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Since 1995, Canada's charities and nonprofits have trusted us to help recruit for more than 160,000 staff openings and RFPs.

Today, we're the leading Canadian job site for nonprofit professionals from executives to entry level positions, and across all sectors, from arts and education to social services and the environment.

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Approximately 400,000 unique visitors come to CharityVillage each month in search of new opportunities.

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Features CharityVillage
CV IQ Talent Manager
Cost $287 $385*
Days displayed online 60 30
No expiry on credits Check mark No
Specialize in Canada's nonprofit sector Check mark No
One-on-one client support to make sure your listing sings Check mark No
Sector-specific position types Check mark No
Online applicant tracking system for more efficient organization Check mark No
Efficient communication with candidates from one central location Check mark No
100% Canadian Check mark No

* LinkedIn price is based on a Toronto location

What our clients say - testimonials from our advertisers

"CharityVillage is extremely helpful when it comes to posting a job. CharityVillage saves so much time when it comes to recruiting people. It is dead-on. I recommended a potential candidate that I thought would be perfect. She took the test. It came out at 67! When I interviewed her, she was the wrong person for the right job. CharityVillage saved us both time and frustration of trying to put a round peg in a square hole! I recommend CharityVillage all the time to people who have to hire staff. I am planning to post 2 new positions within the next few days. How's that for a testimonial?"

- Eliza Olson from Burns Bog Conservation Society

"By using the talent management system, it saved us time and money! We received a smaller number of highly qualified applicants, which made our review and interviewing process more streamlined. Through CharityVillage, we have found high quality, amazing staff for our growing organization."

- Susan Sweetman from Children's Mental Health Services

"When posting job openings I always use CharityVillage Talent Manager. The service is easy to use and allows me to organize candidates' profiles in a coherent, logical way, all of which saves me precious time."

- Wayne Cochrane from First Book Canada

"Thank you very much, and I must tell you this is by far the most user-friendly site I have used to post positions."

- Amanda Curtis, Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO)

"Although initially daunting to a first-time user, the friendly and knowledgeable staff kindly called to assist me with setting up Talent Manager, making suggestions that were very helpful in the final selection of our prospective candidates."

- Kathleen Ancker, Catholic Missions In Canada

"I am really grateful for all of your help today. I often work with Stephanie too, and she has always been a great help. I really appreciate all the time you've given me. I work with many small associations and post recruitment ads on LinkedIn as well and, even though I will often get 4x the applicants from that site, 9/10 times the successful incumbent is one from CV. I just feel CV really speaks to a specific audience and I love that."

- Shannon Okun, Imagine HR

"CharityVillage's Talent Manager is a much welcomed tool. Listing job postings has never been easier. I especially appreciate how easy it is to access and organize potential candidates' profiles."

- Wayne Cochrane, First Book Canada

"Posting was simple, straightforward, well guided and took minimal time. Help was readily available, before and after the posting process. It was a very good experience."

- Eve Leyerle, The Toronto School of Theology

"CharityVillage is the best site to for recruiting qualified staff for our agency. The staff are always very responsive if I have any questions and provide timely, helpful support. I highly recommend using CharityVillage!"

- Kathryn Rock, Key Assets Canada Ltd.

"The posting process was extremely straightforward and user friendly. The dashboard is clean and easy to use and pricing terms were up front so there was no question about what we were getting for the option we chose."

- Michelle Chopin, Vancouver Firefighter Charities

"We are thankful to CharityVillage. We had excellent candidates for a position beginning in January 2016. Our new employee is a valuable part of out team!"

- Barbara Skinner, Medical Ministry International Canada

"This system is very helpful for small not-for-profits who do not have in-house HR support. The time saved by not having to review, sort and track applicants is greatly appreciated."

- Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

"Prompt service and excellent results. Very pleased with immediate results and more qualified applicants."

- S.B., John Howard Society of Niagara

"I was a little skeptical when I heard about the applicant tracking system, I was worried that this would end up being more work than a simple resume emailed to me, which is normally the process I would use. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The Applicant Tracking System allows for a seamless screening process which allowed me to track, rate and share my work with colleagues. This efficient system made the daunting task of screening hundreds of resumes simple, quick and dare I say it, even enjoyable!”

- Michelle Pandith, The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW)

"The Charity Village staff are extremely helpful and pleasant. The posting process was easy and we are getting very well-qualified applicants.”

- Susan Murray, Evangel Hall Mission

"The new Talent Predictor system worked really well for our organization. It help to narrow down the top candidates with the appropriate skills to do the job. The tool was able to match the candidates with the criteria we provided, which lead to an easier more timely process for filling the job vacancy.”

- T.E., Mary Centre

"The talent predictor module is very easy to use."

- A.G., Skills for Change

"We posted 16 positions on CharityVillage using Talent Predictor and got well over 1,000 applicants, as expected. If it were not for Talent Predictor, I can accurately say that we would have been interviewing for at least a month and that we would not have likely interviewed the candidates that we did. Instead, it took one week. We chose 30 individuals to interview and selected all of the 16 new employees from the first round of interviews.

"Talent Predictor helped tremendously to narrow the field and also accurately predicted how well the candidates would interview. I wanted to let you know how well it worked and to express my deep gratitude for being able to enjoy an experience that could have been a complete nightmare."

- Theresa McLeod-Treadwell, Belinda’s Place

"This is the first time I have used CharityVillage in a long time and I was very impressed with the high level of customer service that was provided to me. Two of the CharityVillage team members responded to me right away when I had questions and the posting process was made extremely easy with their support!"

- Marybeth Ward, Bethany Lodge

"I thought the posting process was very simple, easy to follow and execute."

- K.M., Warden Woods Community Centre

"It was actually fun creating a Talent Predictor job posting. We thought about the qualifications carefully so that all the skills & experience needed for our particular position were included, and I know it’s going to help us save a ton of time and effort. I am also very happy with the ability to manage applicants from all different sources by using the sharing feature in the system."

- Sue O’Reilly, The Natural Step

"I can tell you I’ve certainly been appreciating the fact that I haven’t had to worry about losing anyone’s application in amongst all my daily email. That was always a concern. And knowing they are there and some initial screening has been done means that I haven’t been tempted to try to cram some screening in as they came in, that I can leave it until a scheduled time set aside specifically for that purpose (which also is more time efficient for me)."

- J.K., Bethesda House

"CharityVillage is our first stop for recruiting top talent. We use CharityVillage for a variety of reasons: recruitment; learning; sharing with the not-for-profit community. ACCES Employment posts all our job openings on CharityVillage and we consistently receive highly-qualified, passionate candidates that meet the needs of our organization.

"Over the years, CharityVillage has connected ACCES Employment with many great people that are now an integral part of our team. We value CharityVillage’s place in building our capacity to serve those who seek our help. CharityVillage shares in our mission of creating a diverse, inclusive community of skilled people.

"Thank you, Charity Village, for being such an asset to the ACCES community."

- HR team at ACCES Employment

"CharityVillage is a good resource for nonprofit organizations and job seekers. Using CharityVillage for posting our job advertisements has several advantages for our organization. It is economical, effective, and convenient. The steps for posting a job are very straightforward. The ability to save on “My Profile” allows for easy access from any location. We would like to thank all CharityVillage staff for their excellent customer service and user-friendly website. Through the CharityVillage website, we have been able to create a pool of resumes as well as qualified applicants."

- HR Assistant, Human Resources and Administration
YWCA Toronto

"We post the majority of our job advertisements on CharityVillage. We’ve found that candidates who have their pulse on the not-for-profit sector use CharityVillage as a ‘go-to’ site when they are job searching. Danielle, our account representative, does an excellent job of ensuring that the job posting process is seamless – the speed and quality of service that she provides is exceptional. Danielle and her colleagues were also able to provide us with a referral for a recruiter in a city where we didn’t have many contacts. I highly recommend CharityVillage to those who are recruiting for the not-for-profit sector!"

- Skai Raamat, HR Business Partner
Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division

"Our organization has found the relationship with to be extremely beneficial for our recruitment needs. We have had great success in finding excellent candidates for our roles and the process could not be easier."

- Jennifer Morocco, Manager
VON, Family Supports Program

"I regularly post our nonprofit job openings on CharityVillage's job board. With your help, we have successfully hired a number of qualified job applicants for various positions within our organization. I have found the staff at CharityVillage to be very professional and always dealt with any question I had very quickly. I will happily recommend the job posting service of Charity Village to colleagues at other organizations."

- E. Leung, Coast Mental Health

"I like the website, it is attractive, easy to navigate through, very informative and offers many useful options."

- Odette Mercille, Responsable des Ressources humaines
Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara, Welland, Ontario

"We have been using CharityVillage for several years now and one of the reasons is it's straight forward process for posting jobs. The process of posting jobs is quick and easy. The preview first is helpful before making it public and it asks the right questions such as “have you put contact information in your posting?” before going ahead. If there has ever been any issues, the telephone customer service that CharityVillage provides has been exemplary. We use the site because it is focused on nonprofit and social service type jobs and volunteer postings. The three biggest benefits to our organization are:

  1. Easy to post jobs
  2. We receive resumes from applicants who have an interest in working in a nonprofit setting
  3. Great customer service and value (coupon package)

I would definitely recommend the site to other organizations looking for qualified candidates."

- Allison, Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon

"The site and the support at Charity Village are second to none. Working in the non-for-profit industry, Charity Villages helps us identify top professionals in a speedy fashion. I would recommend their services to any one looking for recruitment services."

- Ally Shamji, HR Coordinator, Recruitment Services
Kinark Child and Family Services

"When faced with a short time frame and a limited amount of funds to spend on hiring a qualified individual for a position at The Leo Baeck Day School we turned to Charity Village to help us post and get the word out that we were hiring. Within moments of the job description being posted we received numerous qualified individuals interested in discussing the opportunity. Within a week we had set up several interviews and were able to come to a decision. We are thrilled to have found an individual to serve in our Admission department and have Charity Village to thank for guiding us along the way. We had an excellent experience using your site and working with your team. Charity Village was very helpful and an inexpensive way to get our message out there."

- Director of Communications, The Leo Baeck Day School

"I have found my experience with Charity to be economical and effective. Your web site is very user friendly and generates a good applicant pool for the positions we are recruiting for. In my role as the General Manager of HR for the YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington, I will certainly continue to use your services."

- Ursula Vrkljan, General Manager of HR, YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington

"This is the first time this centre has used Charity Village to post a position and I can say that we would definitely do so again. The responses have given us some good, solid resumes to consider."

- Karen McIlroy, Job Connect Team Leader , Cambridge Career Connections c/o John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington

"Just a message of thanks to CharityVillage. You provide excellent customer service and we always get an overwhelming number of high quality resumes whenever we post on your website."

- Kay Dryden, Credit Valley Hospital

"We LOVE, and have found our whole staff from your website. Thanks so much for your help."

- Kristina Stockwood, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

"We did very well with the posting on CharityVillage. We received many replies and I would consider the posting a great success, and we shall use the services again when we are looking for future hires.

- Alex MacDougal , Hamilton Youth Employment Centre

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