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Congratulations to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, the winner of CharityVillage®’s first Buzzie Award for Best Charity Campaign Video.

Their video, For My Wife, a half-minute promotional spot for the 2011 inaugural edition of Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, garnered the most popular support over the course of Buzzie week, netting more than 500 'likes' on our Facebook Page by end of day Friday.



We’d also like to honourably mention the outstanding performances of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Make Death Wait (with 301 'likes') and The Winnipeg Humane Society’s Midnight Kitty Madness (with 212 'likes'). While they’re miles apart in tone and style, their strong showing during Buzzie Week show that there isn’t one formula to making an effective campaign video that resonates with an audience.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Death Loves Women. Make Death Wait

How we selected the videos for the inaugural run of the Buzzie Awards

A few people have asked us how we went about selecting the nominees for this inaugural run of the Buzzie Awards. Here’s the inside scoop: The idea for the Buzzies came about in an editorial planning meeting earlier this month and as the entire idea was still very nascent and experimental, we opted to have our Editorial Team conduct a search for potential videos to feature that fit the following broad criteria:

  1. Published in the last 12 months
  2. Available on YouTube
  3. Under two minutes in length
  4. Produced by or for a Canadian nonprofit organization or charity

We established a long list (of nearly 50 individual videos) and then members of the editorial team each created personal short lists of videos that they felt were representative of the breadth and depth of the sector, with messages that were insightful, imaginative and inspiring. The lists were compared and whittled down to the ten featured nominees.

What’s next for the Buzzies?

Truth be told, we did not anticipate that the story and the idea of the Buzzies would be so well received. There's been a lot of buzz around the story over the past week, so we've decided that we’ll run the Buzzies again in early 2013 and that for next year and beyond we’ll issue an open call for nominations and form an external selection committee to review and select the shortlist of nominees.

Thanks so much for your participation!


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