Original broadcast date: Thursday, September 6, 2018

Summary: What if your organization is faced with a workplace harassment complaint? Having a solid harassment investigation process is vital — or you and your organization run the risk of being sued. This recorded webinar outlines everything you need to know to ensure your harassment investigation process meets current requirements.

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About the presenters

Randi Chapnik Myers, LL.B., LL.M., is a co-founder of Workright Investigations Ltd. She is a former lawyer with a Masters Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution and a Certificate in Family Mediation as well as a professional journalist adept at interviewing sources. She brings both legal acumen and expert research/writing skills to the Workright team.

Donna Marshall, M.A., Counselling Psychology, is a co-founder of Workright Investigations Ltd. She regularly lectures, writes, consults and advises organizations on how to prevent, manage and respond to harassment in the workplace as well as how to create an inspiring and respectful work culture. Her engaging style helps her audience feel comfortable talking about the difficult subject of workplace harassment.

Workright Investigations Ltd. is a group of skilled consultants — psychologists, lawyers, mediators and mental health professionals — with more than 15 years of experience conducting independent psycho-legal investigations that take interpersonal workplace problems off your hands. Workright also provides online compliance training for employees to satisfy the Bill 132 harassment education requirement, and staff training to establish your own internal team that is certified to neutrally investigate reports of harassment. This expert team works in all sectors: private, nonprofit and government organizations.


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