Trends & Studies

How the New Rich give

Written By: Harvey McKinnon
January 28, 2002

The 'new rich' are mix of all different sorts of people in a wide range of fields. However, it is important to remember that each donor is an individual.

New AFP study looks at high tech donors

Written By: CharityVillage
May 14, 2001

The 2001 High Tech Donors Study found that people who have earned most of their wealth from technology enterprises are more focused on "venture philanthropy" approaches, but not to the exclusion of more traditional forms of philanthropy.

What are the fundraising challenges for the next ten or twenty years?

Written By: Ken Wyman
March 28, 2001

Upcoming technical challenges for fundraisers

Are you positioned for fundraising success in the 21st century?

Written By: Judith Nichols
January 31, 2001

Three major paradigm shifts traced to key overall population changes: increasing longevity and increasing diversity

What's in a name, when it belongs to a nonprofit?

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
May 27, 1999

Results of a US report exploring the legalities of cause-related marketing and commercial/nonprofit product advertisements.

Burk: Avoid anything that separates you from your donor!

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
October 21, 1998

Findings from Penelope Burk's fundraising research, including how donors want to be recognized.

Who'll get the boomer bucks?

Written By: Becky Fung
July 30, 1997

Canada's post-war generation stands to gain substantial wealth from parents who saved and accumulated very little debt, and their children will tend to spend wisely, shying away from spending sprees, indicates the survey.

What makes donors tick?

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
May 21, 1997

United Way/Environics research maps social, cultural values of donors and non-donors.

Growth in the availability of gaming brings risk

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
November 13, 1995

Argument for the need for gambling addiction awareness programs

Media bingo shows fundraising potential

Written By: Joe deKort
July 28, 1995

Case study on Ontario Brain Injury Association Rainbow TV Bingo success

Direct mail still best for prospecting

Written By: Stephen Thomas
May 15, 1995

The glorious eighties are long gone. Acquisition is tough. Not for everybody, mind you, but the general trend is bad. So bad that Canadian nonprofits are trying hard to find alternatives to the mail.

Its glory days may be long gone but direct mail still best for prospecting

Written By: Stephen Thomas
May 15, 1995

Update on prospecting trends

How, and how much, are Canadian companies giving?

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
January 30, 1995

Respondents to a recent Conference Board survey of Canadian corporations reported donating $126 Million to community causes in 1993. This represents an increase in the average contributed per corporation.

Home lotteries --- tread carefully

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
January 29, 1995

A cautionary article for charities considering a home lottery.

More donors look for a return on their investment

Written By: Canadian FundRaiser
September 5, 1994

How donors are seeking accountability and tangible evidence of ROI