The CharityVillage Fitzii Partnership

For a long time, CharityVillage clients told us how painful it can be to manage the application process, as well as how hard it is to select the best candidates when you get so many resumes to review.

In the spring of 2014 we decided to do something about these two challenges, and that led us into partnership with Fitzii, a predictive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provider based in Toronto.

Fitzii is the right technology to integrate into CharityVillage because it has both easy-to-use tracking features (which became CV IQ Talent Manager), as well as a powerful, predictive assessment (which became CV IQ Talent Predictor).

There is mission-alignment too, as Fitzii is all about helping people connect with work they’ll be a great fit for (hence the name), which is a great compliment to our mission of strengthening the nonprofit sector in Canada. Fitzii is also a B-Corp, which means they live up a higher standard of social and environmental behaviour than the typical company.

With all the stars aligned, a long-term partnership began with more than six months of co-development that integrated the key features of Fitzii into the CharityVillage experience through the products we now call CV IQ Talent Manager and Talent Predictor.

Learn more about posting a job through Talent Manager and Talent Predictor.

Learn More About Fitzii

Fitzii’s main website

Read about our partnership from Fitzii’s perspective in their announcement.

Watch a Charity Village webinar about the ‘Why’ behind CV IQ led by Edwin Jansen of Fitzii: The time has come to demote the resume.