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What they're saying about CharityVillage eLearning

"Regarding the CharityVillage Sponsorship course, I thought it was really great how thorough the presentation was. It gave me all the necessary steps from soliciting the corporate sponsor to writing the actual sponsorship request. I realized while taking the course that we were actually going about things the wrong way. We were writing requests based on what we needed, similar to grants. What we actually need to do is attach a value to all of our programs and events and then approach the corporation in terms of what they would most value from. I thought the section on what a sponsorship request looks like was really valuable. If you approach Sponsorship like a marketing proposal it makes sense that the proposal would have logos and graphics incorporated in it. Again, we were writing letters that looked more like grants. Finally the course pointed out that sponsors really like to hear about shared audiences. I found this point was really beneficial. Since I took the course I have already written two proposals and secured both an in-kind and a cash donation. I will definitely be taking more CharityVillage courses. I found the content really valuable."

- Jackie Mersereau, Development and Operations Coordinator Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

"As a recent participant in CharityVillage's Campus e-training, specifically, Budgeting for Nonprofits, I would highly recommend this and other courses as an enhancement to one's professional skills. The course was convenient, applicable and presented in a well organized format with great resources! Should the need arise, I wouldn't hesitate to participate again."

- Andrea Rennie-Taverner, Independent Fundraising Professional

"The Budgeting for Nonprofits offers practical wisdom and resources that enrich my other training.The models offered would have been excellent in avoiding a long series of trial by error. Bravo to the course developers and to CharityVillage for making it available."

- Louis Grenier M.Sc., Calgary, AB

"This is a great refresher for people who have experience filling out applications but do not have training to do so. It would have been useful to me in previous years to help me avoid unnecessary errors. Great job."

- Louis Grenier M.Sc., Calgary, AB

"As an event planner, this course really helped me to pinpoint the needs of my sponsors and making our partnership a “win-win” situation."

- G. Lin Ferguson, Manager, Events United Way Of Peel Region

"Overall, an excellent course! I found it extremely helpful."

- Joanne Grodzinski, Freelance NPO Consultant Elora, ON

"I did this course in the morning and attended a CRA workshop on the T3010A Charitable returns. The course helped me understand the workshop and I was able to help other participants with the knowledge that I gained through the online course. I also recommended to the other participants that they register for the Charity Village receipting course."

- Anne McDonald, Executive Assistant, Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation

"I completed four CharityVillage Campus on-line courses in preparation for writing the CFRE exam. The points I earned were used on my application and the knowledge gained was definitely an asset in several testing areas."

- Joanne Beaton, Development Coordinator, St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital Foundation

"It was just recently that I came across CharityVillage's on-line campus that provides CFRE accredited fundraising courses. I completed the fundraising bundle that included: Grantseeking, Proposal Writing, Case for Support, How Fundraising Works and Getting Started in Planned Giving. These courses are for fundraisers at all experience levels as they are a great refresher and truly provide a solid framework for those who have just started in their fundraising career. The interactive slides are very user friendly and these courses are perfect for busy fundraising professionals who want to become very knowledgeable in each area in a very short time period."

- Jennifer Mihalcin, Advancement Officer, Office of Advancement Northern Ontario School of Medicine

"I have been employed in the field of volunteer administration for 31 years (since 1977) and I have to say e-learning is a great way to learn. The course "Building A Great Volunteer Program" covers all the basics of the 3Rs, Recruitment, Retention and Recognition of volunteers. For seasoned practitioners of Volunteer Mnagaement it is a great refresher course. Way to go Charity Village, you have done a great job; I will be taking more of your courses."

- Colin Thacker, Coordinator of Volunteer Services Northeast Mental Health Centre

"I attended the workshop that you offered in April in Midland, Ontario, and was the lucky winner of your on-line training package. I just wanted to thank you again and to let you know that I was able to take advantage of all five online workshops. I felt that the building a great volunteer program workshop was really well done, and that the Boards That Work, and strategic planning workshops were very worthwhile for me. At first I was skeptical that any two hour training session would be likely to offer much new information for me, especially in volunteer management, but all of these did. Thanks again."

- Sharon Randall, CVRM, Volunteer & Therapeutics Coordinator Villa Care Centre & Retirement Lodge, Midland

"We signed up 40 of our staff (fundraisers and non-fundraisers) to take CharityVillage's course on How Fundraising Works. They found the course an easy, fun style of learning. The information was solid and useful. No-one had to leave their desk, and management liked the cost-effectiveness of this training solution

These courses provide a comprehensive introduction to each topic, and lots of practical tools. Now, we're taking a look at using other Campus courses for specific staff and volunteers.

It's a great idea for big 'shops' where there's a lot of staff turnover and recruitment of people from outside the nonprofit sector. It's an ideal way to ensure that everyone has the key concepts of fundraising clear before we begin to provide organization-specific training."

- Aderita Guerreiro, Vice President, Development & Marketing, Heart and Stroke Foundation BC & Yukon

"This course was highly developed and interesting. Being someone with very little knowledge of board governance, this course helped me understand and developed my conceptualization of being a board member. Now that I have the tools and expectation of being on a board, I am ready to pursue my endeavours."

- Genither, MA Candidate

"I am taking these courses as a refresher toward writing my CFRE exam in September. I was able to complete this course over a lunch hour ... great motivation to take another one!"

- Joanne Beaton, Development Coordinator St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation

"It was my first experience with a CharityVillage Campus online course, and I would definitely take another! Of all the professional development workshops and courses I've taken, this was definitely the most convenient, the most useful and the best value for the money!"

- Carrie Gabla, Communications Coordinator Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

"I really like the way the courses are organized and the way they distill down the key information people need about a subject. They’re neatly constructed using images and narration so they’ll work for people’s different learning styles. The quizzes are great to help reinforce the concepts.

The course content is solid but it’s also quick, so with the downloadable resources in hand, people can start to apply the information immediately. I can see how the CharityVillage Campus courses work well as a complement to other nonprofit educational opportunities like those we offer at Humber."

- Professor Ken Wyman, Coordinator, Postgraduate Fundraising and Volunteer Management Program, Humber College, Toronto, ON

"I have taken 3 courses offered by CharityVillage – Event Planning, Grantseeking, and Proposal Writing. In each course I found the content to be specific, and well-organized providing me with a solid, practical foundation in this subject matter. Having completed both, I would strongly recommend they be taken together. The courses really come to life with great audio and visuals, plus quizzes along the way ensured I was absorbing the content. Navigation was easy and well explained and the objectives were stated clearly and tied to outcomes at the course’s completion. Thanks, CharityVillage, for putting together a timely and topical resource that’s accessible according to my schedule, and cost-effective for my employer!"

- Kathy Hurst, Final Word Communications

"Great course [Building a Great Volunteer Program] presented in a time efficient manner. I recommend the course to people that are interested."

- Helen Smits, Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT), Grimsby, ON

"My experience with CharityVillage Campus courses has been very positive! I have taken the Event Planning course, which is fairly new to me and the Volunteer Program course, which I am more seasoned in. Both offered practical new tools that I am able to keep as resources and incorporate into my work. I would definitely recommend any of the courses to those who are looking to gain new skills and knowledge in specific areas, as well as those experienced professionals looking for fresh tools and resources."

- Deanna Kloess, Coordinator of Volunteer Resources, Peel Children's Centre, Mississauga, ON

"I very much enjoyed the [Event Planning] course - the content was well explained in print and narration. The resource materials in pdf format will always be a useful tool for me. The topics were great, many things I did not think of...These are wonderful courses to have online. I am now taking the Strategic Planning Course"

- Shelly Goodacre, Program Assistant, Partners Program, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba

"I truly benefited from the Campus courses that I completed online. The “Event Planning “course contained several user-friendly templates that were easily modifiable and ready for use right away. The structure of the course was easy to follow, yet thorough in information. I feel significantly more confident and organized in event planning as a direct result of having taken this course. The “Boards That Work” course was also very valuable. The information is helpful for new agencies as well as organizations that may be reviewing their current practices. It contains helpful information for orientation for new board members as well."

- Tanya Godson, Executive Director, Our Place Peel, Mississauga, ON

"I found the “Writing Effective Policies and Procedures” Campus course to be a fast and efficient way to uncover exactly what I needed to know - and on my own time schedule. I especially loved the sample formats and writing techniques and the toolkit of worksheets, checklists, etc that I can keep for future use."

- Savi Sinanan, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Peel HIV/AIDS Network - Mississauga, ON

"I loved this course [Building a Great Volunteer Program]! It is well set-up, the content is sufficient but not too much and it gives the student good resources and future actions/ behaviors to consider. Kudos to the designers and to all of you at CV for allowing us access to this great resource! Now I'm hooked - I've already found 4 other courses that I'm planning on taking."

- Tara Egan, Lanark, ON

"I have just completed the course on 'Building a Great Volunteer Program' and have successfully printed out the certificate. This is my first e-learning course. The course was very easy to follow, audio definitely helped take out the boredom of learning from books, links were clear, print size and format excellent, and content wise, wonderful for a newcomer into the world of charity work, like me. Part one of my pursuit for a paper credential in this sector has been accomplished."

- Nancy Cheong, Edmonton, AB

"I'm the first of 39 from our Foundation to complete [the How Fundraising Works] course. I feel this will be a valuable resource to new employees and to those in support roles within the personal gifts team. I appreciate the sound option within the presentation, I learn better audibly but appreciate that in an open work environment the option is available to mute. The outline and course objectives were clearly presented and I like the review at the start of each module. This was very easy to use and follow. I would not hesitate to continue with other [CharityVillage Campus] courses."

- Melanie Brooks, Heart & Stroke Foundation BC & Yukon

"The knowledge provided to me [about] event planning on Charity Village Campus was invaluable. As a result of the quick weekend course I have been able to pull off Rapport Youth & Family Services’ first signature event, featuring Justin Trudeau, for an audience of about 800. Thank you for providing such courses."

- Rob El-Sayed, Manager, Fund Development & Communications, Rapport Youth & Family Services, Brampton, ON

"As someone who has planned special events for many years as part of my job, the CharityVillage Special Events online Campus Course gave me the opportunity to review how I plan events and the tools I use to organize events. The course provided many tools that I can use in event planning such as worst case and best case sample budgets, tracking sheets, timelines and production schedules. I would recommend this course for anyone just starting out in event planning or the seasoned planner who wants a good review."

- Sharon Doherty, Manager, Recreation Development, Town of Caledon, ON

"Great course [Grantseeking]! Very straightforward and easy to use. Good approach for those of us who prefer online learning."

- Bonnie Koch, Executive Associate, Leadership Edmonton, AB

"Congratulations. [How Fundraising Works] was an excellent adult learning opportunity." - Gord Bristo, Bluewater Health Foundation, Sarnia, ON

"Excellent course [Building a Great Volunteer Program] - immediately usable at all stages - will definitely be taking other courses and will suggest the same to others. Thank you."

- Debbie Barnhart, Minden, ON

"I finished the Case for Support course yesterday and proudly printed up my certificate. The content is excellent - great overall organization, clear writing, good and brief explanations and examples, meaty checklists and resources. The technology is also kind of fun - enough variety that it's easy to move through. I appreciated understanding the whys and wherefores of case writing - and truly wish I'd had this perspective years ago."

- Kelly Talayco, BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Vancouver, BC

"Great course [Building a Great Volunteer Program] - thank you! The resources are quite useful."

- Aleks Vasic

"I am a new fundraiser.  This is my first online course and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The material was clearly and effectively presented.  Thank you and keep up the good work."

- Cheryl Lewis-Thurab

"Overall, "How Fundraising Works" is an excellent introduction to the subject and the diagrammatic components are helpful for those who learn visually. Templates included represent a good application of the concepts discussed, making the course highly practical in nature. Upon completion of the learning modules, the student has sufficient conceptual overview, and several hands-on tools available, enabling them to apply what has been covered on an immediate basis. The content and interactivity make this learning flexible and suitable across a number of job levels. Support through CharityVillage Campus, if required, is not only prompt, but equally courteous."

- Jeff Beaumont, Burnaby, BC

"I decided to take the CharityVillage Campus Proposal Writing course for two primary reasons: I have limited experience in this area, and I recognize that these skills are becoming increasingly important in the work I do. The Proposal Writing course was helpful in that it provided a solid foundation of tangible skills that I could adapt to fit the needs of my organization. Prior to taking the course, the idea of writing a grant seemed overwhelming; I didn't know where to begin. This course's organized presentation of information allowed me to easily plan for several grant proposals. Since completion of the course, I have applied for three grants and have been awarded funding from all of them."

- Manon Beaudrie, Institute for Aboriginal Health, University of British Columbia

"The resources after each section are very helpful - great to have the option to either print or save to your hard drive for future reference. I also thought the web resources at the end of the course were particularly useful - I have bookmarked these for future reading and consultation! I very much enjoyed this - now I feel I want to go ahead and take the Grantseeking course. These courses are fantastic preparation for individuals (like myself) who aren't currently employed by a not-for-profit group, but are pursuing a career in fundraising. The courses really help prepare you for future work experience in this field, and are a great foundation for when I get my big fundraising break!!!"

- Michelle Schafer, Toronto, ON

"Excellent course and programs. This is easy for anyone to use as a beginner, or as a refresher for those of us who just need to get back to basics! The Grantseeking course was excellent! The resource materials and information learned from the course allows beginners and experienced fundraisers to hit the ground running! Bravo!"

- Marianne Hebb, London, ON

"I enjoyed the course ...and I learned much from it... It helped me organize my thoughts in my approach to fundraising and explaining why we are doing things a certain way to the rest of the members in our little group of artists and craftspeople. I'm on my way to purposeful action! No phone calls, no husband calls, no doorbells - Bliss! (for doing a course!)"

- Barbara Carter, Port Alice Artists and Artisans Society

"Wish I had the money to make [How Fundraising Works] available to ALL of my volunteers! What a great, basic course that covers the essentials of fundraising!! ... I’d highly recommend the courses to manager transitioning from other industries – they’re quick and provide just what you need."

- Angelique Berg, Executive Director, Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation

"Yesterday, I decided that I would try out the first course [How Fundraising Works], and I really enjoyed it. It was fast and easy to follow. It was actually fun to do! I haven’t been a “student” for quite a while, so it was great to get back into it. I will definitely be doing some more of the courses that you are offering!"

- Katie McPhee, Pedagogue Medical Communications

"The online format is great - very easy to navigate especially with the course map. I've taken other online courses that I thought would have been way too difficult to navigate for the average computer user. Not the case here though! The glossary and resources are great materials to have on hand for future reference. In fact, I have a data mining project that I'm starting soon and I'm now going to use the prospecting worksheets as a format for rating and charting the prospects. So the course has already paid off for me! The course also appeals to the senses, so whether you are a visual or audio or print type of learner, you've covered it all. I'm looking forward to taking more courses through CharityVillage Campus in the future."

- Sheila Nunns, Children's Health Foundation, London Ontario

"Wow, that was such fun! The quizzes are fun, and easy to do, well structured - and I love the positive feedback. You have such an accessible, conversational writing style. Great initiative. Very visually appealing. You make it fun to learn."

- Meg Clarke, consultant, Vancouver, British Columbia