If you have 6 to 8 hours a month and like to brainstorm and get creative about disrupting aging through films and talks, then we might be the organization for you.

As a thought leader, you will help guide the festival in its growth.

So, if the idea of having fun while doing this is appealing, then we might be a good fit.

We are looking for board members who are passionate and committed to celebrating ageing and older adults while helping make an age-positive culture shift across Canada.

In return, we will endeavour to ensure you:

  • Have fun while making a meaningful difference.
  • Meet new and interesting people with diverse backgrounds.
  • Develop effective group decision-making skills.
  • Obtain an understanding of group dynamics and relationships.
  • Receive board membership training.

THIRD?ACTion?Film Festival?is a non-profit organization that premieres its film festival and talks celebrating ageing and older adults in Calgary in an effort to make an age-positive culture shift.


Length of Term:?       2?years (renewable?once)??? 

Reports To:?                 Entire Board of Directors? 

The?Board Member?serves and is?accountable?to the Board of Directors of?THIRD?ACTion?Film?Festival (“THIRD?ACTion”).? 

Responsibilities as a Board Member:

  1. Understand, promote and quote the mission and vision of?THIRD?ACTion?through personal and professional connections.?
  2. Be familiar with the?THIRD?ACTion’s?mandate and aid in the functioning of the board in its role with both?operations and??
  3. Attend?a minimum of 75% of?board meetings?(9 of 12 meetings).?
  4. Make an annual contribution to the THIRD?ACTion?commensurate with ability.??
  5. Attend fundraising activities or special events to enhance?THIRD??
  6. Represent?THIRD?ACTion?at community events and meetings.?
  7. Strictly adhere to conflict of interest and confidentiality policies.?
  8. Prepare recommendations for board consideration.?


  1. Be at least 18 years of age.?
  2. May not?be?employed by?THIRD??
  3. Have knowledge of meeting procedures, governance policies and?non-profit operations.?
  4. Excellent communication skills along with a willingness and ability to publicly represent?THIRD??
  5. Ability to function in a collaborative environment with key stakeholders?(staff,?volunteers, sponsors?and partners).

Time Demands (approximate):?

As Board Member:

  • Attend and actively participate in at least 75% of board meetings (9?out of?12?monthly board meetings),?(~2 hours in length?with ~1 hour of preparation)?
  • Attend and actively participate in the annual planning retreat (4?hours per year)?
  • Attend and actively participate in the AGM (~1?hour per year)?
  • Attend and promote special events related to developing relationships with?THIRD?ACTion?donors, sponsors and partners – shared with other directors. (~4?hours per year)?
  • Attend annual Sneak-a-Peek Networking Event (~4 hours per year)?
  • Attend portion of Calgary festival (~8 hours per year)?
  • Attend new board member orientation (~3?hours per year hours)? 

Total Time Commitment Annually:                           65 hours? 

Average Monthly Commitment:                                5.5 hours? 

With the Addition of?Chairing the Board or a Committee:

  • Chairing the board or?a?committee?of the board?and related work (1-3 hours per?month).?

Total?Time Commitment Annually:                           89?hours? 

Average Monthly Commitment:                                7.5 hours? 


Please help us understand who you are better by answering the following questions in your cover letter:   

  1. What about THIRD ACTion draws you to want to volunteer on the board?
  2. What is your previous experience on a Board Member of a non-profit organization?
  3. How do you believe you can contribute to THIRD ACTion’s mission given your skills and abilities?

Interested applicants should submit their resume and covering letter by Friday, February 14, 2020 

Please address your cover letter to the Chair, Nominating & Governance Committee and submit via email to board@thirdactionfilmfest.ca.