Volunteer Engagement Week Live Chats with Volunteer Canada

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CharityVillage partnered with Volunteer Canada to present this year's Volunteer Engagement Week. As part of Volunteer Engagement Week, we hosted a trio of hour-long CharityVillage LIVE Conversations on different aspects of volunteer engagement.

Conversation 1: Bridging the Gap
How does your organization engage with volunteers who are boomers? New Canadians? Or young people? This conversation includes practical tips and advice for nonprofits and charities to reach out to and engage potential volunteers from the identified demographic groups.

Conversation 2: Volunteer Screening
What's the most effective way to screen volunteers for your organization? Do you need everyone to submit a police records check? What kind of questions should you ask volunteers who will be working with vulnerable populations? Answers to these questions and more were discussed in this conversation on volunteer screening.

Conversation 3: Volunteer Recognition
What's the best way to recognize and celebrate volunteers? Learn from other organizations that have implemented innovative (and inexpensive) ways to recognize and celebrate the contributions of volunteers.

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