Volunteer Engagement

Of cars and oil changes and...team building???

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
April 28, 2008

What could cars and oil changes possibly have to do with building successful volunteer-staff teams? If you are scratching your head, then read on...

Understanding volunteer motivations

Written By: Merrill Associates
March 10, 2008

This article explains how understanding volunteer motivations can help you become a better volunteer manager.

Governance Q&A: How to manage troublesome volunteers who mean well

Written By: Jane Garthson
March 3, 2008

Can a nonprofit ethically get rid of good-hearted people who are more trouble than they are worth?

Tools for nonprofit leaders: Dealing with objections

Written By: Paulette Vinette
October 15, 2007

Too often when we ask a member to volunteer his or her time and talent we are greeted with “objections”: no time, no interest, maybe next year. This article offers suggestions on how to turn objections into YES.

A People Lens©: A response to volunteer recruitment challenges

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
September 24, 2007

This article is a profile of Volunteer Vancouver's new People Lens program that uses a people-first philosophy.

Retaining a volunteer workforce: Advice from the experts

Written By: Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
May 14, 2007

We asked two experts in the field of volunteerism to provide their advice on how best to recruit and retain a voluntary workforce. Their answers are as enlightening as they are practical.

Volunteer fatigue: What impact on the future of volunteerism?

Written By: Donna Lockhart
May 14, 2007

This article explains how volunteer fatigue differs from burnout, and how to handle it at your organization.

How to measure volunteer satisfaction

Written By: Jane Hall
January 8, 2007

This article outlines a step-by-step process for developing a volunteer satisfaction survey.

The value of volunteer contributions: Calculation (im)possible?

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
January 8, 2007

With funders increasingly interested in the value of organizations' volunteer programs, we explore a new model that attempts to calculate the dollar value of your volunteers' time.

The future of volunteer centres in Canada

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
November 20, 2006

The number of communities interested in starting volunteer centres outnumbers the ones where volunteer centres are closing their doors. The future of volunteer centres hinges on building awareness, being relevant, and successfully expanding traditional functions.

Five emerging patterns of volunteerism

Written By: Merrill Associates
November 20, 2006

This article outlines five trends in volunteerism.

Exploring the next generation of retirees: The baby boomers

Written By: Merrill Associates
October 23, 2006

This article provides key tips to prepare your organization for baby boomer volunteers.

Governance Q&A: Does anything bad ever happen to nonprofit staff or volunteers who behave unethically?

Written By: Jane Garthson
September 25, 2006

How to respond to unethical – and potentially damaging – behaviour in a nonprofit organization.

Volunteering at your fingertips!

Written By: Merrill Associates
August 14, 2006

This article describes how to set your organization up to be able to take advantage of online volunteers.

Creating a volunteer handbook

Written By: Paulette Vinette
July 17, 2006

This article provides a step-by-step process for creating a volunteer handbook for your organization.

Ten professional development benefits of volunteering

Written By: Merrill Associates
July 10, 2006

How volunteering can contribute to your professional development.

Highlights from the Canadian Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating

Written By: Elisa Birnbaum
June 12, 2006

Statistics Canada just revealed the results of a survey conducted in 2004, providing a comprehensive overview of how Canadians support their communities. And according to the Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (CSGVP), there's some good news - and some not so good news.

Through the volunteers' eyes: What volunteers want nonprofits to know about effectively involving them

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
April 24, 2006

Happy National Volunteer Week! In the midst of the festivities, let's pause for a quieter, more reflective way to recognize our volunteers...by listening to them as they share their thoughts and ideas.

Career Q&A: Choosing the right volunteers for your organization

Written By: Michael Mayne
April 17, 2006

This article explains how to choose the best people to join your organization as volunteers and board members.

"Mandatory volunteering": What's in a name?

Written By: Louise Chatterton Luchuk
February 27, 2006

While "mandatory volunteering" is an oxymoron, it is a growing trend that is worth watching.

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