Board of Directors

Can our board members donate to other causes?

Written By: Mel Gill
September 25, 2006

A response to a letter asking the objective perspective on asking one's board to donate to another charity.

Financial literacy for boards: Part one

Written By: Hassan Altaf
September 5, 2006

This article is designed to help board members read and understand financial statements.

Governance Q&A: Transparency versus secrecy

Written By: Jane Garthson
August 28, 2006

The appropriate degree of transparency for an organization requires consideration of accountability, privacy, confidentiality and trust.

Governing for results: How boards can add value

Written By: Mel Gill
July 10, 2006

An article describing the premise and process of a results-based board.

How staff can support their board of directors

Written By: Paulette Vinette
June 19, 2006

Steps for staff to take to support the board.

Good governance and board/staff relations

Written By: Mel Gill
June 12, 2006

A summary of information and tips for fostering positive board/staff relations.

Governance Q&A: Compensating the board for non-board duties on behalf of the organization

Written By: Jane Garthson
May 29, 2006

Understanding the legalities and ramifications of providing your board of directors with any sort of compensation.

Tools for nonprofit leaders: Policies and procedures

Written By: Paulette Vinette
May 15, 2006

This is the third in a series of articles offering tools to not-for-profit leaders. Policies and procedures set out the rules for both volunteers and paid staff, consultants, and other outsourced individuals.

Voluntary sector board governance - survey says!

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
May 8, 2006

Many organizations and foundations struggle mightily with governance issues, decisions, and best practices. Thankfully, that struggle may soon become more manageable.

Mixing it up in boardroom - Exploring the value of board diversity

Written By: Abigail Brown
May 1, 2006

An article suggesting increasing board diversity to better serve an organization.

Governance Q&A: Is it ethical for the chair of the board to become the executive director?

Written By: Jane Garthson
April 24, 2006

A look at the considerations a board of directors need to take when considering candidates for the executive director.

Governance Q&A: Should direct beneficiaries or their families serve on our board?

Written By: Jane Garthson
March 27, 2006

A charity board made up of a single stakeholder group needs to manage conflicts of interest instead of avoiding them.

Board assessment and ethical governance

Written By: Mel Gill
March 27, 2006

An article describing how a board can self-assess as well a description of ethical governance.

Governance Q&A: Engaging the board of directors on financial matters

Written By: Jane Garthson
January 30, 2006

A treasurer asks if its OK that only a handful of directors are interested in reading and understanding a nonprofit's financial statements.

Should you have a competency-based board?

Written By: Paulette Vinette
January 23, 2006

An explanation and evaluation of competency-based boards.

Risk management: You need a risk management strategy and plan

Written By: Paulette Vinette
September 26, 2005

This article is the third in a four-part series offering risk management approaches to not-for-profit organization leaders and volunteers. This article examines risks that involve technology and intellectual property and we provide advice on developing a risk management strategy and plan.

Do you have a PR pro on board?

Written By: Amy Buringrud
July 18, 2005

An article suggesting nonprofits recruit a communications specialist for their board.

Governance Q&A: Who on a board of directors needs to know what the executive director earns?

Written By: Jane Garthson
May 30, 2005

A board member wonders if it's normal that only the executive committee knows what an executive director earns.

Are you ready to be a board volunteer?

Written By: Michelle Martinez
January 31, 2005

A self-evaluation article for board volunteer prospects.

Governance Q&A: Can I serve on the board of one charity while I work for another?

Written By: Jane Garthson
October 25, 2004

Getting involved with two charities in the same city, with quite different missions.

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