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Position Description: Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa (Habitat GO) is seeking two board members to begin a three-year term starting in May 2017. Members of the board serve in partnership with other board members to provide strategic leadership and oversight for all activities of Habitat GO. Board members participate on board committees, as well as determine affiliate policy in areas of governance, human resources, planning, and finance. This position offers an exceptional opportunity to develop professionally and contribute meaningfully to an organization with a recognizable, trusted brand and solid reputation. A sample of board members duties are:

    • Establish or revise, in consultation with staff, a Strategic Plan for the Affiliate and ensure adequate resources are available to achieve that plan.
    • Develop and approve policies that define the parameters within which the Affiliate will operate.  Board Policies shall apply to everyone in the affiliate, including members of the Board, all volunteers and staff.
    • Retain the services of a CEO, who will manage the day-to-day operation of the Affiliate in accordance with the policies and goals established by the Board, and who will provide direct supervision of all Affiliate staff, to implement the strategies outlined in the Strategic Plan.
    • Ensure that the Affiliate is being operated in accordance with legal requirements, its Bylaws, and the Covenant with Habitat for Humanity Canada, and for the purposes described in its Letters Patent, in a financially solvent and secure manner.
    • In concert with the CEO, agree annually on a set of metrics that will be provided to the Board six times annually at board meetings, which will demonstrate how well the affiliate is being managed, and what progress is being made towards achieving its strategic goals.
    • Review, at least annually, the performance of the Affiliate and the CEO, and set the remuneration for the CEO  for the following year.
    • Recruit and orient new Board Members and assess Board performance.

 Position Requirements: 

    • Demonstrated interest in the affiliate’s mission and goals;
    • Willingness to expand knowledge of board responsibilities through orientation and on-going education;
    • Willingness to represent Habitat GO in the local community;
    • Commitment to attend and actively participate in at all board meetings and other functions that require board leadership or direction;
    • Stay informed as to what is going on in the affiliate;
    • Actively participate in one or more fundraising activities;
    • Ensure that Habitat has adequate finances and that monies are responsibly and respectfully raised and spent;
    • Participate in the development of a strategic plan with short and long-term goals of Habitat GO.
    • Supervise, support and give direction to the Habitat CEO;
    • Invite at least three different people to a minimum of three events during each year and otherwise expose others to Habitat GO’s work;
    • Join the Builder’s Club and/or donate to the best of your ability; and
    • Take steps necessary to ensure financial and legal accountability of the affiliate.


    • Length of Commitment: 3 years term
    • Estimated Hours Required: 2 - 4 hours per month

Qualifications Preferred:

    • Non-profit board experience is desirable
    • Experience in fundraising, government or community relations;
    • Ability to communicate Habitat’s mission, vision and values to others with accuracy and enthusiasm;
    • Time and desire to be a part of a cohesive team and collective efforts; and
    • Open doors in the business community, with foundations and with private individuals or families to facilitate donations of funds or building materials.                 


    • Opportunity to make a wide variety of contacts within the local community as well as among regional, national and international Habitat for Humanity networks;
    • Leadership role in coordination, policy planning, and program implementation of an internationally recognized non-profit organization;
    • Opportunity to foster meaningful and lasting partnerships with and among others; and
    • A chance to direct activities that will make a positive impact on individual families, donors, volunteers and on the local community as a whole.

Please submit a resume along with a cover letter to by May 5th, 2017