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Past Online Workshops

Using CharityVillage in your job search: New tools for success

Learning objectives: This informative session will walk you through: how to apply for jobs through the CharityVillage website; best practices for filling out your candidate profile; and how to set up and manage email search alerts.
Click here to download follow up Q&A document for even more information!


CV IQ Job Manager 101: Tips for managing your candidates

Learning objectives: New with each CharityVillage CV IQ Talent Manager and Talent Predictor job posting is a powerful online applicant tracking system (ATS). This session covers basic functions such as: sorting, comparing and shortlisting candidates; sharing candidate information with your hiring team; and communicating with candidates directly from the ATS.


Optimize your CharityVillage job posting: Smart tips for better results

Learning objectives: Are you ready to take your CharityVillage job posting to the next level? This informative session will walk you through the process of posting a new CV IQ Talent Predictor job posting while also covering best practices for each section of the posting process.