Breaking through the newsroom clutter: How to get your news release noticed

Written By: Ted Peterson
June 14, 2010

How to write the most effective news release that will get the best coverage for your organization.

Four key roles your supporters can play in fundraising and marketing campaigns

Written By: Rebecca Post
April 26, 2010

How to convert supporters into marketers.

The anatomy of radio advertising

Written By: Ted Peterson
April 12, 2010

From defining your key message and target demographic, to understanding the internal workings of radio advertising, if you know how to play the game, radio can be an affordable way to attract donors to your cause.

The story of your leadership

Written By: Pattie LaCroix
February 18, 2010

Stories provide us with a springboard to ignite others when we have the courage and clarity to show up in the narrative of our own leadership.

Help Yourself: Seven questions can clarify communications strategies

Written By: Corinne LaBossiere
February 8, 2010

The following approach can enable your team to "step back," look at the big picture and enhance the effectiveness of your overall communications.

Social Media: What are you afraid of?

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
November 23, 2009

With social media the buzzword of late, some nonprofits are taking the plunge, hoping these newfangled modes of outreach will help them reach their goals. But how useful is social media, really?

Five simple steps to creating compelling e-newsletters

Written By: Rachel Foster
November 2, 2009

Below are five tips for creating compelling e-newsletters that motivate your subscribers to take action.

How to get people to read your e-newsletters

Written By: Rachel Foster
October 19, 2009

Here are four easy changes you can make to pique your readers' interest in your e-newsletter.

Creating new paths with new stories

Written By: Pattie LaCroix
August 31, 2009

What change will the stories of your future create?

Appearing before government committees

Written By: Adam Aptowitzer and Nicole Zummach
August 24, 2009

Nonprofits and charities have a unique role to play in helping to inform government in all levels. This podcasts explains how appearing before government is related to, but not necessarily the same thing as engaging in political activities such as lobbying and advocacy.

Leveraging social media

Written By: Mark Buzan
August 17, 2009

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, and podcasts - what are all these Internet forums and are they really applicable to associations?

Activating new stories

Written By: Pattie LaCroix
July 27, 2009

Why nonprofit leaders must create new stories during difficult financial times.

Transformation in a financial pressure cooker

Written By: Pattie LaCroix
June 29, 2009

The stories we craft and communicate during difficult times are especially critical as we introduce our ideas of doing things differently, of new outcomes and new ways of viewing success.

Upgrade your website's usability, enhance your bottom line: 3½ ways a great online user experience can help your organization right now

Written By: Kent Wakely
June 22, 2009

Follow these tips and improve the online experience your constituents have with your organization.

Why stories matter

Written By: Pattie LaCroix
June 1, 2009

Good storytelling is as much about talking as it is about listening; it is the art and science of co-creating meaning, context and connections.

Understanding Canadian provincial government relations

Written By: Mark Buzan
May 11, 2009

Below is an easy to understand reference of the types of actions for which Canadian provincial legislature is responsible.

Understanding how we decide

Written By: Pattie LaCroix
April 27, 2009

Understanding how we, as humans, make up our mind about things is becoming more and more critical for nonprofits in these tough economic times. People are reassessing their discretionary spending, which, for many, includes their charitable contributions.

Your nonprofit and communications research

Written By: Mark Buzan
April 13, 2009

Market research is essential in ensuring that your message is effectively targeted to specific audiences.

Making sense of nonsense: The power of strategic narratives

Written By: Pattie LaCroix
March 30, 2009

Strategic narratives are purposefully constructed stories to communicate meaning, with the aim of creating connections with people, shifting perspectives, and opening up opportunities for deliberate dialogue.

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