Career Management

Why it's hard to find a job and what you can do about it

Written By: Edwin Chan
April 4, 2013

Finding it hard to get a job? Follow these tips to ratchet up your job search.

The relationship between your work and your mental health

Written By: Caroline Veldhuis
March 21, 2013

Is your workplace making you ill? New research suggests close ties between workplace stresses and poor mental health.

Career Q&A: How to answer questions about salary

Written By: Nancy Ingram and Christa McMillin
March 13, 2013

Unsure of how to handle job advertisements that ask for salary expectations? Read on!

Career Q&A: Demonstrating "best fit" in a cover letter

Written By: Nancy Ingram and Christa McMillin
February 12, 2013

A "best fit grid" can not only help you determine if you are a good fit for an advertised position but also help you write a targeted cover letter.

The Big Mistake: What to do when you’ve completely messed up at work

Written By: Brock Smith
January 17, 2013

You've just made a big mistake - one with consequences. What do you do now?

Stepping off the ladder: Can alternative organizational structures change the career trajectory of young professionals?

Written By: Jillian Witt
January 16, 2013

Shared platforms allow nonprofit leaders to manage new initiatives without becoming executive directors.

Career Q&A: Staying positive through a long job search

Written By: Nancy Ingram and Christa McMillin
January 9, 2013

Feel like it's been forever since you started job searching? Follow these tips to stay positive and persistent.

Are you cut out to be an executive director?

Written By: Jodie Shupac
December 20, 2012

Is the position of executive director appealing to young nonprofit professionals?

Career Q&A: Making the switch to nonprofit

Written By: Nancy Ingram and Christa McMillin
December 12, 2012

Looking for your nonprofit dream job? Follow these tips to leave the corporate sector behind.

Is your boss a psychopath?

Written By: Susan Fish
November 15, 2012

Ever found yourself wondering if your boss was a psychopath? You just might be right.

Career Q&A: Determining your fit for a position

Written By: Nancy Ingram and Christa McMillin
November 14, 2012

If you're applying for jobs but not getting calls from employers, it could be that you aren't considering your fit with a position. Use this grid to match your qualifications with the employer's requirements.

Are you overdoing it with overtime?

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
October 17, 2012

While the notion that work life and personal life are blending into each other has been around since the explosion of e-mail access and the internet made it possible to work from home (or the Muskoka chair), the expectations by employers and employees of how much overtime work is necessary continues to dog many.

A gradual impact: Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders through higher education

Written By: Rachel Kalbfleisch
October 17, 2012

Carleton University is launching a new Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership degree and graduate diploma in the summer of 2013.

Career Q&A: Preparing for a phone interview

Written By: Nancy Ingram and Christa McMillin
October 10, 2012

All interviews are not created equal. Follow these tips to prepare for interviewing over the telephone.

Must-have mobile apps for nonprofit professionals

Written By: Claire Kerr
October 4, 2012

Here are some suggestions for useful professional apps to get you started.

Ready to lead and not ready to leave: The demographic conundrum

Written By: Susan Fish
September 27, 2012

You might think it’s a good problem to have: too many capable leaders. Unfortunately, the situation can backfire.

Nonprofit Career Week: CharityVillage LIVE Conversations

Written By: CharityVillage
September 27, 2012

Missed the CharityVillage LIVE Conversations during Nonprofit Career Week? Check out these replays for resume and interview tips!

Serving the debt sentence: Is repaying your student loan a barrier to working for a nonprofit?

Written By: Susan Fish
September 24, 2012

Is it possible to earn a decent living in the nonprofit sector while also repaying your student loan?

You’re Hired! How to turn an application into an offer

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
September 23, 2012

If you're finding it difficult to secure work in the nonprofit sector, you're not alone. Check out these tips to maximize your chances of getting an offer.

Are nonprofit staff taking on too much?

Written By: Susan Fish
September 20, 2012

What happens when employees are asked to take on duties that are well beyond the scope of their job?

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