CSAE announces re-tooling of its technology systems

November 19, 2019

The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), the voice of Canada’s association sector, announced that it is working in partnership with Wicket and Industrial to reimagine its approach to technology. Over the next several months, CSAE will roll out a new suite of software tools to better manage, engage with, and deliver services and information to its members. The selection of Wicket - the world’s first Member Data Platform - as the database for all of CSAE’s membership data is at the core of CSAE’s technological shift. Wicket will store all of CSAE’s membership information, empowering staff to easily view, manage and report on a rich data set. In addition, self-directed tools with single sign-on capability will enable members to self-manage their profiles, eliminating time and redundancies and putting the power into users’ hands. As part of the digital transformation, CSAE has chosen Industrial, a leading Canadian website firm focused on the association sector, to develop a flexible and user-friendly website. CSAE will additionally leverage a suite of modern software tools to deliver the functionality needed for effective operations and member service. CSAE’s plans to roll out the new digital platform in early 2020.

Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia launches nonprofit sector survey

November 13, 2019

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC) is conducting a survey on behalf of the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia (CSC-NS). Current data on critical issues such as labour force, governance, sources of funding and diversity will deepen our collective understanding of trends and emerging priorities. It will also inform sector leaders, policy makers, post-secondary institutions and others in decision making. Your responses are completely confidential. No information on individual organizations will be made public. All data in the report will be combined with that of other respondents to ensure confidentiality. A report on the findings will be available early next year.

For most organizations the Executive Director/CEO (or equivalent) will be the best person to complete the survey, but in other cases it might be the Board Chair or a senior staff member such as the Director of HR or Operations. If you do need to ask others in your organization for information, you can return to the survey at any time and pick up where you left off. Your information will be saved automatically. If you would like to be entered into a draw for a $100 gift card, enter your name and email at the end of the survey. This information will be separated from the survey results. If you have any questions about the survey please contact Patrick Brannon, Project Lead, APEC at This survey is expected to take approximately 20 minutes.

BMO, United Way and City of Toronto announce Greater Golden Mile Neighbourhoods first for economic opportunity program

November 13, 2019

BMO Financial Group, United Way Greater Toronto and the City of Toronto today announced that the Greater Golden Mile area in Scarborough has been selected as the first for a new approach to build inclusive local economic opportunity and stronger neighbourhoods. This pilot follows extensive work over the last year by the Inclusive Local Economic Opportunity (ILEO) Leadership Table.

Announced in fall 2018, the ILEO Leadership Table is a ground-breaking initiative spearheaded by BMO and United Way Greater Toronto that brings together business and community leaders to work together to reduce economic disparity. BMO announced a $10 million commitment last year to support this new model for corporate-community partnerships. The Greater Golden Mile was selected for the pilots because of community engagement in the initiative, and timely local economic revitalization opportunities that can be leveraged. With significant public infrastructure investments like the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, large private redevelopments and potential corporate partnerships in the area, opportunity abounds.

Call For Entries: Canadian Hillman Prize For Journalism

November 13, 2019

The Sidney Hillman Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Canadian Hillman Prize honouring excellence in investigative journalism. The Hillman Prize celebrates print, digital and broadcast reporting that highlights social or economic injustice and hopefully leads to meaningful public policy change. Winning entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Significance of journalism in service of the common good
  • Resourcefulness and courage in reporting
  • Skill in relating the story and impact of the coverage

Entries must be published or broadcast in 2019 and have been made widely available to a Canadian audience. Nominated material and a cover letter explaining how the entry meets the requirements can be submitted here. There is no fee to enter. The Canadian Hillman Prize winner will be awarded a certificate, a $5,000 honorarium and travel to New York City to be a guest at the U.S Hillman Prize ceremony. This year a separate award will also be handed out to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Hillman Prize in Canada. The special award will be presented to an individual or organization for incredible work improving the lives of Canadians over the last 10 years or more.

The Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation donates nearly $10 million to support autism research

November 13, 2019

The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, the Douglas Mental Health University Institute Foundation, the Fondation les petits trésors and The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) today announced a major donation of nearly $10 million from the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation. This significant contribution will enable the partner institutions of the Transforming Autism Care Consortium (TACC) to establish Quebec 1,000 (Q1K): an innovative, multidisciplinary and collaborative initiative aimed at having an unprecedented impact on autism research.

Women and racialized minority representation in Montreal's senior leadership on the rise

November 13, 2019

A new study shows that the representation of women and racialized minorities in senior leadership positions in the Greater Montreal Area (GMA) has increased since 2016 but both are still under-represented based on their proportion in the population. Ryerson University's Diversity Institute and Canada Women's Foundation looked at 2,537 senior leaders across the largest organizations in the public, corporate, voluntary, education and health sectors of the GMA and found that in 2019, women, who make up over 50% of the population of the GMA, held 40.7% of senior leadership positions, up 8.1% from 2016.

The study also found that racialized people, who make up over 22% of the population of the GMA, held only 5.3% of the senior leadership positions. This increased by 12.5% since 2016. Government agencies, boards and commissions were found to have the greatest amount of diversity while the corporate sector was found to have the least amount of diversity, which presents a challenge as Bill C-25, which requires all federally incorporated businesses to report on the diversity of their senior management to their shareholders and to the federal government, comes into effect on January 1st, 2020.

$10M donation to support a first-of-its-kind social innovation centre at Concordia University

November 13, 2019

A gift of $10 million from the Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation and the Amelia & Lino Saputo Jr. Foundation will allow the creation of a first-of-its-kind multi-stakeholder collaboration centre at Concordia University. The new SHIFT Centre for Social Transformation will enable Concordia and its partners to drive and support community-based social transformation projects in Montreal, Quebec and Canada. The gift — among the largest in the university’s history — supports the Campaign for Concordia: Next-Gen. Now. SHIFT will unite academic knowledge, community-held expertise and entrepreneurial students. Together, they will develop sustainable and transformative solutions to complex societal challenges such as environmental degradation, political polarization, wealth inequality and a rapidly changing labour market. The centre will encourage and support individuals who are taking bold, creative and effective steps to build a stronger, healthier society.

Community investment gives corporations a decisive edge in the talent war: survey

November 13, 2019

The 2019 Corporate Community Investment Report from Imagine Canada, entitled Profit, Purpose and Talent: Trends and Motivations in Corporate Giving and Volunteering, shows conclusively that high levels of community engagement lead to long-term business advantages. The research underpinning the report included the opinions of 1,506 private sector employees and a survey of 65 leading Canadian corporations in community investment. Collectively, these corporations invested $592 million in communities over the past year. Key findings include:

  • 50% of employees surveyed say they considered their employer’s reputation for charitable and community work before accepting their position
  • 28% say they would be willing to take a pay decrease to work for a more socially responsible company

Among employees who believe their company is highly committed to community:

  • 84% are extremely or very satisfied with their job compared to 46 per cent among others
  • 59% say they are very likely to recommend their company versus 23 per cent among others
  • 47% strongly agree they share a common social purpose with their company compared to 16 per cent among other

The study also reveals high potential for growing employee giving. Among those working for companies with payroll deduction programs, employee donation matching and giving campaigns, 79% reported they donated to charity versus 47% among those with no workplace donation programs. As well, 76% of those surveyed say they now regularly support a charity they learned about at work.

BCG's Centre for Canada's Future releases new insights on diversity & inclusion in corporate Canada

November 13, 2019

BCG's Centre for Canada's Future launched a new report on diversity and inclusion (D&I) that examines the workplace experience of diverse employees in Canada. Beyond Good Intentions: Bringing an Employee Lens to Diversity & Inclusion in Corporate Canada, based on a survey of more than 5,000 employees, found that significant numbers of diverse employees still experience barriers to advancement and workplace bias. The survey revealed that one-third of women, LGBTQ2, people of colour, indigenous and disabled employees say they face persistent obstacles to recruitment, retention, and advancement. In addition, individuals from majority groups often fail to perceive the obstacles that diverse employees face. Overall, half of employees who identify with one or more diversity groups say that workplace bias remains a day-to-day reality. According to the survey, nearly half of diverse respondents say they see inconsistent commitment down through the managerial ranks. In addition, less than half of diverse employees say they have "allies" at work, individuals who actively support the inclusion and advancement of colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Ontario Nonprofit Network releases report taking the pulse of Ontario's nonprofit sector

November 13, 2019

The Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) has released a new report, Sector 360° Survey: Taking the pulse of Ontario's Nonprofit Sector. This survey was open to nonprofits, charities, and nonprofit co-operatives with a mission to serve a public benefit, aimed specifically at executive directors and senior leaders. The survey was administered using an online platform for one month. A total of 447 people responded; however, not all respondents replied to all the questions. Responses show that across subsectors, organizations aren’t just worried about having their funding streams cut, but also the speed and uncertainty of the decision-making process, as well as the lack of information, details, and engagement with the sector by the provincial government. The responses from nonprofits underscore the challenges they face and the concern they have for the communities they serve.

One key finding is that nonprofits are now operating in a climate of growing uncertainty and volatility as a result of massive systems transformations confronting the nonprofit sector in Ontario. While budget cuts are deep, it’s the transformations and populations affected that concern nonprofits the most, including refugees, newcomers, children in after-school programs, individuals living on low incomes, and more. Key highlights from the survey:

  • 30 per cent of respondents said their budgets have decreased as a result of the provincial budget and policy changes
  • 50 per cent of organizations do not have the bare minimum of three months reserve funds
  • 23 per cent of organizations anticipate having to pay costs out of pocket as a result of the 2019 budget and related policy decisions
  • 28 per cent of organizations indicated that their sector is subject to a restructuring exercise, including health, child care, employment and training, community housing and arts.

However, amid anxiety and uncertainty, nonprofits remain optimistic and are making the most of opportunities.

TD helps nonprofits prepare for the future through data and analytics

November 6, 2019

This week, TD launched a new program called TD Mindpower: Analytics for Social Good, that helps nonprofit organizations leverage data and analytics to grow their community impact. The program pairs nonprofit organizations with a dedicated team of TD data and analytics employees who volunteer their time and skills to help organizations draw new insights from their data. The teams from TD work on a wide range of projects, including building data and analytics-powered dashboards, forecasting key trends and developing new methods for measuring, communicating and growing their community impact through data. Since the launch of the program pilot in the spring of 2019, TD data professionals have volunteered over 1,500 hours. TD Mindpower aligns with the company's citizenship platform, The Ready Commitment, where TD aspires to link its business, philanthropy and human capital to help people have opportunities to succeed.

New survey reveals struggling caregivers across Ontario need more support

November 5, 2019

Today, The Change Foundation and The Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO) released the results of a province-wide survey on the experience of family caregivers in this province. The second annual "Spotlight on Caregivers" survey, conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights, builds on the inaugural 2018 report and for the first time demonstrates trends in the caregiver experience in Ontario.

One very important insight from last year's Spotlight report showed that an overwhelming majority of caregivers wanted one point of access for information. The new survey reinforced this with 77% of respondents saying they wanted one place to go for information and support. To address this need, the OCO announced today that it is launching a 24/7 caregiver helpline. The helpline will enable caregivers to speak to a Community Resource Representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 1-833-416-2273 (CARE) or by live chat at between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday – Friday. Whether caregivers are looking for respite care in their area, a support group, information about tax credits or more, there is now a dedicated resource just for them.

More than one-third of workers in Canada say their commute is stressful

November 5, 2019

In a new survey from global staffing firm Robert Half, more than one-third of professionals (35%) said travelling to and from work is stressful. In addition, 36% of respondents lamented that their trip to the office is too long, up from 28% in a similar 2017 survey. Professionals said they spend an average of 53 minutes commuting each day, and more than one-quarter (26%) stated their travel time exceeds one hour. In a separate survey, senior managers said their company offers flexible scheduling to avoid peak traffic times (37%) and telecommuting (30%) to help alleviate employees' stressful trips.

Deloitte research reveals significant return on investment for workplace mental health programs

November 4, 2019

First-of-its-kind Canadian research has found that positive returns on investment (ROI) of workplace mental health initiatives are within reach for Canadian businesses, according to a report released today by Deloitte Canada. Analysis reveals that companies with mental health programs in place for one year had a median annual ROI of $1.62 for every dollar invested. For companies with programs in place for three or more years, the median annual ROI is more than double—valued at $2.18 for every dollar spent. The report, The ROI in workplace mental health programs: Good for people, good for business, explores historical investment and savings data from seven large Canadian companies at various stages of rolling out mental health programs and supports. Key findings from the report include:

  • Wellness programs are more likely to achieve positive ROI when they support employees along the entire spectrum of mental health—from promotion of well-being to intervention and care.
  • Employers could achieve greater program ROI by prioritizing investing in higher-impact areas such as leadership training and preventive interventions, including psychological care benefits.
  • If employers measure their baseline data and take stock of existing initiatives, many organizations would realize they have already started to use the right tools to strengthen workplace mental health.
  • Putting in place mechanisms to measure performance can enable organizations to achieve desired program impact, improve adoption rates, and enhance decision-making.

Apply now for seed funding and partnership opportunities with Junior League of Toronto

November 4, 2019

The Junior League of Toronto (JLT) supports nonprofit organizations to deliver programs in the Greater Toronto Area. The JLT supports innovative programs by partnering with other nonprofit organizations on both short and long term projects and offering start up funding through Seed Grants to support new programs. If your organization is interested in partnering with the JLT on a community project, please email for more information. Applications are accepted from November through February each year. The deadline for Seed Grants applications is February 14, 2020.

Canadians can vote for one of 10 charities to receive a $125,000 donation from iA Financial Group

November 4, 2019

iA Financial Group is calling on Canadians to vote for one of the ten charities that have qualified as finalists to receive the grand prize donation of $125,000 in the third edition of the company’s philanthropic contest. Hundreds of charities working in the health, education and social services sectors that provide respite to the loved ones of persons in need answered iA Financial Group’s call in September and entered the contest. A jury reviewed all projects received from across the country and chose ten finalists, for which you can now vote. The public has until November 29th to go to and vote for the two projects they find most inspiring. Almost $300,000 will be distributed among the ten finalists, including a donation of $125,000 to the charity that receives the most votes, $50,000 each for second and third place, and $10,000 each for the remaining seven charities. The winners will be announced on December 12th.

Digital for Good™ Summit in Toronto a free event for charities to learn about technology

October 31, 2019

If you're part of a charity looking to improve their digital strategy, we have just the event for you! The Digital for Good™ Summit hosted by Capital One® is a free event for charity employees to meet and mingle, hear informative talks from diverse speakers, and participate in breakouts to dive deep into relevant topics all related to technology and building a digital strategy. Join us on Monday, November 18 at the Arcadian in Toronto. Click here for more details and to register. Questions? Contact

TD Financial Health Index finds 4 in 10 Canadians are financially struggling

October 29, 2019

Today, TD Bank Group unveiled the TD Financial Health Index, a national benchmarking survey providing a portrait of Canadians' financial well-being and a holistic look at how Canadians are managing their personal finances. The study reveals that while just over a quarter of Canadians surveyed are "financially healthy," 4 in 10 Canadians are struggling with some or all aspects of their finances. Key findings include:

  • Those who identify as LGBTQ2+ are on average, more likely to be financially vulnerable (20%) or financially coping low (30%). Within the LGBTQ2+ community, transgender women have the lowest financial health.
  • On average, women have lower reported financial health than men, particularly amongst younger cohorts. Women are less likely than men to feel confident in their ability to meet their long-term savings goals (41% vs. 49%), are less likely than men to have a high annual income (22% of men vs. 18% of women make $100,000+ a year), and are more likely than men to be employed part-time (11% vs. 8%).
  • Those who identify as a person with a disability have lower financial health than those who do not, and those with developmental disabilities and memory problems are affected the most. People with disabilities are more likely to live pay cheque to pay cheque and 4 in 10 will miss paying bills on time.

United Way is using augmented reality to imagine a new addition to the Toronto skyline

October 29, 2019

You can't solve a problem if you don't know it exists. The latest development in United Way's #UNIGNORABLE campaign intends to make everyone aware of how many people are struggling with poverty in the GTA -- and encourage you to tackle the issues that hold too many people back. Using augmented reality, the #UNIGNORABLE Tower is designed to make everyone aware of just how many people in the GTA are struggling. While the Tower isn't real, the problem it represents is: more than 116,000 individuals and families in Peel, Toronto and York Region are struggling to put a roof over their heads. Experience the Tower and see a part of the skyline you didn't know exists with United Way's #UNIGNORABLE Tower app. Get it on Google Play or download on The App Store. For an IRL experience, visit the #UNIGNORABLE exhibit in Brookfield Place from October 28 – November 8 to reimagine Toronto's skyline and explore the issue of poverty in the GTA. Visitors are encouraged to share their experience on social media using #UNIGNORABLE.

Canada named top nation for entrepreneurs doing good in global poll

October 29, 2019

Canada was named the best country for business leaders seeking to tackle social problems in a global poll, while the United States fell from top slot due to political uncertainty. Australia came second in the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s second global survey on the best countries for social entrepreneurs, seeing the biggest gain of 24 places from the inaugural poll in 2016, while France came third.

The 2019 poll found most experts, 82%, said social entrepreneurship was gaining momentum in their countries - although this was down three percentage points from 2016. Canada, Indonesia and South Africa were named as the top countries where social entrepreneurship was gaining momentum, while Mexico, the United States and China saw the biggest falls. Despite this, more than half of respondents - 54% - said the public still did not understand what they did which was not helped by the lack of a global definition of social enterprise.

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