for her boundless energy and deep impact relationships. She enjoys an active life with her family, including open water swimming, cycling, travel and water colour painting.

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