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Microcredit Funding Programs

Alterna Savings (National)

Alterna Savings Community Micro Loan program provides business loans along with a full range of financial services to self-employed individuals who would not otherwise qualify or have access to credit from other financial institutions.

Opportunity International Canada (Latin America)

For 30 years, Opportunity International has been a 'banker to the poor', offering the vital training, support and capital that micro-entrepreneurs need to support themselves.

Ottawa Community Loan Fund (Ottawa, ON)

A nonprofit organization providing loans up to $15,000 to Ottawa entrepreneurs who do not qualify for traditional financing. OCLF also partners with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation to provide loans for young entrepreneurs.

PARO: A Northwestern Ontario Women's Community Loan Fund (Northwestern Ontario)

PARO provides educational programs to women to enhance enterprise development, skills training, networking, mentoring, access to information, opportunity for marketing, and access to credit (primarily through peer lending).

VanCity (British Columbia)

Innovative loan products include the Peer Lending Program, a unique group lending method for securing small scale credit, and Self Reliance Loans for individuals requiring larger credit for start up or expansion.