Job Listing Rates

  Nonprofit Rate Eligible For-profit Rate
Talent Manager $287 + GST/HST $387 + GST/HST

* Discounts are available for posting multiple job ads. For more information, please contact your local Territory or Account Manager.

* Please note: For RFPs, please contact your local Territory or Account Manager for pricing information.


Special service charges

If you email, fax or courier your ads, you will be charged an additional set-up fee.


Re-posting of an ad after 60 days from the original posting date is considered a new ad, and normal rates apply.


You may pay for your job ads by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or we'll email you an invoice and you may pay by cheque. Select the option that suits you during the checkout process.


Because of the proliferation of macro-viruses, job ads can not be uploaded to the website as attachments. Please use the online form to create and edit your job ad. If assistance is required please contact us.

Just one job title and one job description per ad, please.

You may not link to downloadable files (e.g. Word or PDF files) from your ads.

You may not post one ad that links to a variety of postings on another web site (e.g. "Various Positions" that links to several different job openings).

Other restrictions apply in special circumstances. Please read our Advertising Policy.

Ad duration

Your ad will be displayed continuously until your Application Deadline, to a maximum of 60 days (If no deadline is specified, your ad will be deleted after 60 days).