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FREE WEBINAR: Four Confidence Boosters To Reach Your Full Potential

Does hesitation, doubt or fear stop you dead in your tracks? Do you try to control everything, yet feel completely helpless, disjointed or disorganized? These are all signs you may be struggling with your confidence levels! Our upcoming free webinar can help you get back on track!


In this webinar, you will learn to take control back for how you feel and how you perform. You will discover your inner confidence and how you can activate self-confident feelings from within yourself. With this sense of certainty, you will be motivated to take action to do your best work, advance your career, and positively impact those around you. The bonus effect is that you will find more joy in your day-to-day work.


Four Confidence Boosters To Reach Your Full Potential

Topic: Four Confidence Boosters To Reach Your Full Potential

Date: Thursday, February 23 at 10am PST / 1pm EST (webinar is one hour in length)

Audience:  Great for leaders, managers, supervisors, and board members wanting to enhance their leadership skills, as well as staff and employees wanting to develop themselves and advance their skills, career and impact.

Cost: Free - Space is limited so register early to avoid disappointment


What you'll learn

Participants will:

  • increase their awareness of the consequences of their lack of confidence.
  • find out how they give their power away by waiting for others to “give them permission” to be confident
  • increase their understanding of how “confidence is an inner game.”
  • learn how courage and confidence go hand in hand and how to use courage to develop their confidence

NOTE: This webinar will be recorded - if you cannot make the live session, complete the registration form and a recording will be emailed to you the day after the live session. We are happy to provide a closed captioned recording upon advance request.


About the presenter

Kathy Archer knows that most of us feel like we spend our days chasing fires and solving everyone else’s problems. However, at the end of our days, we feel as though we didn’t get anywhere. As an internationally certified leadership development coach, Kathy gives you the inner and outer tools to turn that around, so you can move from surviving — to thriving. Kathy coaches individuals who want to strengthen their leadership and find balance in life. She mentors people as they rediscover their purpose, passion, and persistence for life while dealing with office politics, jerk bosses, and the challenges of family life. Her recent book Mastering Confidence: Discover Your Leadership Potential by Awakening Your Inner Guidance System, Kathy shows you how to develop your inner confidence so you can have the impact you desire in work and in life.


What's a webinar?

Think of a webinar as a way to attend a conference without leaving your workplace or home. Using your computer and telephone, you can hear a presentation (like a conference call) and also see the presenter's slides (watching over an internet connection). You won't be able to see the presenter, or others attending the program -- and they won't be able to see you. You will be able to ask questions - the webinar can be as interactive as you want to make it. The webinar will also be recorded and made available to you after the session, so there's no need for frantic note-taking!

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"Really appreciate that the presenter took so many questions at the end, and that you make the webinar available the following day. Thanks!"

- Past CharityVillage Webinar Participant