Under the radar: Great social good websites you may not have heard of — yet

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Last month I gave you an insider's guide to online resources specifically for nonprofit professionals who are new to the sector or to using social media. As a follow up, this month I'm sharing some blogs and websites.

You've probably already discovered how easy it is to find websites about social media marketing or nonprofit technology. You're likely familiar with great resources like NTEN or Socialbrite.

A cursory Google search will return many lists ranking the most popular thought-leaders from the sector. Rather than retread the better-known sites, here are some of my favourite useful resources that sometimes fly under most people’s radars.


Every nonprofit professional with any interest in digital communications, marketing or fundraising (whether social or not) should regularly review Osocio.org. It's the freshest source for the latest and most innovative in international cause-related marketing.


Wondering if somebody has already run an online fundraising campaign similar to something you're planning? Browse through the multiple case studies at the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation & Inspiration (SOFII) and learn from detailed examinations of integrated campaigns. SOFII might just be the sector's best kept secret.

Social Media Governance Policies Database

Worried about creating social media guidelines for your organization? You don't have to reinvent the wheel! Explore the Social Media Policies Database, featuring documents from the American Red Cross, Easter Seals, governments, universities, the military and more. Learn how to design employee and volunteer guidelines relating to social media by modifying some of these resources for your own use.


For those that work in international development, DEVEX is a source of news, buzz, gossip, career talk and job postings related to the sector. Membership is required for some services, but the newswire and article sections are available to everyone.

The Guardian

The Guardian Online has dedicated Global Development and Voluntary Sector sections complete with regular newsletters and vibrant Twitter feeds. These are must-read resources for nonprofit professionals, even if you're not in the UK or Europe.

Personalities and bloggers

If you work in health or medicine, consider bookmarking Health is Social, a blog examining the role of digital media in healthcare, written by registered nurse Phil Baumann.

Educators and advancement professionals will want to keep an eye on Kirsten Winkler. She's "on a mission to disrupt and shape education" as she blogs about the impact of technology on the education sector.

Longtime blogger Jeff Brooks, of Future Fundraising Now, is always an entertaining read. Count on Jeff to keep it real, particularly when it comes to social media.

If information access or building knowledge communities is relevant to your cause, be sure to follow Michael Stephens at TameTheWeb.com. His blog examines the relationships between technology, libraries and people.

Other sector news for you to peruse

Other news outlets that write about technology in the nonprofit sector include The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Nonprofit Quarterly, Corporate Knights Magazine, TechSoup Global's blog, ThirdSector.co.uk, and GOOD Magazine.

Follow them in Google Reader, by RSS or on Facebook and Twitter.

How to add a website to Google Reader

Google Reader is an easy way to keep up with your favourite websites. If your list of bookmarks is getting out of control, you might benefit from using this free tool.

If you haven't already, you'll need to create an account with Google. Follow the registration steps on the Google website to sign up. After you've logged into your account, you'll see Reader as an option under "More" on your navigation bar.

To keep track of your favourite blogs, choose "Add a Subscription" and enter the address or RSS feed of a site you'd like to follow.

Updates to these sites will be added inside Google Reader. This is a handy way for you to triage the content you'd like to read or would prefer to skip past; especially on sites that are frequently updated.

You can always go directly to Google Reader by bookmarking this link.

Claire Kerr is the director of digital philanthropy at Artez Interactive. A nonprofit veteran, Claire has worked for charitable organizations in the economic development, education, and fundraising sectors. Connect with her on Twitter or on LinkedIn, or in person over a double-double at Tim Hortons.

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