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Policies & Procedures

Learning Outcomes

  • Clarify when a situation requires a policy or a procedure, and when neither is appropriate
  • Explain the sections of a typical policy and a typical procedure
  • Differentiate between a board policy and a management policy
  • Ensure your policies are "user-friendly"
  • Encourage others to "buy-in" to your policies and procedures

Download full Course Curriculum in Adobe PDF format.

Downloadable Resources

10 downloadable resources in this course

Free sample resource (PDF): Sample formats for policies

Course Level/Prerequisites/Certification Credits

Introductory level.

Take the optional final quiz. If you pass with 70% or more, you can download a Certificate of Completion.

This training may be used to meet the requirements for renewing the Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) credential. One Professional Development Unit (PDU) is awarded for each 50-60 minute session or contact hour in topics related to volunteer resources management. For more details about the CVA program and renewal requirements, visit or email

Continuing education certification-eligible through the Professional Administrators of Volunteer Resources - Ontario (PAVR-O).


This course is on-demand, meaning that you can take it anytime, at your own pace.

The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete from start to finish, but you have access for 3 months. Take it all at once. Take it in 15-minute bites. Take breaks between each module. Come back in a month for a refresher. It's entirely flexible and up to you!


$89 per user; 3 month access

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User Feedback

"I found the “Writing Effective Policies and Procedures” course to be a fast and efficient way to uncover exactly what I needed to know - and on my own time schedule. I especially loved the sample formats and writing techniques and the toolkit of worksheets, checklists, etc that I can keep for future use."

-- Savi Sinanan, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Peel HIV/AIDS Network - Mississauga, ON