Human Resources

It’s more than a job: Conscious Service is energy and vocation

Written By: Elizabeth Bishop
October 3, 2019

Revamp your performance management

Written By: Denise Lloyd
September 25, 2019

Find out how to implement a more modern and more effective performance management system.

Catalyst for Change: Exploring the new report from the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector

Written By: Susan Fish
September 18, 2019

Canadian nonprofit leaders weigh in on the new report from the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector.

Psychological health and safety as a day-to-day practice

Written By: Rensia Melles
September 12, 2019

Workplace psychological health can happen from the ground up.

A missed opportunity: How the nonprofit sector can do a better job of hiring people with disabilities

Written By: Susan Fish
September 9, 2019

Highly talented people are being overlooked, simply because they have a disability.

Moving on: How to leave your organization in the best way possible

Written By: Susan Fish
August 28, 2019

If you are moving on from your current nonprofit role, these tips can help ease the transition for everyone.

Eight tips to help you retain your top talent

Written By: Denise Lloyd
August 28, 2019

Use these 8 tips to keep your star employees engaged at your nonprofit.

A new approach to self-care

Written By: Beth McKay
July 17, 2019

Self-care is more than just pedicures and bubble baths.

How to navigate workplace conflict

Written By: Janice Cunning
July 3, 2019

Understanding the three approaches to conflict can help you better navigate conflict at work.

The lieu time/overtime dilemma

Written By: Denise Lloyd
June 19, 2019

If you offer lieu time to your staff, be sure you are following all the legal requirements.

NextGen Leaders: Six ways to make room for the next generation of leaders

Written By: Lianne Picot
June 5, 2019

To allow the next generation of leaders to step up, it is essential that we make room for them.

How and why you should diversify food-based celebrations in your workplace

Written By: Susan Fish
May 22, 2019

Food-based celebrations are becoming more and more complicated in today's working world.

Culture: The charity sector's missing ingredient

Written By: Jessica Pelchat
May 15, 2019

Find out how culture can be your secret ingredient for recruiting and retaining great staff.

Creating a culture of wellness at your nonprofit: Advice from this year's Employee Recommended Workplace Awards winners

Written By: Susan Fish
May 15, 2019

We talk to a few winners from this year's Employee Recommended Workplace Awards for tips on creating a culture of wellness at your nonprofit.

New school performance process design: Opportunities and cautions

Written By: Kyla Nicholson and Vincent Chow
May 8, 2019

Find out how and why many organizations are moving to a no-ratings performance management process.

Accommodating caregivers: What’s an employer’s responsibility?

Written By: Denise Lloyd
May 8, 2019

These 5 steps can help you better understand your duties to accommodate caregivers on your staff.

On the front-lines of the future of work: Why managers need career tools and confidence

Written By: Lisa Taylor
May 1, 2019

With the world of work changing rapidly, it is essential that front-line managers feel equipped to talk with their staff about their careers.

Intercultural Competence: The missing link in diversity and inclusion initiatives

Written By: Jennifer Flynn and Daniel García
May 1, 2019

Intercultural competence is an important part of diversity and inclusion, but one that often isn't talked about.

Building the culture you want at your nonprofit

Written By: Denise Lloyd
April 10, 2019

Use these tips to create a more positive culture at your nonprofit organization.

How to write a job ad to better diversify your candidate pool

Written By: Susan Fish
April 10, 2019

Use these 10 tips to write better job ads that will be more attractive to younger applicants.

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