Effective sustainability programs take collective effort. That’s why WWF-Canada’s Living Planet @Work (LP@W) program encourages employees to lead sustainability efforts in their workplace by establishing a Green Team.

“What is a green team?” you might ask. It’s a group of like-minded co-workers who lead sustainability efforts together in the workplace and form a diverse team to maximize motivation and sustainability commitment. If this sounds great to you, we have five tips on how you can start a green team in your workplace.

  1. Build a core group: Reach out to  a small group of like-minded co-workers to help you start a team. This group can help you with organizational support, brainstorming green team structures and recruiting more members.
  2. Establish team structure: Determine necessary roles and positions in your green team – who will act as a core member; who will act as a project volunteer;  how will each person’s expertise fit into certain roles; how will each member be supported? Check out WWF-Canada’s suggestions on how to structure a green team here: https://atwork.wwf.ca/actions/how-to-form-a-green-team/
  3. Determine priority areas: Try to find information on what actions will have the biggest sustainability impacts on your workplace (for example, reducing paper waste or coming up with sustainable procurement efforts). It will also help you figure out what expertise and knowledge gaps you will need to fill to complete the team.
  4. Outline your recruitment and selection process: Determine how members will be interviewed and selected based on a certain criteria (i.e. frequency of attendance at meetings, interviews, written submissions, etc.). 
  5. Outreach and member selection: This can be conducted through email blasts, newsletters, postering and more.

For more details on how you can establish and lead a green team at your workplace, check out the Living Planet @ Work  website.